Twin Magicians Of The 999th Generation

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Twin Magicians Of The 999th Generation

By: Sokiiro OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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As the remaining bloodline of the most unmatched lineage of magicians, Magi and Cian thrive and hide in the current society by becoming hired by all sorts of people for money. With overbearing power, came an extreme caution towards their own actions. However, whenever they move, they wear their mask to hide their identities, becoming known to all by the name, 'Twin Magicians.'

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  • NFA


    This is good

    2022-12-28 00:24:12
  • Rose Chelle CM


    Hi there author ^^ Your novel's title really caught my attention. And yeah, truly worth checking out. Something new and interesting ^⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠^

    2022-10-27 00:36:03
  • Janice Grue


    Loving the blend of magic and technology

    2022-10-10 08:43:54
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163 chapters
Prologue: The Twins
“Shit——”Running across the field, his breath ran short. “——I'm out of minimum magic required to use this damn thing!”He was running across a field that was riddled with metal junk that was scattered everywhere. He was being fired from behind by multiple people that chased him down, barely dodging them and hiding behind a large satellite disc.It looked like an abandoned farm, with its crops withering just recently. The masked man wielded two pistols, however, he was unable to use them as the screen that was integrated into them blinked red. [Warning: Minimum Mana requirement is not met. Disabling function.]He holstered it into what seems to be a futuristic belt, vanishing into digital particles upon contact.It was useless to him now, but fighting unarmed against guns would be something blown out of proportion for him. It was just straight-up impossible. “...Ngh. Those bastards...”He cursed them, yet he wasn't just about to lose his wits and hopes yet. Why? Because he was n
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The Masked Brothers
In the bustling city of Newyark, situated between the dissolved borders of the Unique and Elemental Magistry, there was a market that thrived in selling technology and goods alike. “Can I buy this... part for sixty CCs? It looks like it was passed down for centuries now!”Offering to buy a part that had looked like junk on a nearby stall, the presumptuous red-haired man passed by with bags on hand. It was Cian who was wandering around the said market.“——What do you mean by that?! We've been only able to get that because we had a direct source! If you're not going to buy it for 180 CCs, then get outta here!”Yet, that offer was far beyond acceptable by the vendor, pushing him away as the vendor tried to call customers in.“Che! You won't last long in this market if you keep that attitude!”Cian walked away from the vendor while harboring a grudge, verbally retaliating. The paper bags that he was carrying was filled with food and vegetables that he had picked and bought in the marke
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The Seller
“We have a job.”Hanging up, Magi placed down the traditional phone before speaking to Cian. Cian had just finished breakfast, and the first thing that comes to greet their day was a job to be done. It was convenient as they needed a job to earn quick money as they held nothing at the moment. Cian had thought of taking over their financials but Magi would refuse and beat him up as he thinks that Cian would use it for fooling around. “What's the job?”Cian asked as he finished up, wearing a coat again that was identical to the previous one. He had a closet full of it. “I don't know. He told us to meet him up at the shop. Could be something that shouldn't be said through the line, anyone could be eavesdropping after all.”Magi answered with certainty that it was the reason, and just like Cian, Magi had suited to prepare to seek out their job.Magi would open his closet as well, but there were a lot of stones and important-looking junk parts that were stashed in it as if they were
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The Client
Central Park was filled with distinct people with distinct appearances. Despite it being a public landmark for everyone to take a stroll on and hang around, it was a notorious place for illegal transactions. “Why would they want to meet us at night...?”Wondering by himself, Magi stayed hidden behind the trees as he waited for Cian's call from their intercom.Before they headed here, Shanti, their employer, and the broker had sent a message through the handheld computer. It was a file containing details about a certain organization that was beginning to work itself up in the ranks of the underground organizations. There were currently only three major organizations in the underground. Black Skull, Viper's Venom, and Pandemonium.Violet Hex would be the recent organization that was able to fill up the slot of the third largest and major organization. It was rumored that they had ten fighters that were more than compatible with their Grants and that, they were capable of clearing
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Crossfire Amidst Evil
“Jack'ole Tern at your service, blah.”Posing his feet widely apart and his tongue out while pulling down on his face, the man who arrived showed nothing but a crazed face. His hair was a weird variant of a mohawk, but with only three spikes, the back of his head was shaved. Behind him was a gang that wore green headbands to imply that they were from the organization Viper's Venom.“——Looks like you didn't learn your lesson last time.”From the smoke caused by the explosion, Violet and Bahamut would come out unscathed, protected by the barrier Violet had set before. Magi and Cian were also inside it, but Magi had already cast an inner barrier only for the two of them if the barrier were not enough. Both of them had also begun to wear their masks as other people appeared. It wouldn't be wise to reveal themselves too easily.“My! Explosions never do the trick, eh? They always raise a flag that it doesn't work somehow.”Jack'ole would take one step forward as he proceeded with his id
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Caught In The Aftermath
“Cough... Cough——”Everything was covered by smoke. The concrete ground has shattered, and the fountain that was once there had crumpled into nothing but a pile of degrees with water leaking around it. The twin was able to be shielded from the massive explosion, caught by Bahamut who withstood the blast with his barrier and his body. He exhausted his magic from protecting the two, granting Violet's last wish. He knew that Violet was reminded of the twin brothers she had before, who were killed by a man from an unknown organization and wanted to exact revenge by looking for him. It was the sole reason she became a member, only to die before she could ever exact her revenge. “——Bahamut! You're injured!”Cian would be the first to notice Bahamut's state. His mouth and nose were bleeding, and his skin was pale. They were symptoms of Mana Deprivation that could lead to paralyzation, or worse, death. “Geez. You guys act like her brothers...”Bahamut would only smile at them, confusing
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The Philosopher's Deal
In the technological era of Areia, Technological Magistry has been the leading city after its advancement to the skies. With many people working premium jobs and living in such comfort, only those who are rich in both wealth and ideas can climb and be one of the elevated society. Technological Mages were inventors that had aspires to make a world where the Talentless are not oppressed by those with power but rather seen as an equal.They were formerly only a group that favored the Talentless, but now it was but a mixed race of mages and normal humans, bound together by their technology. The Talentless were what they called those who were unfortunate enough to be born without magic. They were discriminated against in the older era, but now they were considered to be equal by most as they were the ones who invented the innovative technology that forever changed mankind. However, regardless of the massive changes, the history of the Two Great Magicians remained. They were the Two G
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Keeping Them Under Wraps
Even in the world of a post-apocalyptic society, there were still governments that formed themselves to create a sense of unity. With other cities embracing anarchy, there were still cities that had been guarded not only by Sentient Guards due to their trade but by also human forces that tried to track down the roots of crime to prevent them. They had no specific names but people of the underworld had called them Dogs, as they would sniff out the crimes and criminals alike out of their den.Small organizations were caught by them, but when it comes to large organizations, they become powerless due to their ability to blend and hide their trade.It was truly a contrast in power, however, the police were not a force to reckon with as they wielded special authority with not only Grants but with Magic as most of them wielded Unique Magics capable of catching criminals off guard.They were the highest form of security next to Sentient Guards, but as long as one steers away from them, it
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Rising From The Rubble
With the memories left in the burning embers of the past wars between the rising underground organizations, Violet Ghaani, became an orphan in Newyark after her parents were killed in a battle. It was but a reckless war that involved taking away innocent lives, ending up as but an ongoing occurrence. The Police were incapable of tracking down these large organizations whose tracks were everywhere, and despite the Sentient Guards being recent, were incapable of tracking the culprits down as well. Wars between underground organizations were hard to track down, as most of the time they would happen in areas far from the city, a place far from the police's jurisdiction.Regardless, there were infamous people with bounties placed on their heads, dead or alive.Violet was one of those, a rookie with the lowest bounty starting with 100,000 CCs, and Bahamut being thrice as that. They were considered criminals that had committed endangerment and destruction, making their bounty smaller as
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With Better Insight
Three days later, Bahamut was now able to be released from the hospital. “Ah, sir. It's all been paid.”The nurse would dismiss their payment with a swipe, canceling the transfer.“——Huh? That's weird. We haven't given you a single coin yet.”Leaning towards the registry of the hospital, Cian was confused as to how did such a thing happen. He still had the bill that summed up all of the expenses, pertaining to almost 10,000 CCs. It should have been required when paying someone's bill, but to think that someone was able to pay it regardless was unusual.“There was a tall man with tattoos all over his arms that came here just yesterday and paid the amount due under the name Bahamut. It's all paid, sir.”The nurse behind the registry was somehow stressing out that it was paid and that there shouldn't be any problems as she looked at Cian. It was obvious that something was up.“A tall man with tattoos...?”Cian would only walk back slowly as Magi arrived with Bahamut in a wheelchair.
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