The adventures of my isekai life

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The adventures of my isekai life

By: AKHIL GOYAL OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The adventure of my isekai life is about a guy named Dev Sharma. He experienced failures after failures his whole life because of his illness. After so many lost chances and failures, he then decided to do suicide, but he reincarnated in a different world. This world has magic and different kinds of species. And all of them use magic as their power source. I just arrived here and saw that I have a younger body than in my previous life. Not only that, but I also do not have any illness or injury anymore. "Now that I do not have to worry about my illness anymore, I will make full use of my mind and conquer this world" Follow the adventures of Dev Sharma as he travels across another world and conquers any kind of situation in front of him.

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  • Akhil goyal


    Hello everyone, this is my first book and I will try to do my utmost best to improve the quality of my book. So, please give love and support, that's all I want.

    2022-08-27 12:15:16
  • Nakul123


    Wow! This novel is really amazing. I really liked the concept and it is totally out if the world. I am totally into going to the journey with Dev Sharma. So, keep up the good work I am with you.

    2022-08-27 12:00:48
  • mrdevilakh


    It is a very nice book. I like how the plot develops later in the story. I like how our main character thinks every situation through and then acts accordingly. I am giving it a 5-star rating because I like how the author thinks every scenario through and acts upon it.

    2022-08-27 11:53:02
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7 chapters
Chapter - 1: A new beginning
The world is a complicated place, but if you seize a chance and push yourself to get there, you can succeed. But if you don't take advantage of that chance, then you may lose your opportunity and fail.But this is not where it ends. Yes, there are second chances in life. These opportunities appear in your life as a plan B or as a surprise.When you take advantage of them and move on, things start to go more effectively. These are like wild cards.However, as I've already said, these are wild cards, so if you don't take advantage of that opportunity, then you will fail for sure.However, there are no second chances after that. You live a life full of compromises if you are unable to seize your second chance.Of course, it doesn't mean the end of your life, but what sort of life is it when you have to give up even the smallest amount of happiness for the compromises in the future?All of this is being said because it happened to me.Dev Sharma is my name. In my 24th year, my life is wha
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Chapter - 2: The town of the beginning
"By the way, old man Gandalf, why is Rogerberg town known as the town of the beginning ?""Ah..... a very old tale indeed. It was about 200 years ago, our old town was just a small village, but one day the great hero Rudolf Rogerberg, whose work of heroism had spread throughout our nation, came across our small village.""Why did such a great national hero come to a remote place like your village?" I replied with a sense of excitement and anticipation."There was a time when our village was surrounded by a great threat of powerful monsters in a nearby area. Then the villagers asked the guild for help to exterminate those monsters.""The guild?""The Adventurer guild, people in this guild take any kind of requests, and problems like monster extermination are generally handled by the adventurers of the Adventurer guild.""Oh...I see."" So the great hero, Rudolph Rogerberg, then saw the request and went straight to our village. The villagers then gave him the report of the nearby monste
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Chapter - 3: The Adventurer guild
After taking my time staring at the door of the Adventurer guild, I opened it, and to tell the truth, I was overwhelmed by seeing a lot of new and fantasy-like things. "Ha..... Wow, this is something new..." I thought after looking at all of those people in front of me. They wore a variety of distinctive outfits and accessories - some of them had swords, others had bows and arrows, and some even had staffs on their backs. It looked like they were all dressed differently depending on what they were carrying. It felt like some kind of cosplay performance was going on. Some of those people look scary, but some people look normal while some looked expensive..... I thought about that to myself, looking at a person who is bragging so loudly about his expensive equipment that even I can hear it, well whatever. On my right side, people were trading their loot for money from the guild personnel and on my left side, there was a crowd gathering around a noticeboard on which I saw different
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Chapter - 4: My first income
"Here is your guild ID. Take good care of it because once you lose it, a new ID will cost 100 Pero, and only this ID is used while receiving or submitting a request." The guild receptionist elaboratedI don't know about the value of money right now, but I think 100 Pero may be a lot of money."Thank you for the ID, I will keep it close to me wherever I go" I replied, and then put my ID in my pocket."So can you give me a job for now?" I further conversed."Yes, there is a milk delivery job. It came recently. It will give you 50 Pero, you just need to complete the job and get the signature of the request maker and come back right here to me for confirmation. After that, 50 Pero is all yours""Okay, thank you for that, I will now go and do this job and come to you with a confirmation letter."Then the receptionist gave me a piece of paper on which the request and the address of the request owner were written."Take this with you and when you complete the request, get the signature of th
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Chapter - 5: The struggle for money Part-1
I ate a whole lot of food. 5 pieces of bread and 3 bowls of soup were gone inside my hungry stomach. And now I feel like my stomach is about to explode. "If you have enough, come and do some work if you want a place to stay," the innkeeper suggested. "Yeah, let's… let's go," I replied while dozing off. When I was done eating and started to head towards the given work, I felt my legs and my arm muscles were in pain after carrying those two milk cans. But I had to do this work to secure a place to stay for the night. "You have to do all these dishes, then after that, I will give you a place to sleep." "Uh... OK, I will do it as soon as I can," I said to her while looking at the massive stack of dishes in front of me. And it will be no easy feat for me to wash this many dishes. Besides the dishes, I see some pieces of equipment to wash them. I sat there and began washing the dishes, then another one and then another..., "whyyyy does it not end," I thought to myself as the sta
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Chapter - 6: The struggle for money Part-2
When I entered the guild there were a lot of people. I think they started doing the quest in the early morning. Well, let's go to the guild reception to receive a quest. Then I started to approach the guild reception. At the guild reception, I saw Ms. Cat-ears, but it felt unusual. *ba dum* She looked extremely beautiful. She looks just like an angel descended from heaven. She was wearing a white top with a pink skirt and on top of that, the white skin of her face was reflecting the early morning rays of the sun. Her exposed thighs were so smooth that my hands are now uncontrollable and I wanted to grab her thigh and massage her. This may be the best thing that has happened to me after coming to this world. Then I continued staring at her cute smile as she was talking to another adventurer, which made me want to look at it forever… Wait, another adventurer? "Who the fuck is that guy" I accidentally shouted out loud. Everyone started to look at me shockingly, while Miss cat
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Chapter - 7: The struggle for money Part-3
As I headed towards the guild I was so hungry, as it was going to be noon after some time and after I ate my dinner I didn’t eat anything and I even worked for 2 hours in a shithole(public toilet) without eating. I thought after grabbing my money I would buy some food first. After some time, I arrived at the guild. When I entered the guild, I saw Miss Cat-ears smiling, a truly wonderful sight to behold. But as I stared at her smile I realized how far off the world between us is. Here I am struggling for even the tiniest amount of money and there she is surrounded by the hottest guys in the guild. I know I am weak right now, but I don’t want to compromise for a stupid reason like that. I can become strong if I work hard and, of all things, I have my brain to overcome any challenges. So, there is no way I will compromise this time. In my previous life, I had too many crushes, but I was never able to propose to even a single one of them because I was afraid and weak of getting rejecte
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