The expert of Anomalies

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The expert of Anomalies

By: Beriberi CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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His wood carving shop is in financial trouble and on the verge of bankruptcy when he discovers a mysterious quest that can save the shop and even unlock a superpower for him. Only what he was about to face could easily take his and his loved ones' lives.

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265 chapters
"Taste it." Sagen Takei pushed the plate of cake closer to Amao Shingu, "You've never tried my cake." March in late spring, plus the last few days of heavy rain, today the sky is clear, but the atmosphere is gloomy like the gloomy faces of the homeless. In the store, it's really hard to feel the change of seasons, no matter how warm it is outside because the temperature is kept at the right thanks to the air conditioner. "Oh, I don't really like sweets." Amao Shingu said honestly but still used a spoon to take a small sip, delicate ice cream, ice, and durian mixed with the smell of cow's milk made his eyes shine. Amao Shingu let go of the spoon, "Thank you for the treat." The storefront is a warm yellow instead of a light green fresh, the store is called Wood Statue. But most of the revenue comes from the pastry business. People say this is Wood Carving Bakery, but no one knows that the shop was originally set up just to make the wood carving. The kitchen of the store is not large,
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The girl
"What I want to tell is related to a macabre story about a female college student who died in a drain well at my old university some time ago." They were sitting by the window, and because it was a hot pot buffet, the heat was hot with oil and water, and there was always grease everywhere. Sagen Takei looked down from the windowsill and could see crowds of people going in and out in front of the various stalls and eateries. A few days ago, Sagen Takei and Amao Shingu agreed to meet and talk when they have more time, and they chose the hot pot restaurant in Amao Shingu's hometown. For Amao Shingu, eating hot pot can give him courage: “I only know that girl's name is Yamaoka. Yamaoka is not a pretty girl, her appearance is often ridiculed by others. Maybe that's why her personality is somewhat introverted and self-deprecating. Moreover, she is not a city dweller, her family originally lived in a rural area located off the island, but for some reason about seven years ago moved to this
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Sagen Takei didn't come to Amao Shingu's town just to listen to his story. The meeting place was chosen by Sagen Takei and he had a purpose. Not to travel, of course, though he would use that excuse to ask Amao Shingu for help with a few errands. “I'm thinking of going to Mount Uyeno. You know, the second highest mountain in the country. It would be meaningless if I came here without setting foot on that mountain. I want to find an inn up there to stay and visit for a few days.” “Well, after hearing the story I told you, do you still have the guts to go up that mountain? If you're not afraid, I'll send you a good inn or two up there. But why don't you stay at the hotel? I know there is a hotel that is very nice but affordable.” "Do not need. I think staying at an inn would be better to enjoy the space in the mountains.” Sagen Takei lied without blinking. “This time, although not as crowded as a few months ago, but compared to previous years, there are still significantly more visi
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Don't get involved in this case
Sagen Takei walked out of the store and saw that the girl hadn't left yet, in front of her was a man in his forties or fifties, wearing black-rimmed glasses, thanking her chatteringly. “Thank you, Miss Hideko. Without you, I don't know how to continue the business." The man said. At this point, Sagen Takei had vaguely guessed everything. The man rolled his eyes and saw Sagen Takei, now his expression had changed to a nonchalant one as if he were a double player on stage: "You want to buy furniture?" Sagen Takei shook his head, “No. Are you the owner of the shop? I have seen the wooden furniture displayed in your shop, I must say I admire your sculpting talent. I just wanted to ask you a few things, I am also a woodcarver, so the words I say are all sincere words from the bottom of my heart.” He stared intently at Sagen Takei's face as if guessing whether what he said was true or false. Then he nodded, still in a cold voice: “I don't have much experience to tell you. If you don't b
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The person in the photo
Sagen Takei put his phone down on the table and fell onto the bed, his only concern now on the case. As for why his brother was able to hire her, it didn't matter to him. The comforter was so soft, lying on it after a long day of work, Sagen Takei relaxed his body and fell into a deep sleep without realizing it. In the middle of the night, outside the window as if the wind blew through, the branches and leaves rustled through a layer of curtains. There seemed to be a figure standing at the window and looking inside. Sagen Takei, half asleep, seemed to hear someone ask him, "Why is your name Sagen?" The dream is as white as the thick fog and like the raindrops falling on the terrace. The voice of the person asking him was a cold soft voice, like frozen spring water and just melted, looking so transparent and beautiful. It was as if it had cleansed Sagen Takei's soul. Sagen Takei was in the dream world, quietly listening to the person's question. Perhaps because he didn't get an ans
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"That's when my father collapsed at home and was later taken to the hospital. The situation was critical, and somehow, he was cured." Taking this opportunity, Sagen Takei checked the attribute values under the corner of his eye and discovered that only the mental antibody column remained unchanged, while the other two columns were slowly changing. This proves that Karibu Shingu's unusual signs stemmed from the day of his sudden admission to the hospital. Perhaps it is possible to start investigating from here. Sagen Takei continued to ask, “Is there any other abnormality in him? Regarding that health issue?” "No, and he took the initiative to take a shower as soon as he got home. He was a very healthy person." Amao Shingu lowered his voice and said, "My father said that he had been feeling sore all this time as if his body had worn out, but now he no longer feels that way and his spirit is very good." "Did he say something confusing or related to this disappearance to you?" Sagen T
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In other words, the person standing behind Karibu Shingu's back outside the window was not a living person. They used a bizarre transformation method causing Karibu Shingu to become comatose and unconscious. The man, on the other hand, seems to have copied Karibu Shingu's memories and turned into another person exactly like him, walking around the streets. While Sagen Takei was wondering, the silvery-white letters in his mind suddenly reappeared. [Karibu Shingu, finding progress 45%.] Looking down, Fei, Amao Shingu's sister, stood alone outside the door with her school bag on her back, her little face flushed, seemingly running all the way upstairs. The fake Karibu Shingu figure inside was still there, but its properties had been absorbed by him, but gazing at the wood sculpture could still increase his spiritual antibodies. Looking at the sudden rise to 75%, Sagen Takei was stunned, he never thought he would guess that much this time. [Karibu Shingu, finding progress level 75%.
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Let go of the grip tight fingers, staring at the surface of the iron force wood appeared five deep sunken fingerprints. His five fingers immediately sank into the hard and strong scrap of wood. Considering the fullness of the work, Sagen Takei added a beautiful folded card to each character, the card is about the character's background, plot and other related introduction, ready to gradually launch a series. Thump, thump, thump, little feet quickly ran down the third floor. The store does not have a lot of finished wood carvings, but Sagen Takei accepts custom orders, which are a bit more expensive, but are one of his main sources of living expenses. So Sagen Takei arrived in this world, began to try to slowly change the style of their work. However, once a style is set, it is often difficult to change. "What the hell is this... Eagle Claw Kung Fu, or Iron Sand Palm? Or did it become Popeye?!" A day or two did not go to open the store, his small business can not be maintained fo
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Picking up a 0.4cm circular carving knife in his hand, he carefully walked the knife in the position of the robe under the right armpit of the Buddha statue, each knife was both accurate and stable, making the robe's pendulum look more natural. Sitting at the carving table next to the bed, Sagen Takei tried to forget what he had just seen, but it took a lot of effort to realize that it was futile, because the visual impact of the scene was so strong that the blood-red pupil of Rio Nakano's eyes kept coming back to him. Sagen Takei frowned and walked into the entrance of the neighborhood, then went up the stairs on the left side. The male magistrate nodded and sidled away, "Go up, don't move around in the building for now, we will cordon off the room and the nearby area after we survey the scene, but it will not affect the normal life of the residents." With his small backpack in his hand, he walked back to the Evergreen neighborhood as usual. And the store's wood carvings or penda
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A special sound
This Metoro city is a subtropical humid and mild climate, the summer night into the cool quickly, the highest temperature of the day is noon, but it is about twenty-seven or twenty-eight degrees. This time Sagen Takei was sure that the first shaking was not an illusion. Moreover, his hands were a bit dirty at the moment, and washing his hands before making tea might delay the sheriff's inquiry. He put down the tools in his hand, looked up to see the time, it was already 9:00 p.m., and guessed who might be outside, so he got up and opened the door. "Yes." Sagen Takei nodded. At the moment, there was enough moonlight outside the window that he could see most of the room even without turning on the lights. He opened his eyes in a daze and found himself curled up in a ball, hugging a pillow, but the blanket was still well covered and not kicked off. "Yes, but she was often not at home, but I knew her daughter Fei very well." Sagen Takei I answered honestly. "They don't live in the
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