Titans Throne

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Titans Throne

By: Theonionjunktion OngoingFantasy

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30 Year old Bastian Smith died and reincarnated into a different body, in a world different from Earth. He was now in the body of a 12 year old noble boy named Sebastian Tirius. Sebastians body however a a golden coiling dragon tattoo. When Bastian touched it for the first time he heard a voice "To the owner of the titan's Mark be warned. You have great power but possess a mighty curse. Behold, anyone who bears this mark is a child of, I, the great Ambevilius, emperor of all that is under the nine heavens. The first of you to slay or subdue 1000 mark bearers shall become a successor of mine. Now go forth. And bring chaos in my name!" At this moment, memories belonging to Sebastian flooded Bastian's mind, fusing with his soul. This was the Sovereign Continent! A place where only the strong are just! Bastian began his long and arduous journey, to a learn his right... To sit on the Titan's Throne!

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Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms.Marks.Mark Bearer:A person chosen to bear the Titan's Mark. They are also descendants of Ambevilius and are his possible successors.Titan's Mark:Proof of being a Mark Bearer. It is in the form of a tattoo in the shape of a golden coiling dragon.Custodian:A formerMark Bearer who has given up their rights to succession and willingly follows another Mark Bearer.House:A Regiment of Custodians under a Mark Bearer. A Marke Bearer can only posses a maximum of five houses. Custodians in a House have ranks. They are ranked in this order from highest to lowest-Minister PrimeMinisterReverentClerkOrdinary CustodianA House is organized as follows-House Scale- a group of Custodians and their ClerkHouse Claw- a group of Clerks and their ReverentHouse Fang- a group of Reverents and their MinisterClaws:These are claws that are on the Titan's Mark, they represent t
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Prologue - The Power of a True Sovereign
 ...The Sovereign Continent, a place with only one language throughout the entire land, a place where only one currency dominated the entire economy, a place where things like; looks, fame, intelligence or any factor that could possibly make someone the focus of other people's admiration, all paled to one thing. That one thing just happens to be both a language and a currency, that one thing is; power.In the face of power, all other things bow in reverence. If one has power, he or she is just. If one has power, then one is beautiful. If one has power, one has both fame and fortune. As long as one has power, everything falls into one's grasp.The source of power in this world stems from one thing, cultivation. This is the art of taking in energy from the environment and making it your own, resulting in wonders such as; magic spells, illusions, battle techniques and other skills. In general, there are two types of cultivators, a Mage and a Warrior
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The Face of Death
Chapter 1- The Face of Death...The Sovereign Continent was divided into five major parts or regions, these were:The Eastern Islands, the Northern Glaciers, the Southern Grasslands, the Western Deserts and the Central Jungles. Despite the seemingly self-descriptive names, these lands weren't particularly limited to the descriptions they gave off. For example the forest found in the Western deserts.Each major region was in turn further divided into many sub regions, each of these sub regions could consist of many Kingdoms, very few, or only one. When one Kingdom had the complete control of a land, which was as large as a sub region, it became an Empire.There were even a few Empires that span over multiple regions. These were called True Empires and were ruled by True Emperors. The largest and most famous True Empire, was the Coiling Dragon Empire. It was the only
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Not So Noble
 In a tent in the middle of the camp stood several men, one of which was looking upon a makeshift bed, on which Bastian was sleeping. The man had a rough face and a set of eyes permeating with greed, he studied Bastian's body, as if he was looking at an object, one which could make him a lot of money.The tent was quiet, so quiet in fact that some of the men didn't even dare breathe in too deeply, afraid of gaining the ire of the man standing next to the bed. At this moment a doctor carrying a small box filled with medical equipment walked in. The doctor walked towards the bed and started examining Bastian's body. The rough faced man looked at the proceedings nervously, hoping that things weren't too serious, he eyed the doctor at his work.After the doctor had finished his examination, he said that Bastian was fine and everyone sighed in relief. He told the rough faced man that the boy had just fainte
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The Mark Awakens
Now let's rewind a bit, to a few hours ago, to when Bastian had just fainted. To others it would seem as if Bastian had lost consciousness, but to Bastian something else entirely occurred. What seemed like fainting was, in fact a far different and strange phenomenon. Just when he was about to go outside his vision blurred and he found himself in a strange place, his entire surroundings were white, it was as if he was in a giant white room, with no end in sight. After observing his surroundings Bastian noticed something in front of him, it was a large brown table. The table itself was nothing extraordinary...except for the picture of a large coiling dragon on its surface. The dragon was gold and its paws had two claws. Even though it was a two dimensional drawing, Bastian felt something from the picture, a sense of déjà vu to be more exact. He could not remember where exactly he had seen this dragon. That's when it hit him. This dragon looked eerily similar to the one that had destr
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Are You a Mark Bearer or Not
 Bastian's mind was in chaos. Too many things had happened in such a short period of time. He hadn't had enough time to adjust. First he had reincarnated into another person's body, then he learned that he was in another world, and then he realized he was part of some weird inheritance game. Now to top it all off, he is now being sold as a slaveBastian could not help but mentally sigh at these events. In his past life he was a terminally sick person. He had had time to mentally prepare for death. Fate however played a trick on him, placing him in a situation where he, a man who was even prepared for death, felt miserable.Well when life throws you lemons...Bastian quickly accepted his fate and decided to run with his new identity. Since he already had the memories belonging to the body's original owner, Sebastian Tirius, he would not have a hard time adjusting.<
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Impossible! Soul Sworn!
Chapter 5- Impossible!Ben was in a jovial mood. As he walked to the borders of the camp he whistled, further displaying how happy he was. He greeted many people along the way, something he rarely every did. Even going as far as to help lift up a person he had bumped into. This kind behavior was not something the proud and clever Ben usually had, but today was a special occasion.Ben finally had the chance to stuff it to a noble, the kind who had enslaved him and made his life miserable. All of his loved ones were tortured or killed by them.He had been saving the incado grass so he could sell it, but he felt that this outcome was definitely more pleasing. Money is money. Vengeance, cures the soul, or so he thought.He arrived to the boundary of the camp. It had been roughly a day since he had stuffed the boy with the herb. So he should be waking up around this time. Not to mention it almost time to sell the brat. As soon as he arrived however, he once again met an unexpected circumst
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Pure Genius
The girl stuttered, "Y-you! How did you?"Bastian replied, "You can ask me whatever you want, but I can't guarantee that I will answer."Ben saw that his master had thrown the girl's words right back at her. He was very pleased at seeing her distressed look. There was something, however he didn't quite understand."Master, what did you mean by 'House' and 'Custodian'?"Bastian was about to talk, when he was interrupted by the girl, "Don't you dare tell this filth anything, or else!""Or else what?" Bastian looked straight at the girl, as he challenged her. "I can keep quiet if you want, but in return I want you to answer a few of my own questions. Of course, I will take an oath to the heavens to never tell anyone!"The girl looked very unhappy. Her brows creased, as if she were contemplating something. After a few breaths worth of time, she sighed."Very well, I will answer your questions, but first you have to tell me how you got to know about this." said the girl in resignation.Bas
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Chapter 8- ScorpionNow we are back to our current time. The girl was staring defensively at Bastian and Ben. She wasn't sure what they were up to.Bastian: "Here is what I propose: I make an oath to get you and I out of slavery to the best of my ability, and you make an oath to protect my life until I reach my Kingdom safely and take back my throne. Both of us will swear oaths to never reveal each other's secrets, deal?"This was definitely not what she was expecting. She was not only surprised that the boy was a King. He also proposed something that benefited both parties, even though he had the advantage.Wait, protect? How does he know I can fight?Bastian: "If you're wondering how I know you can fight, it's your shackles! I only had my legs shackled, yet you had both your arms and legs shackled. Not to mention, I can also tell that your shackles are enchanted. I'm a noble, so I'm very familiar with enchanted objects."The girl was impressed, his observations were spot on. She was
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The Five Elements
Chapter 9- The Five ElementsIn the middle of a vast desert, a long procession of people was moving in a single file. In that procession, there were many types of people.Some were in chains and were shackled, walking barefoot. Some were in mobile cages, being moved by horses, others were riding horses themselves whilst holding whips, shouting at the shackled slaves who were moving slowly. From time to time the sound of a whip lashing human flesh could be heard, immediately followed by a scream.In one of the mobile cages, Bastian and his new friend, or rather his bodyguard, Enetty a.k.a. V, were sitting. Bastian was sitting cross legged, meditating. Whilst V was sitting there lazily. They had gotten used to the screams, or rather Bastian had. Due to her history, V wasn't bothered in the slightest.Her companion on the other hand wasn't so calm. Part of Bastian's soul was from modern day earth, where such things would have been seen as being atrocious. Thankfully, he had his other hal
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