The Case of the Serpent and Scorpion

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The Case of the Serpent and Scorpion

By: Elocin_Aeb CompletedFantasy

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Wizard. It is the dream of every child born in Auregon. It is what every member of a guild expects to become. But to Vana Farasol, being a wizard is the least she dreamed of. She wanted to become a detective. To others, their magic is a gift and a blessing. But to her… her magic is a curse. After solving the mastermind behind the ship hostaging case, and saving the lives of the hostaged passengers, Vana and Jerome, a member of her rival guild, are thrust into a mission that may become Vana’s ticket to achieving her dream. But when their mission becomes intertwined with their guild’s conflict, Vana and Jerome must work together to finally put an end to the conflict… and to solve the cold case of the detective.

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183 chapters
3rd POV The Detective stared at the board he created in his office, connecting all dots in his web. Red lines of string connect to one person to another, objects and reasons correlating to their deaths. The wind of summer blew against the window shutters, creating a rattling sound that slightly disturbed the Detective’s stirring mind. He rubbed his chis as his eyes landed on the initials written in a letter. The initials, C.Z. was written at the end of the letter that he received a couple of days ago. A formal letter that states for him to stop his investigation. He cannot help but think of only one person that could fit with the initials. The Detective heaved a sigh, heading back to his desk as he pulls out his journal from below one of his locked drawers. He began writing everything he learned from his investigations, the real culprit of the case, and the regrets he carries along with it. His mentor’s friend’s wife and his friend both died in two consecutive days after a heated
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Chapter 1: Bandits on the Ship
Vana's POV Desperate call for desperate measure. The ocean waves splashed against the ship as it sails through the current. The sound of waves clashed against the ship’s exterior, humming in my ear. It was late in the morning when the ship neared the borders of Ashern, the island of Jasper far from my sight. I let my hand sway beyond the deck railings, letting my magic drop and play on the water. I froze the splashes and drops of water from the waves, converting them into crystallized, ice dusts that looked like glitter in the air. I rarely use my magic—I almost don’t use magic if not necessary. But out of boredom of being in the ship for the whole night, without any wink of sleep, I decided to amuse myself by using my magic. I don’t dislike magic. I dislike my magic—the kind of power my magic holds. “Vana, escaping the academy is a very bad idea,” I said to myself, sighing as I thought of the consequences of my actions. I had all night to think and realize how dumb my actions are
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Chapter 2: Fakes
Vana's POV The bandits dashed around me, grabbing me by the arm as they haul me along with the rest of the hostages. My hands were tied behind by back, sitting down along with the passengers as the bandits surround us from all direction. Wails and cries of children teared up next to me. I could feel the growing dread and fear in every passenger in the lounge. Their bodies shook from the danger they are facing, their heads lowering to the ground as they panic in their spots. “How are things in this lounge?” another man’s voice asked, a man entering inside the lounge. The man had a lousy posture, wearing a sleeveless hoodie and cargo pants that resembled my brother’s style. Too similar, in fact, that I suspected that it was him at first. The man had the same blonde hair as the woman from earlier. Are they related to each other? Are they the leader of the gang? I moved at the very back of the passengers, leaning back on the wall as I gaze at the man from afar. I observed him, notici
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Chapter 3: Lower Lounge
Jerome's POV “All of you stay back and don’t you dare try do anything funny,” the woman said as they all tied us up on one corner of the room. Never have I thought that I’d be involved in a ransom-hostaging case, especially not after I snuck out of the academy grounds. I only wanted to take a break from the academy, why do I have to be caught up into this mess? The woman introduced herself as Vana Farasol, the sister of Storm Farasol. I know who she is; she is a member of our rival guild, Green Serpent. And she’s known in another name. The Cold Killer. From what I’ve heard, she was rumored to have killed her father. But that is not what I’m supposed to be concerned about right now. Half of the passengers in the ship are held hostage in the upper lounge. The other half is held here in the lower lounge, where I am also currently at. As far as I’m concerned, if I don’t’ do something now, something worse will happen to us later. I lifted my eyes up on the bandits within the room, coun
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Chapter 4: On the Loose
Jerome's POV I observed the position of each bandit across the room, even the ones guarding outside. I closed my eyes, feeling the aur sear inside me. I can feel my magic overflowing down my hands, hearing it hum in the wind. My hands stayed behind my back as I continue to pretend to be tied up. I opened my eyes, giving the little girl another wink as I glance at her. She gave me a nervous smile, and I nod back to assure her. I pulled my gaze towards the bandit outside the door, silently whistling in the air. The whistle was barely heard by the bandits, but the passengers around me can hear it. They turned their heads at me, their distorted faces shifting into a calmed look. The whistle was my quiet command to my magic. My call for the wind to blew in my command. My eyes landed outside of the lounge, towards one of the bandits standing guard on the door. I gestured my hand behind my back, weaving it close to the ground as I watch my magic play into the air. I could see the wind fo
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Chapter 5: Upper Lounge Escapee
Vana's POV Three bandits on the inside, while plenty on the outside. There are at least ten of them outside, and the two leaders who serves as the head of the group is a room away from us. The control room of the ship is only a room away from here, and the ship’s crew are all tied up with us as well. I can’t tell whether negotiations have been made already or not, but I do know that if I don’t make a move now, all of us in this ship will likely be in big trouble. I overheard one of the bandits’ conversations, saying that there’s a bomb in the ship. I tilted my head to the drawer, eyeing my weapon a look. I walked over—or in this case—I crawled my way next to the drawer, trying not to catch the bandits’ attention as I get close over the drawer. I stayed in front of the drawer, taking my time as I observe the bandits guarding the hostaged passengers inside the room. I reach for the lower drawer, slowly opening it with caution. The drawer opened with a small gap, big enough for my han
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Chapter 6: Freeze
Vana's POV I glared at the guy, disgusted by the way he portrays my brother. My brother is nothing like how he acts or looks. He never has such as disgraceful personality. I snorted, snarling at him with mockery and dismay. “If you’re going to dress up as Storm, you should’ve done your research. You disgust me,” I insulted, blabbering my mouth at him. One of the bandits took a step forward to defend the fake Storm, threatening me as he places a finger on the gun’s trigger. The fake Storm stopped the guy, extending an arm at him as his eyes stayed fixated on me. I held my grip tight around my sickle’s handle; fingers curled. “Are you calling me a fake, Vanessa?” the fake Storm taunted, chortling. “Maybe you’re the one whose faking names and identity here.” “I am. But I am telling the truth that I know the real Storm,” I stated, grinning at him. “I know him quite well.” His grip tightened on his fist, and he gritted his teeth, glaring at me with daggers in his eyes. “Take her and b
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Chapter 7: The Real One
Vana's POV “I am the real Vana Farasol. The real sister of Storm Farasol, and the girl that you have been impersonating.” The fake Vana squealed, falling on her back as she cowers in fear in my presence. Her whole body trembled, forcing herself to surrender on her knees. The fake Storm took a step back, glowering at me with spite and hesitation. I gazed at the fake Storm, tilting my head at him with a sass. He grinded his teeth, pivoting his feet out of the broken wall. He tried to make a run for it, shouting an order to the bandits waiting for a command outside of the room. “Seize them!” the fake Storm yelled, escaping as he dashes away. He didn’t manage to run far as Jerome cornered him before he could reach the next room. His magic weaved through the air, levitating the fake Storm up in the air. “Not so fast. Do you really think I’ll let you off that easily?” Jerome said, a hand extended towards the fake Storm’s direction. The bandits the fake Storm commanded charged forward
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Chapter 8: Putting the Pieces
Vana's POV “Since you’ve been busted, it’s about time you two tell us who you really are. Who are you and what are your names?” I asked, interrogating them. “None of your business,” the lady spouted. She doesn’t have the slightest awareness for what she did, is she? After impersonating me and being exposed by the person she’s trying to impersonate, she still has the guts to act arrogant in front of us. I don’t know if I’ll be impressed or extremely annoyed. “Answer the question or this guy might just snap your body,” I threatened in a teasing way, pointing a finger at Jerome. “Oh please, you don’t even get along,” the guy exclaimed, infuriating me. Calm down, Vana, getting mad at them won’t do you any good. Keep your magic to yourself and never let it out. “Then, let me ask the same question. What are your names and who are you?” Jerome interrupted, asking them the same question. He leaned straight as he pushes himself off the wall, stepping forward with his eyes having a stern
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Chapter 9: Crews and Bandits
Vana's POV “I conclude that Reynolds McValeri is the mastermind behind this case. The real perpetrator of this crime,” I stated, announcing my conclusion. “Reynolds McValeri?” Jerome exclaimed alongside the captain. “Reynolds McValeri is the only person capable of doing this. He is the head of his own company, and the guild master of Clashing Seasons. He has the money, people, and power to pull off this crime,” I explained, pointing out the obvious clues laid out on us. “He may not be here, but with the clues pointing at him, it is most likely that what I’m trying to say is true,” I added. “You know assumptions and unproven conclusions won’t lead us anywhere, right?” We have no evidence that points to him as a mastermind,” Jerome pointed, jutting a hip with sass at me. I faced, scoffing with a smirk. “I think you’re forgetting that Camillo has a communication lacrima where the mastermind called. Its quite possible that Camilla also has her own lacrima,” I boasted, reminding of th
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