From Nothing to Norton

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From Nothing to Norton

By: zamarni CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Newton Norton, a poor College student who barely gets by the day gets informed about the untimely demise of his only parent, his Mother. Newton's world fell apart. The death of his Mother and the pain of rejection made Newton decide to end it all by taking his own life. That decision would change his life forever.

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  • AbigailBermoy


    Very interesting to read ... Hope the author can make an update every day ...

    2023-05-09 17:26:25
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151 chapters
Chapter 1 Laborer
On a sunny afternoon in Pennington, amidst the bustling construction site and the resounding clamor of machinery, a sudden interruption occurred.A taxi screeched to a halt, and a visibly distressed man in his late forties emerged from the vehicle. He appeared as if he were being pursued, his urgency palpable. However, his entrance into the building was halted by the Construction Manager (CM)."Apologies, sir, but you cannot enter this area without your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)!" the CM called out."Please, I need to see Mr. Newton! It's a matter of utmost urgency, sir," the stranger pleaded, rushing his words.The CM scrutinized the stranger, assessing the situation before responding, "I will fetch him for you. Please remain here.""Mr. Newton!" the CM called out to summon his attention.At that moment, the stranger interjected with worry, "It's about your mother, Mr. Newton."Newton's unease heightened upon hearing the mention of his mother. Leaning over the railing, he in
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Chapter 2 End It All
Newton's world crumbled, and life no longer held any value for him. He abandoned the stool he had been sitting on and collapsed onto the floor, consumed by the weight of the day's tragic events. "Mom?" he called out, hoping against hope for a response.In the dimly lit room, the shoe rack in the corner resembled a human figure. Newton approached cautiously, desperately wishing it was all just a terrible dream, that his mother would appear any moment. He reached out to touch the object, only to realize it was his collection of worn-out shoes. "It's just the shoe rack," he whispered, tears welling in his eyes, though they refused to fall.With a heavy heart, he settled in the corner near the shoe rack and succumbed to sleep.************************When Newton woke up on Tuesday morning at 10:00, his body ached as he splashed water on his face and examined his swollen eyes in the mirror.*Beep Beep* His phone interrupted the stillness.Newton raised the phone to his ear and answered t
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Chapter 3 A Norton
A tall man with a commanding presence, characterized by his broad shoulders and close-cropped hair, descended the stairs while holding a cane adorned with a hawk's head.Newton noticed that the cane didn't appear to assist the man's movements, but rather seemed to complement his unique style. Observing the man's descent, Newton looked up and their eyes met. The man scrutinized Newton from head to toe, as if searching for something hidden beneath his clothes."Drax, where have you been?" the imposing figure finally spoke.Drax bowed slightly and replied, "Boss, I got into some trouble with the Bean faces. Those punks mistook me for another guy in red pants. Word got around that a fellow in red pants killed Scarface's brother," Drax assessed his appearance and straightened his clothing. "But I'm back now, Boss, better than ever."Placing a hand on Newton's shoulder, Drax introduced him, "Boss, this is Newton. He's the one who saved me from certain death out there on the streets. He took
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Chapter 4 The Two Dragons
The next morning, Newton awoke with a renewed sense of energy and optimism. The previous day's practice session with Drax at the shooting range had done wonders for his well-being.He was provided with a bedroom that befitted his new status as Norton II. As he lifted the bedspread, he noticed the label "hi-fashion." Thoughts of luxury filled his mind as he admired the exquisite surroundings.His father greeted him at the stairs with a warm "Good morning, son."Struggling with the notion of having a father, Newton mustered a reply, "Good morning, Father."Mr. Norton inquired, "Are you satisfied with everything?"Radiating a warm smile, Newton responded, "Yes, I've had the most restful sleep in a long time. However, I must leave now. There are a few matters I need to attend to."Nodding in understanding, Mr. Norton said, "Alright, son. Make sure to return as soon as you're finished. Also, be cautious of the Lees, our sworn enemies who can be identified by their red attire. Additionally,
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Chapter 5 Lee Business
Newton opted to reside in the impoverished neighborhood due to its proximity to his school.Simultaneously, he was gradually embracing his newfound existence as a clandestine influential figure.Although he possessed wealth, he did not flaunt it.His mansion remained a well-kept secret.Despite owning a luxurious sports car, it remained unseen by others.While commanding a ring of mobsters, he maintained an understated demeanor.Although a billionaire with millions in his bank account, he conscientiously projected an air of humility.On a Monday morning at Bayfield College, Newton had just arrived at the school and was settling into his first class when he encountered a familiar face deliberately crossing his path."Watch where you're going, penniless boy!" the aggressor shouted.The individual in question was Jeremiah Lee.Jeremiah held a deep-seated hatred for Newton since their first encounter, perceiving him as excessively proud.Despite his financial struggles, Newton never allowe
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Chapter 6 Not My Type
Two Nort members, who happened to be nearby, swiftly drew their weapons upon witnessing the extraordinary turn of events."Isn't that the boss?" one Nort member exclaimed to the other, recognizing Newton, who had been introduced to them as Mr. Norton's son.*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*They opened fire on the fleeing car, but it quickly became apparent that their shots were futile against the rapidly receding vehicle.Realizing the futility, they approached Newton. "Are you alright, boss?" they asked him, their concern evident.Newton assessed his body for any signs of injury. "I'm fine," he assured them.His gaze met their eager eyes as they awaited an explanation. "It was the Lees," he disclosed, answering the question on their minds."The Lees? The Big Boss needs to know about this.""...The Big Boss specifically ordered us to steer clear of their territories and avoid provoking them, and now they have the audacity to provoke the Norts first?""I've been waiting for the day when I could
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Chapter 7 Belson Lee
Mr. Norton wasted no time and asked with concern, "Son, what did that person do to you? Are you injured?"Newton assessed his condition and assured him, "I'm unharmed."Taking a breath, Mr. Norton inquired, "How did you end up involved with the Lees?"Newton explained, "Two days ago, I got into a fight with Jeremiah Lee in class. I had no idea his father was the mob-affiliated Mr. Lee you mentioned. He instigated the fight."Mr. Norton chuckled and commended Newton, "You handled it well, son. A man should never back down from a fight. Always be prepared. You truly embody your father's spirit. By standing up to that worthless Lee, you showed him why we are the top dogs in this town."Just as Newton's father received a phone call, Grinch's voice came through the line, saying, "...Hello...Boss, we are ready."Without uttering a word, Mr. Norton shifted his attention to Newton and declared, "It's time.""Today, you will accompany them, my son. Learn from Grinch and the others about how we
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Chapter 8 Mystery Lady
After giving Mr. Belson a day of rest, Sunday morning arrived.Mr. Norton, Newton, and Drax made their way down to the cellar to visit their captive."...That Lee pig has had a day of rest. He'll need it to endure what he's about to face," Mr. Norton stated, his face devoid of emotion.Following Mr. Norton, Newton and Drax entered the cellar, with Drax holding a black briefcase.Approaching the entrance, Mr. Norton pressed his finger on the fingerprint scanner, causing the door to slide open.Without wasting any time, Mr. Norton handed Newton a cane with a hawk's head, and then retrieved a pair of black leather gloves from his pockets.Newton watched his father attentively, his curiosity piqued.Drawing closer to Mr. Norton, Drax opened the black briefcase, revealing its contents to Newton. Inside, he saw a hammer, pliers, a thin wire, a combat knife, and electronic equipment he couldn't identify."I've been expecting you since yesterday. What took you so long?" Mr. Belson shouted at M
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Chapter 9 The Rat
Newton lay on his bed, feeling relaxed after a warm bath in his Jacuzzi. The enigmatic woman's image continued to haunt his thoughts, her name still unknown but her beauty etched in his mind.Recalling his defeat in the sword fight against her, Newton shifted position and lay on his back, gazing at the ceiling. "How can someone be simultaneously beautiful and dangerous?" he wondered.Motivated by curiosity, he decided to inquire about her from his father. After struggling to put on his shirt due to his tense muscles, Newton made his way to his father's location. Upon entering, he found his father engaged in conversation with the Grinch, but the details eluded him. Leaning against the wall, he observed the interaction.After a while, the Grinch bowed to Newton and left the room. Determined to delve deeper into the matter, Newton initiated the conversation with his father. "...I encountered a lady on the fifth floor today while practicing with the sword."His father replied, "Okay...""I
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Chapter 10 One Good Turn
Newton and his father hurried down to the lobby, where they were taken aback by the sight of the alleged traitor in their midst. The young boy standing before them appeared incredibly innocent and much younger than Newton himself. The boy's tearful eyes reflected pure terror as soon as Mr. Norton descended the stairs."Please... I swear I had nothing to do with this. Believe me, boss," the boy pleaded, his voice trembling with fear.Newton couldn't help but feel sorry for him, witnessing the sheer fright in his eyes. The boy seemed genuinely terrified.Approaching the young man, Mr. Norton gripped his hair and lifted his face. "So, you're the young rat?" he questioned sternly.Sobbing uncontrollably, the boy managed to respond between his tears. "I swear, boss. I've always been loyal to you... Remember when I took a bullet for you last year?"His eyes weighed heavy with emotion as he continued to weep."Shut your ass, punk! We'd all take a bullet for the boss," Drax snapped at the boy,
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