Reincarnated as a Bastard Prince with a System

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Reincarnated as a Bastard Prince with a System

By: Bored_Author OngoingFantasy

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I was a chained dog in my past life, condemned to death for biting my own master. Society turned a deaf ear to my pleas, and justice remained ever so blinded. Nevertheless, it was a life filled with pain and suffering, leaving me with little interest in continuing. So I willingly gave up my life. However, after my demise, I found myself reincarnated! To my surprise, I was reborn into the most powerful house of the empire, in the grandest manor of all Everhart. I had become a prince in the great Everhart Empire. But wait….. I am a bastard? Who cares? I am rich, I will live this life lazing around!!! But In the situation where his brothers and sisters were constantly at his throat, and the fight for the throne was ever so intense, can he really do that? In this world of sword and Magic, where Sword masters roam and Great Magicians run wild, the tale of the Emperor’s bastard son toward the path of the Supreme Ruler is about to begin! Follow him as he encounters the trials and variables in these unknown lands….

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Chapter 00 - Prolougue
Prologue-1"What is this…?"Valerius stumbled back on his butt as he witnessed a bizarre scene unfolding in front of him! It took him a second more to realize that the blue flame blazing like an infernal fire was not actual flames but the eyes of a certain being.Valerius’s eyes shook as they slowly adjusted to the darkness and gazed at the being in front of him."What the he...!"The words got stuck in his mouth as heavy sweat started to pour down his face. His face turned grim, and life left his body as he looked at what was present before his eyes.-Gulp!A huge figure towering more than 30 feet. Scales that moved as if they were alive and shone brightly like jewels.Two enormous black wings that could cover the skies.And an enormous body coupled with a gigantic horn! It was a being that could intimidate even the gods.A dragon![The will of the Dragon Monarch, Acnologia, has responded to your call and has awoken from its deep slumber]He heard an otherworldly voice resonating ins
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Chapter 01 - Theoron, the Sage of Soara
Where there is bright light, there will be pitch darkness too…****"The King among the Kings, Ruler of Eight provinces, Bearer of the mythical seal, Overlord of the great Everhart Empire, his majesty, the emperor, Edmond Ashborn has issued an edict: get onto your knees and receive the privilege, O honorable sage."The sound of a man screaming at the top of his lungs while standing on the stage built around a bodhi tree resonated throughout the small remote village in the province of Soara.The villagers stood around the tree, observing the unusual appearance of the Emperor's messenger in their remote village. -StepAs they watched the unfamiliar scene, a middle-aged man stepped out from the crowd and respectfully bowed to the messenger."I am honored to receive the Privilege."The sage, clad in a pure white shirt and adorned with a gray robe, stood with an air of quiet authority. In his grasp, he held a staff, its appearance resonating with the weight of centuries past. The staff, w
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Chapter 02 - The Emperor of the great Everheart
Seated on a throne completely made of shining gold, adorned with gems and precious stones along with the statues of two lions attached to either side of it, the sun of the empire looked down at Sage Theron, who was kneeling on one leg.Golden blond hair, emerald-like red eyes, and a sharp gaze that would pierce through everything.Adoring various valuable ornaments and a gorgeous golden crown with three red diamonds, he looked very imposing and dignified.It was none other than Edmund Ashborn, the current Emperor of the great Everhart and the absolute ruler of the great Everhart, a being who is considered akin to the sky in the empire.Currently, in front such being in the royal court was Sage Theron who was kneeling on one leg to show his respect.It has been 17 days since the Emperor's messenger delivered the royal edict to Sage Theron and invited him to the Royal Palace.They departed as soon as possible and after a long journey, Sage Theron and his family arrived at the royal Pala
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Chapter 03 - The Moon Maiden
Guest abode of the royal palace.The grandeur of the Royal palace was as exquisite as one could expect, the hallways were decorated with various exquisite decorations and everything down to the floor was shining as if it were screaming the word 'luxury'.And in such a luxurious and overbearing place, a rare melody wafted through the air.Calm, like a flowing river, and serene, like a field of grass, the melody penetrated the hearts of those who listened, capturing their minds and souls. The source of this enchanting sound emanated from inside a room where a young maiden, as beautiful as a flower, sang with abandon.Seated by a small pond, designed as an ornamental feature, was the captivating maiden who possessed pitch-black hair, jade-like skin, and eyes as sharp as obsidian swords—she seemed to be the epitome of beauty. And a mole just below her lips further enhanced her charm, rendering any man beneath the sky captivated. She could rightfully be called a goddess on earth.As the m
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Chapter 04 - The Emperor's Demand
A week passed after Sage Theron was appointed as the new 7th magic tower master. Nothing special happened during this time; Sage Theron officially took the position of 7th magic tower master and settled down there along with his family. With the help of Sage Braham, who answered all his questions and queries, Sage Theron was able to adjust to the position of Tower master very quickly.However, something bizarre happened today, which made Sage feel conflicted."Give me your daughter."It was early in the morning that day when the Emperor of the Everhart, Edmund Ashborn, himself visited the 7th magic tower along with his royal guards. There was nothing wrong with the Emperor visiting the magic tower, so Sage Theron greeted him and treated him with the utmost respect.The Emperor himself took the initiative to continue the conversation, and at one point, the topic changed."I saw your daughter the other day; she was truly beautiful, a moon maiden indeed."Sage Theron didn't know how to a
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Chapter 05 - Blessed with Twins
"Calm down, you are too nervous, Sage Theron."Regulus Healingrove, the Royal Physician of the Everhart empire, said to Sage Theron who was walking back and forth in the hallway, outside of a room."How can I, Sir Regulus? I don't know what's taking so much time"Theron said, still as nervous while holding both his hands together."Giving birth takes time," a gracious woman replied. "And stop walking around, you are making me nervous as well."It was Sage Theron’s wife, Vatika. Time passed as Luna stayed at the 7th magic tower and finally, the long expected day has come. Luna was giving birth today!"I'm worried about our daughter," Theron replied. "W-What if something happens to her and the children? What should we do, Vatika?""Nothing will happen," She glared at her husband in annoyance. "Get a grip, will you? Sir Regulus is here to make sure nothing like that happens isn't he?"Theron glanced at the white-haired old man who just consoled him before. He was leaning on the wall at
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Chapter 06 - Reincarnation!
'Ah! I am Finally dying.'The young man thought as he felt the hard rope pressing against his neck. It was after two years in prison that he was finally being hanged to death.'I would have preferred if they had killed me with sleeping pills, but I guess I don't get to decide.'It was pretty crazy that an imprisoned convict was smiling from ear to ear while the executioner was covering his face with black clothes, giving chills to the officers who were observing the execution. Finally, the noose was tied around his neck, and the executioner pulled the lever.'....'But, something was amiss.'I should have felt pain right? Am I already dead?'There was no pain, so the young man thought confusingly, before noticing something else.'Is it normal to hear a baby's cries as you die…?'He just gave his neck to the rope, and maybe the executioner already pulled the lever, maybe he was already dead. He didn't know. But he was hearing the cries of a baby.'Who brought a baby to the Execution pl
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Chapter 07 - Little Pumpkin
Reincarnation.A fantastical notion believed by many, yet simultaneously dismissed by others. I, too, did not believe in rebirth. My life was a continuous stream of suffering, and I considered such thoughts absurd. Death, in my perspective, marked the end.Even in my dying moments, amidst my disbelief in rebirth, a fleeting wish crossed my mind – a desire to be reborn into a wealthy family, to taste the joy of life at least once. It seemed ironic how someone like me, who didn't believe in God, found himself offering a prayer in his final moments.However..."My little pumpkin, look here!Before me stood a beautiful lady with black eyes and pitch-black hair cascading over her shoulders. She shook a blue-colored baby rattle to capture my attention."There is also a red one!"In her left hand, she presented a red-colored rattle, continuing the enchanting display.Rattle!Though I wrinkled my face at the sound of the rattles, the lady persisted in her shaking."Aboo."I sighed softly and
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Chapter 08 - Naming Ceromony
It has been more than 150 days since Valerius's birth, or rather, his reincarnation. He still hasn't seen his father, nor did the Emperor visit to see his children. The excuse being that the Emperor was currently busy dealing with the revolt in the Frostgate province. Although his mother and grandparents tried not to show it, Valerius understood one thing: their father, the Emperor, didn't even care about them. It was maybe obvious seeing how Luna wasn't even the official consort of the Emperor, but considering the position of Sage Theron as one of the Seven Sages and the master of the 7th magic tower, it was a huge disrespect.Nevertheless, it wasn't like Valerius cared for things like that. All he wanted was to stay back and enjoy his life, and it would actually be better if the Emperor didn't pay attention to him.Leaving that matter aside, since the Emperor was 'too busy' to name his children, Sage Theron took it upon himself as their grandfather to name them. A grand ceremony w
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Chapter 09 - The Sovereign Crucible
They say time flies like an arrow, and indeed, it was true. Six years had passed since the day Valerius was named.The first thing he learned in this life was how to use the toilet! ‘It was so humiliating…’ Having been subject to the shame of having his nanny wash his butt, Valerius had found it challenging to emulate the carefree demeanor of a child, but now it was all over. Valerius had to bear such shame for two years before he was capable of using the toilet by himself! ‘Let's bury the memories of this dark past.’ He didn’t want to remember any of this in the future because it was so humiliating! Nevertheless, it wasn’t the only thing Valerius had learned in his past years; he had also learned how to talk and walk.Valerius had learned the ability to talk at a mere six months old, yet he chose to keep this skill a secret until he turned one. He didn't want to surprise his mother and grandparents, who only witnessed Blondie's first words after an year. Valerius wasn't concern
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