Two Worlds

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Two Worlds

By: Bukolami CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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In the World, over fifty percent of people suffer from Bipolar Disorder. It is caused by many things such as addiction to drugs, depression, traumatic experiences and so much more. Alex McCall, the only son of one of the most famous billionaires in London happens to suffer from Bipolar Disorder. Mr. McCall was very ashamed of his son and decided to send him away forever which lead to chaos in the family between his wife, daughter, and him. His daughter, Emily McCall decided to find her brother by all means. A mistake leads to a blessing for Alex when a girl found him, Alexia Nick. Alexia grew fond of Alex and decided to help him, by all means, to get better and find his family. Did she succeed? Did she find his family? Will Alex's father be okay with her exposing his son to the world? Find out in this amazing story.

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Little Alex
"Mummy please don't make me do this." Little Alex begged in tears as his mum helped him down from the car."Come on baby, everything is going to be fine." His mother said with a smile and wiped his tears. "Mum, I can't do this. Am scared." "Hey, it's okay. It's just a class presentation, it can't be that bad." She muttered and hugged him."I have to go now sweetie, good luck." She said and stood up properly and ruffled his hair."Mum, please don't leave me, I don't want to go to school." "Come on Alex, it's just a presentation and we practiced all weekend, your teachers won't be strict on you cause they know who you are." "Mummy am scared." "Ugh, Alex, it's okay to be scared, it's also okay to be nervous. I have to go now, I love you." She rushed her words and pecked him before rushing into the car and drove away. Little Alex wiped his tears and took in a deep breath before walking into the school.****Alex McCall is the only son of one of the famous billionaires in London, his
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Therapy Sessions
Alex hugged his mother tightly as he cried, she sighed and tried consoling him."Mummy, dad hates me so much." "No he doesn't dear, your dad doesn't hate you." "Yes, he does, put me down." He yelled and hit his mum, she put him down and he cried, he held his hair and cried. The maids in the house watched secretly as his mum hugged him."Don't touch me, you also hate me." He yelled and pushed her with his tiny hands. "No Alex, I don't, we don't hate you. We love you." "You guys don't care about me, I hate you all." He yelled and ran upstairs, he rushed into his room and slammed the door. His mum sighed as tears fell from her eyes, the pain of seeing him go through all that was breaking her heart. Claire, the head maid who had been with them for so many years rushed to her and hugged her tightly."Oh dear, everything is going to be okay." *******LATER IN THE DAYAlex smiled happily as he played the ball with Emily in the backyard, the bodyguards were all around them protecting th
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Sending Him Away
ONE YEAR LATER The family sat for dinner and ate quietly, no one said anything that could trigger Alex's anger. For past a year now his parents have been trying to find a solution to Alex's problem. He visited different therapists just to find a solution to what is wrong with him but it was all still the same.At first, they thought it was his school and his parents changed his school to a better private one, they kept changing it but still, there was no change, it kept getting worse instead of getting better.The last therapist he visited told them not to do or say anything that will trigger his anger. He told Alex's parents what was wrong with him but his mother would never accept the fact.Emily tried her best to always be with him no matter what, he would yell at her but she will still always play with him. His parents have tried keeping it from the media, the whole country almost knew about his problem when Alex got angry at a party last year, has young as he was he destroyed t
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MANY YEARS LATER "Mum look, I made a lot of money today." Alexia yelled and ran to her mother happily. She got to where her mother was and hugged her tightly."Oh, my baby, you look very excited." "Of course, I sold all the cupcakes you gave me and I made extra money." "How?" "Everyone wanted to see if the rumor was true." "What rumor?" Her mother asked confused."The length of my hair passes my waist level, each time they buy a cup cake they tip me to see it." Her mother laughed and hugged her, she giggled and gave the money to her mother."Thank you so much, Alexia." "It's fine mum." She replied and used her scarf to pack her hair properly into a bun. "I promise to get a good job and send you to college." "It's okay mum, at least am done with high school, I can go to college anytime." Her mother nodded and she smiled.Alexia Nick and her mother live in a small town in the city of New Jersey, Alexia is a twenty years old pretty girl who grew up without a father, her dad die
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Is He Crazy?
"Are you for real?""Answer me!" He yelled and held his stomach in pain, he slowly fell to the floor and passed out.Alexia panicked and thought it was the perfect time for her to escape. She searched around for probably a key but couldn't find one. She groaned and decided to jump the fence back.She carried a stool and took it outside, she placed it very close to the fence and climbed on it, she finally climbed the fence and jumped out. She sighed in relief and breathed heavily. Alexia got home and sighed in relief seeing the time, she hasn't passed her curfew yet. She still couldn't believe the fact that her friends abandoned her.What if the situation was so dangerous that it could take her life, they will definitely abandon her too."Alexia, you are back." Her mother said and walked toward her, she frowned and looked at her daughter."What's wrong?" "Nothing mum, am fine." "No, you are not. Your hand shakes like that if you are terrified or emotional.""Yeah, I was scared becau
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A New Friend
Alexia sighed and moved closer to him.“Don't cry, it is okay.” She said and sighed again.“Okay, how about we start like this, what’s your name?” She asked and she slowly sat beside him.“My name? My name... “ He trailed off and hitched his hair.“Yes, like what you are called.”“Al... Alex.” He said and she smiled happily.“Wow, that is amazing. My name is Alexia, we both have the same name.” She said with a smile.“Where is this place?” He asked.“We are in New Jersey but on the outskirts, somehow far from the main city.” She replied and he looked at her.“What am I doing here?” He asked and cried again.“I... I... ““What am I doing here?” He yelled and she flinched. He moved towards her and she stood up in fear, he stood up and held her hand.“Are you part of those people that brought me here? Why am I here?” He yelled squeezing her hand and Alexia whimpered in pain.“Please stop it, you are hurting me.” She winced in pain and he let go of her hand.Alexia breathed heavily and m
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Don't Leave Me
“Why are you packing so much food? Are you that hungry Alexia?” Her mother asked as she packed cupcakes and fruits in her bag.“Nicki and Chloe asked me to bring them cupcakes and fruits today.” She replies and packed her meal with it and two bottles of water.“Okay.” She replied and Alexia smiled.“Bye mum, I will be home early.” “Okay, dear.” Alexia walked out happily and checked her watch, it was almost three and she walked faster. She got to the backyard of the mansion and walked in, she head to the entrance and walked in to see the living room empty.She dropped the food on a table and looked around.“Alex.” She called looking around.“Alex.” She called again.“What?” He suddenly said behind her and she flinched, she fell due to fear and he stared at her on the floor.“Why did you fall?” He asked innocently and she sighed.“You scared me.” She said and stood up.“Scared? How?”“Don't worry, I brought you food.” She said and walked to the table, she carried the bag and placed i
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Alexia got to the front of her house and tried to use her clothes to hide the scars on her body so her mother wouldn't question her. She took in a deep breath and walked into the house to see her mother and her friends, she froze and thought of things to say immediately.“She is back.” Chloe said to her mother and she turned to see Alexia.“Mum, good evening.”“Where did you go to Alexia?” “I... I... I was... ““Answer me!” Her mother yelled at her and she flinched.“You said you were going to your friend’s place, are these not your friends?” Her mother asked and she played with the bag she was holding.“And the food with you, where did you take it to?”“Mum, am sorry.” She said in fear and her mother sighed.“Your friends said that you have been going to that mansion, what have you been doing there and who or what are you taking things for?” Her mother asked and Alexia turned to her friends angrily.“So this is about me not going into the mansion with you? Do you think after telling
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A solution?
“It's fine, just get dressed, I will wait outside so when you are done just yell my name okay?”“Why are you going to wait outside?”“Nothing Alex, just get dressed.” She said and he nodded, she walked out and waited for him.She sighed and looked at the hallway, she stared at the chandeliers and paintings. They all look so expensive and it's obvious he is from a wealthy home but why will they abandon him.“Alexia.” She heard Alex call and it snapped her out of her thoughts, she walked in and smiled at him because he finally did something himself.“Come.” She smiled and pulled him to the dressing table, he sat down in front of the mirror and she brushed his hair till it was smooth.“So, about the haircut, you...” She trailed off seeing he is starting to frown.“Sorry.” She muttered and packed his hair, he looked cute and she smiled at him.“Is this how I look like?” He asked as he stared at the mirror.“Yes.”“What is this thing showing my face?”“It's a mirror.”“Oh.” “Yeah, let's g
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Stupid Friends
“Hey, don't cry, it's fine.” Alexia said with a smile and crease his hand.“And don't worry, with time you will get used to the band on your hand okay?” He nodded in response and she gave him the teaser. “Thank you.” “You are welcome.”“And I promise not to enter the bad world again.”“You can't promise that, it just happens okay?” She said and he nodded.“So, let's talk more okay?” Alexia said and he nodded.“How long have you been here?”“I don't know.”“Okay, do you remember anyone?”“Emily.”“Who is Emily?” She asked and he frowned.“Who is Emily?” He asked back and she sighed.“How can I get in contact with your family?”“Family? They left me.” He said sadly and hugged his legs, he started crying and Alexia sighed.“We are never going to have this conversation.” She muttered and stood up.“Come on, stand up.” She said and he wiped his tears before standing up. “What is your name?”“Alex.”“Alex what?”“Alex what?” He asked back and she groaned.“How can you not remember anyth
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