The Unstoppable Jack Bolton

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The Unstoppable Jack Bolton

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“How could you Jack, how could you bring such disgrace to me and my family?” Jack’s wife berated him after setting him up with drugs. “Move it, you asshole!” The corrupt cops bundled Jack into their van and took him away. For days, Jack was beaten and tortured for something he did not do, until he was finally tricked into signing his divorce papers. His in-laws rejoiced greatly. They had sent their live-in son-in-law to prison, an ordinary Jack Bolton, but when he came out and reunited with his estranged family, he became their nemesis, THE UNSTOPPABLE JACK BOLTON.

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97 chapters
Chapter 1: Useless Son in Law
CHAPTER 1A hot slap sounded across the dining hall of the Kent family mansion as it landed on the face of Jack Bolton.Charlotte Kent, his mother in law, just slapped him out of anger, much to Jack’s embarrassment.“How can you be so useless! We all agreed to donate ten million each to give dad his birthday present and you’re saying that you only have three hundred thousand? Ah! Three hundred thousand. I swear you are a disgrace to the Kent family.”The gift was the legendary eye patch of Odin. It was only recently that it came to light that it had been found and the asking price was one hundred million dollars.Old master Kent, the grandpa of the Kent family, was a big fan of Norse mythology and he would love nothing more than to have such a sentimental gift. He had three sons, five grandsons and two sons in law and they had all agreed to contribute ten million each to buy him the eye patch before someone else did, but the poorest and most useless son in law of the family, Jack Bol
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Chapter 2: Defended
CHAPTER 2Smack!Bruce Kent slapped Jack hard across the face after Jack said those words. Jack flexed his cheek and hardened his face. He thought that although Bruce was a grown man, he slapped like a little girl.“How dare you insult us? You this ungrateful human, what do you even know about making money? If I want your little trash business to disappear this minute, I can do it with a snap of my fingers!” Bruce Kent raised his voice and scolded Jack.That was the second time in a few minutes that both his in-laws had slapped him. Jack wanted to lash out at them but then he saw the pleading look on his wife’s face and it quenched his anger.“I didn't mean to offend you, but it’s just that no matter what I do or how hard I try, you people will never accept me as a member of this family. Even when I bring business ideas to you so you can invest and help me make good money like you people, you turn me down and then you ridicule my hard work as if I’m not trying my best.”Jack was fed u
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Chapter 3: Framed
CHAPTER 3Barely five minutes into their drive to the mall, Jack noticed a cop car with sirens on, flashing headlights at him and it was a signal for him to pull over.He slowed down the car and pulled over to the side of the road. “Good evening Officer. Is there any problem?” Jack asked, propping his head outside the window a bit and smiling at the officer.“License, registration and ID please,” The officer replied coldly.Jack retrieved the said documents and handed them to him. He drummed with his fingers on the steering wheel as he watched the officer glance through them.Suddenly the officer stepped back and pulled his gun out. “Kindly step out of the car sir, slowly.”“Why, Is something wrong officer?” Bianca asked from the back of the car where she was sitting.The cop ignored her and fixed his gaze on Jack who was already coming out of the car. Jack thought he had nothing to fear. He wasn’t doing anything illegal and he had no criminal involvements.“Turn around slowly and pu
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Chapter 4: Arrested
CHAPTER 4The cop grabbed the bag and threw it in front of Jack before zipping it open. Jack's eyes almost popped out of his socket when he saw the bag full of cocaine that had just been brought out of his boot.His heart sprinted as realization hit him. He had been set up. He had never seen that bag in his life before.“This bag is not mine! I have never seen this bag in my life before, Someone is trying to set me up! That bag doesn’t belong to me!” Jack cried out bitterly, screaming at the top of his voice.“Shut up, you bloody drug dealer!” The second cop spat out hot at Jack.“How could you Jack, how could you bring such disgrace to me and my family?” Bianca asked in a harsh tone. Her eyes narrowed at him and her expression hardened.“Believe me Bianca,” Jack replied, almost in tears. “These drugs are not mine, someone is trying to set me up.”“Shut up Jack! Just shut up! They found drugs in your pocket and a bag full of it in your bag and you dare to lie to me?” Bianca blew hot,
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Chapter 5: Family Ties
CHAPTER 5Jack remained in a vegetative state for two weeks, going in and out of consciousness. The lady who had rescued had him put in a room in her rented mansion. She had the best doctors in the country attending to him.Jack had two maids assigned to clean his body everyday when he was in coma. One of them was cleaning his body and she admired the man laying in the bed, clad in only his boxers as she wiped him with a wet cloth.She admired his handsome square face, even though his beards were outgrown. Her eyes trailed on his firm chest as she wiped them down to his chiseled abs. She gulped when she saw the huge bulge in his boxers and a naughty thought crossed her mind. She traced lines on his abs with her fingers, getting carried away by his Greek godlike body and forgetting her job when Jack suddenly woke up and caught her hand, yanking it off him.“Who are you?” He asked in a murderous tone, glaring deathly at her.The young lady thought she was dead, she just got caught by h
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Chapter 6: Restricted
CHAPTER 6“What do you mean I have been barred from entering here? This is my house, I live here.”Jack was stunned when he got to the Kent family mansion and he was denied entry into the mansion.“Look at this criminal claiming that he lives here. Tell me, who owns this house? Is it you or the Kent family? Just get out of here before I release the dogs on you!” The security man blew hot and insulted Jack, standing firmly in his path. He always thought that Jack was just an ordinary garbage collector who got lucky and married the beautiful lady Bianca, but now that Jack’s true nature has been exposed, he would deal with Jack.“I don’t have a problem with you Luke, I just want to see my wife. Let me in. If not for anything, for all the many times that I have assisted you,” Jack replied, not minding the insult. He only wanted to see Bianca and clear his name.Luke was the name of the security guard. He used to be close to Jack but he was only pretending. Jack would always assist him f
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Chapter 7: Master and Friend
CHAPTER 7The smile on Luke’s face increased as the dogs pinned Jack to the floor but it vanished immediately, when he saw that instead of mauling and clawing Jack, the killer dogs were licking him and wagging their tails like puppies that were given gift bones.Jack chuckled on the floor as their tongues tickled his face.“Stop it Bruno.”“Be a good boy chasyn.”“Haha, stop that Milo.”“Craig….”All three spectators that were expecting to hear Jack scream and beg watched in horror as he laughed, being licked by and playing with the dogs.Their eyes popped out of their sockets and their mouths literally touched the floor as they stared at the sight before them.Not only were the vicious looking dogs being over friendly with Jack, the security guard did not even know that the dogs had names.Jack stood up from the floor as the four dogs circled around him, panting and wagging their tails in excitement. What the security guard did not know was that from the time when the dogs were puppi
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Chapter 8: Betrayal
CHAPTER 8Jack felt his blood boil and he clenched his fists before pulling them apart forcefully.“What is wrong with you Bianca?” Jack’s face was red hot and he fumed in anger, mixed with the heartbreak and betrayal he felt. “I am your husband! How dare you kiss another man in front of me?”“You are no husband of mine you asshole! What are you even doing here? I thought after you were released the shame had made you jump over a bridge or something,” Bianca replied with venom in her tone.What?! Jack was stunned. Bianca had never spoken to him like this before. Every word that left her lip felt like a needle piercing his heart. Was this all because he was framed as a criminal? Was that why she was talking to him like this and even kissing another man before his very own eyes?“Bianca……” Jack tried to touch her arms but Trent stepped forward and pushed Jack back.“Don’t you dare!” “Get out of my way! This is between me and my wife,” Jack spoke in a low but very cold and deadly tone.
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Chapter 9: Figured Out
CHAPTER 9Bianca ignored Jack and ran towards Trent’s car which was already making a turn to leave the compound and take. “You can’t do that Trent. No you can’t do that to me,” Bianca complained frantically and bitterly.“Why not?” Trent rolled down his window. “I already slept with you which was my major aim before and promising to marry you was just a trick to get you in my bed. Your crazy ex-husband just gave me the perfect excuse to call it off.” And with that his car zoomed off.Bianca felt like she couldn’t breathe. Just like she used and betrayed Jack, she had been used and betrayed. She crashed to her knees and started to cry.Jack couldn’t believe anything he had just heard of make any sense of it. He only felt a tugging pain in his heart. Bianca had cheated on him in the hopes of marrying Trent?Jack closed his eyes and two teardrops fell from each of his eyes from the pain he felt but how would she have married Trent when they were still married? It was then it dawned on J
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Chapter 10: New Beginning
CHAPTER 10Jack didn’t need to think too much to know who would’ve sent him that kind of money. He knew it was his family who was trying to bribe him to forgive them for casting him aside like they did.That money alone automatically made him one of the top ten richest individuals in Coral city and he knew there was more where that came from.The look on his wife and in-laws' faces almost made Jack laugh. “It’s a prank! Haha! You should see your faces right now. Where will an ordinary garbage man like me see that kind of money?”“What sort of stupid prank are you playing? I knew a pauper like you can never come across that kind of money,” Charlotte replied, sighing a huge sigh of relief. The momentary thought of Jack being richer than their entire family irked her greatly.Bruce hummed, putting his index finger to his lips and looking at Jack intently. Something told him that message didn’t sound like a prank. Why would Jack throw such a stunt? It was unlike him. Even if he hated Jack
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