The Worthy Heir's Charisma

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The Worthy Heir's Charisma

By: Raishico OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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What will you do if you find out that you're the child of the wealthiest warlord? Would it be a blessing or a curse? Alex was satisfied with his life; he had an average-paying job at a famous company and the love of his life, Shenna, but his life took a drastic turn when the son of the CEO, Bruce, took a liking to his beautiful girlfriend. Alex was kicked around like a ragdoll, publicly humiliated. Threatened to be fired from work! Until his father came to his rescue. He was given a task: seek revenge on his oppressors! Slowly, the accident became the trigger that would test his resilience as he discovered that being the heir to the Crown family would be the one to haunt his past.


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68 chapters
Chapter 1; In The Tiger's Mouth
"I hate my job..." Alex mumbled while stretching his hands out. He glanced at his office laptop's time. He frowned. Here he was working late again. Seriously, he had to work his a*s off and barely make a living out of it. 'I hope my boss will be pleased with my proposal.' Alex faintly smiles while thinking positively about the future. He will soon achieve a very good result for the company! Suddenly, Alex's co-workers, not too far away from his desk area, shouted out loudly and surprisingly. They didn't hold back their voices. "Go for it! You're the man, Sir Bruce!" "You have our full support, Sir Bruce!" "They would be a perfect couple!" Alex's co-workers were worked up. They were expressing their opinion and full support. At the same time, they show their admiration while casually watching their phones with bated breath! On the side, Alex was raising his brows. What were they doing? For goodness sake, if they want to cause a commotion, they should at least do it outside,
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Chapter 2; The CEO's Son, Bruce
The Lovers Dream Hotel was famous throughout the city; at the entrance, rich couples that came from prominent backgrounds could be seen going back and forth. Suddenly, a yellow-colored taxi stopped at the entrance. A young man with disheveled hair got out of the vehicle; it was Alex. He was mumbling incoherently while biting the tips of his fingers in nervousness."No, I refuse to believe it!" Alex mumbled stubbornly. He wanted to cling to the fact that Sarah wouldn't betray him.Alex didn't notice the sneer that those rich couples were giving him or their remarks about how shabby he looked. He was too busy scanning the people who were eating at their leisure at the table.Just then, Alex's eyes stopped at the two figures.Shenna was far away at the door of the dining room. She held a glass of champagne and cheered with Bruce. They looked very intimate. The moment Alex saw those two clasping hands together, he was furious; he wanted to immediately rush into the restaurant to interru
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Chapter 3; The Betrayal
Alex stood up while patting any dust off his pants, but the man in front of him who asked the guard to "release him" was, surprisingly, Bruce, the son of the CEO. Bruce was standing in front of Alex, with a hand on Shenna's waist affectionately, while his other hand held his latest model phone, filming Alex close for the live broadcast he started on DukDuk. Alex had a broken expression that was mixed with bitterness and hate, as he glanced at his lover, Shenna, in another man's arm. She was wearing a very expensive dress—wasn't that the dress that he had bought for her?He had to break his back and work overtime, spending two months of his salary to barely pay for it, only because she said she wanted it. What kind of man would he be if he couldn't even provide a girl with a dress that she liked? Yet...'How ironic...' Alex mumbled to himself.It turned out that her lover, Shenna, simply wanted this dress to date Bruce, the son of the CEO.Alex could only smile bitterly as he watche
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Chapter; 4 Multiple Charges
After Bruce got the wind knocked out of him.The expensive phone that had been aimed at Alex the whole time falls on the ground while the live feed is still turned on to record what Alex did.Alex didn’t know there were several comments on the live video, and they were anything but good, for example, using words like..."This guy is too violent!" "That's horrible! Why would he do such a thing to the son of the CEO!""How can we have such a disgusting person in our company?"Things like that went on; they were clearly adding insult to injury by questioning Alex's character and his morals and smearing dirt on his reputation.At this time, the restaurant manager came with a bunch of staff. He scowled at Alex, who was sprawled on the ground as security kept pinning him down. Not wasting his time with Alex, who was an eyesore to him, he hastily bowed toward Bruce. "S-Sir, Bruce I apologize for this rude thing, which is misconduct!" The manager profusely apologized."Hmmph, you should
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Chapter; 5 It's You, Bruce!
Chapter 5Alex became undeterred as he gritted his teeth and called for the second time.Fortunately, his colleague answered his phone call. Alex's eyes lit up as he hurriedly explained that he would need 15,000 dollars to bail out.".... Brother Louise, please help me; I swear I'll return the money as soon as possible!" Alex desperately said through the phone; he nearly yelled at the end of his sentence."...."There was a long silence as though Brother Louise was contemplating whether to help him or not. After all, 15 grand wasn't a small amount of money that one could easily fork out. Alex felt like he was stopping on needles as he waited for Brother Louise's response. Soon, Alex heard Brother Louise's voice through his somewhat old phone."Don't call me again, and if you still dare call me again, I swear... damn it, this will get me fired!" Brother Louise's tone of voice sounded nervous as he spoke through the phone.Alex becomes devastated and desperate. He didn’t know what he c
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Chapter; 6 I Finally Found You, Young Master!
The man who got out of the car was none other than Bruce, and as though it wasn't enough, this b*stard even brought his lackeys with him! Alex clenched his jaws; it seems that Brother Louise, his colleague, had already betrayed him...'Look at this pretentious clown acting like a hero.' Alex's brows twitched; he was incensed at this fellow's shamelessly calling Shenna his "woman".Alex shook his head as he adjusted his wild emotions—why was he even getting angry thinking of Shenna?He hated himself for still having some lingering feelings left for her!On the other hand, after receiving that punch from Alex, he had been harboring thoughts about how he was going to teach this mere "nobody" a lesson."I never thought you could get out of jail," Bruce said chillingly while narrowing his gaze. Knowing full well that Alex, who was a beggar in his eyes, didn’t have the capacity and the connection to bail out.That was the reason he let the police department issue a high fee.Yet this son o
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Chapter; 7 The House Of Crown!
"Young master Crown, I finally found you!" The mysterious middle-aged man was a bit agitated as he said those words.What the... Alex was caught by surprise."Um, sir, I think you've mistaken me for someone else. Obviously, I'm not this "Crown" person that you're looking for." Alex forced out a smile as he replied skeptically.'Why would a wealthy middle-aged man with a bunch of veteran bodyguards call me young master?' Alex shook his head in dismissal. Really, he couldn't wrap his head around it.However, to Alex's dismay, the middle-aged man kept insisting that he was the young master Crown. Throughout his life, he had never heard of the Crown family or whatnot.On the side, Bruce, who was observing the interaction between Alex and the middle-aged man, was left baffled.'Alex is a young master? They must have gone nuts!' Bruce scoffed in his mind.At that moment, a sudden thought came inside Bruce's head. Then he let out a wild laugh while slapping his thigh. This was hilarious; he
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Chapter 8; My Son! Childhood Memory
Inside the Mercedes-Maybach car, passing through the high, raised buildings of the city center. Alex took a peek at the mysterious man, Alfred Wadsworth, who was explaining to him that, besides being a head butler, he was also a housekeeper for the Crown family. He further explained that the Wadsworth family had been serving their family for the last century. For now, Alex had nowhere to go, and he wanted to find out if this mysterious man, Alfred, was lying to him or not. This was one of the reasons he willingly entered the car. "Young master Alex, we had been looking for you for a long time! If it weren't for that accident..." Alfred Wadsworth clenched his fist tightly. The atmosphere becomes tense. Alex shrugged his shoulders; he had been an orphan for as long as he could remember. Apart from living in the orphanage, he also ends up in a military camp. His childhood memory of the military training camp was extremely unpleasant. Until this day, it still haunts him like a ghost t
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Chapter 9; Measly Amount Of Money!?
The resounding words coming out of his father's mouth made Alex blink his eyes in doubt, then he spoke. "Inherit the family business? What do you mean, father?" It had never crossed Alex's mind that he would be the owner of a company, and that opportunity was being offered right now by his father for him to manage a company! He wondered if it was a small company—not that he would mind."My son, you can choose any of these companies to manage." Charles Crown spoke with a hint of excitement in his voice. He finally has someone to pass on his inheritance rather than have it deteriorate in someone else's hands.Immediately, Butler Alfred passed the tablet toward Alex, who looked somewhat confused. He neither nodded nor accepted the tablet, but started browsing through it.At that moment..."Huh?" Alex paused as he saw the first company on the list.He couldn't help but tremble as he saw the documents. Celestial Trading Commerce, has a daily revenue of 1 to 100 million US dollars? Alex wa
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Chapter 10; Returning To The Company
Around 6:00 am, the morning sunlight shone right through the window inside the master bedroom. Alex could be seen sleeping soundly while the relaxing breeze caressed his face.Moments after Alex woke up, he didn't immediately sit up, as he was looking blankly at the ceiling. "I'm the Crown family heir...." Alex mumbled gibberish. He scanned his eyes around this mesmerizing room with plenty of space.Yesterday he was too tired to examine the room, but now he could see that he was sleeping in a king-sized bed; the interior and its decor were superb, and it gave off a cozy atmosphere that would make one involuntarily fall asleep! It was welcoming and comforting to sleep, and there wasn't even a speck of dust. The curtains were laced with golden threads. Alex had a complicated expression. Usually, he would sleep in a bed that was as hard as tree bark or concrete; it was just sad.... Presently, he was feeling indignant, at how the rich people would sleep in a place like this every day!I
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