Lost but Found: The Billionaire's Heir

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Lost but Found: The Billionaire's Heir

By: Edna_B CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Junior Smith was regarded as the useless and poor son-in-law in the eyes of all, but then, everything changed, starting with his name "So, I can call you mother?" Junior asked Emily "Of course. You're my son" Emily said "And one more thing" she continued "Your name is actually Mansion Miller Junior" His father, Mansion Miller, was CEO of D'Miller brand, the country's top company

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  • Edna_B


    I want to say a big thank you to all my readers ...️

    2023-12-05 19:04:45
  • JustPea


    Really Interesting read. Wonderful plot.

    2023-12-02 04:21:04
  • Victor Akari


    interesting story....

    2023-03-22 00:51:08
  • Simon Chad


    Great read! Suspense filled and quite dramatic

    2023-03-21 22:10:27
  • Nini Diros


    This book is very interesting. I'm not done yet that's why it's three stars I'm giving which shows how good it is. Keep it up Edna_B!!

    2023-03-25 19:14:47
  • Delinda Schumacher


    69 chapters 5-29-23

    2023-05-30 10:28:49
  • Abigail Bermoy


    so far so good ...

    2023-04-20 09:36:52
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150 chapters
Chapter 1
The time was 4:15 AM Junior Smith was awakened by the sound of his alarm going off. Sighing loudly, he got out of bed, after brushing his teeth, he changed and hurried out of his roomHe immediately picked up his cleaning equipments and started cleaning the living roomAfter that, he went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Junior Smith wasn't the cleaner, neither was he the chef, he was married to Jasmine BanksThe Banks were a really popular and wealthy family in the city. Junior had attended the same college with Jasmine and even though he was really poor, she liked himFew years after they graduated from college, they got married. Things between them were fine, but just for a little while. Jasmine changed and just like the rest of her family, she started treating Junior badly and mocked him constantlyJunior still had feelings for her, so he remained in the marriage. Apart from that, he was really poor, if he left her, he had nowhere else to goAt exactly 7:00 AM, Jasmine walk
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Chapter 2
Junior could hardly contain his anticipation for friday, he was literally counting the days and his excitement didn't go unnoticed by his wifeJunior had just gotten to MacMatthew corporation to drop off Jasmine, as usual, he opened the door for her, wished her good luck and was expecting her to ignore him like she does always, but this time was different"What's wrong with you?" Jasmine asked"There's nothing wrong with me" Junior answered"You've been buzzing with excitement all week" Jasmine said"It's nothing, I've just got a good feeling and it's filling me with hope" Junior replied"Hope? Hope is the fool's ally" Jasmine said. Shaking her head, she continued"It looks like my mother is right after all, you're lousy and always will be" Jasmine said and walked awayJunior didn't allow her words to get to him. He didn't want to tell her about the resumé he submitted, it was going to be a surpriseWith a smile on his face, Junior drove home to complete his chores, he would return la
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Chapter 3
A week later, Junior was pacing back and forth in the parking lot, he couldn't wait for Micah to come out"Hello Junior" a voice called outTurning around, Junior saw it was Elise"Hi Elise, how're you doing?" Junior asked"I'm ok. You're here to pick up Jasmine right? She and our boss have been in an important meeting all day, hopefully, they'll be out soon" Elise said"I hope so too" Junior said"You seem anxious, are you ok?" Elise asked"Yes, I'm just waiting for a really important news" Junior answered"What's that?" Elise asked"It's a surprise, if all goes well, you'll find out about it on monday" Junior replied"A surprise? I can't wait. There's something I wanted to tell you, I heard that there'll be a vacant post soon, I think you should give me your resumé so I can help you submit it on time" Elise said"I don't think that will be necessary anymore" Junior answered"Why's that? Have you gotten a good job elsewhere?" Elise inquired"Not yet. It's going to be a surprise" Juni
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Chapter 4
Outside the building, Junior couldn't believe it, he wept bitterly. He was still trying to figure out what to do next when Elise walked up to him"Hey Junior, are you ok?" Elise asked, she sounded genuinely concernedJunior then proceeded to tell her everything that had happened"I'm really sorry that happened to you. I'm here if you need anything and I don't think you're a loser, you're very smart" Elise said comfortingly"Thanks Elise, you're really kind. But I need to hurry. The Banks wouldn't want to see me in their mansion when they return, I need to get my things from there" Junior said"Alright then. You have my number, if you need anything, do not hesitate to call me" Elise saidJunior thanked her once again and proceeded to walk back to the Banks mansion because he had no money with himWhen he got home, he felt exhausted, he couldn't hold it in anymore and started crying againHe knew Jasmine didn't love him but he didn't expect her to divorce him, she knew he didn't have an
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Chapter 5
Junior was lying on the bed, his eyes were closed and his breathing was steady, he had a contented expression on his faceIt had been very long since he was able to lay in bed without worrying if someone would barge in and demand that he gets up and run an errand or go do some choresJunior was still deep in thoughts about just how much his life had changed when the sound of his phone ringing jolted him out of itPicking up his phone, he saw it was Jasmine calling. He wondered what she wanted from him. Could it be that she missed him?The chances of that being the case was very slim but Junior still felt hopeful. A part of him was willing to forgive Jasmine if she begged for it, afterall, he could give her the kind of life she desired nowAfter a brief moment of hesitation, Junior picked the call"Hello Jasmine" Junior said"Hello" Jasmine replied from the other end of the phone"Hi, how are you?" Junior asked"Don't act like you care. I'm calling to remind you about our divorce. Just
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Chapter 6
"Fiance?" Junior asked. He was really perplexed"How can someone as nice as you be engaged to a man like that?" Junior asked EliseElise was about answering when a voice from behind stopped her"Well, well, look who we have here. Elise and the good for nothing son-in-law of the Banks family or should I say former son-in-law?" Xavier Harkin asked with a smirk on his faceJunior and Elise turned to look at him, he was standing alone"Hi Xavier. Junior and I bumped Into each other and we decided to hang out for a bit, we were just about to leave" Elise explained"For starters, I wasn't even aware that you, my fiance, are friends with this man. Secondly, this is a really expensive restaurant, the likes of Junior can never afford to dine here, which means you're the one paying for everything" Xavier said"You're wrong, Junior paid for everything and yes, we're friends, that's all. And what about the lady you walked in with? I don't see her" Elise said"Junior paid for what? Very funny, I'l
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Chapter 7
Junior stood in front of the floor length mirror in his room. He was dressed in a tuxedo and had an expensive Rolex wristwatch on his wristToday was the day his father would introduce him to the company as his heir, he needed to look the partAfter checking his reflection once more and he was satisfied, he dashed out of his roomHis parents were waiting for him when he got downstairs. After exchanging greetings and having a light breakfast, he and his dad hurried off to D'Miller brandUpon arrival, Junior and Mansion went to the company conference room where all the staffs were gathered, Mansion Miller stood in the middle of the room to address everyone"Dear colleagues, It is with mixed emotions that I stand before you today. After many years of serving as your CEO, I have decided that it is time for me to retire. This is a decision that I have been contemplating for some time now, and I am confident that it is the right one for me and for the companyAs I prepare to step down, I am
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Chapter 8
"It still feels like a dream" Elise Chapman said excitedly to her father. They were both seated in the living room of their modest home"I can't believe I no longer have to go to MacMatthew corporation and deal with Xavier anymore" Elise said "Congratulations once again dear, I'm proud of you" Charles Chapman said to his daughter"Thank you, Dad. I just want to be able to take care of you and mum" Elise said"I know and I'm really grateful to have a self sacrificing daughter like you. I'm really sorry about everything you had to go through with Xavier" Charles said, a look of remorse on his face"It's ok dad, you don't have to apologize. I was only doing my part, I love you and mum very much and I'll do anything to keep you both safe" Elise said"I also want you to be safe as well. Are you sure you're going to be safe working for such a big brand? We already have the Harkin family against us, we don't want to attract more enemies" Charles said, a concerned look on his face"You ha
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Chapter 9
Months flew by quickly Elise and her parents had expected the Harkins to try and hurt them in one way or the other, surprisingly, nothing had happened, so, they decided to carry on with their livesElise adjusted to working for Junior. With her pay, she was able to move her family into a befitting home in a secure area in town. She even wanted her parents to retire but her father said he wasn't readyEarlier, he had gone searching for a job at a renowned bakery and luckily, he was able to get the jobInfact, the bakery owner was really happy to have him work with them, due to his experienceHe was supposed to be resuming that monday, so, Elise decided to take a minute to call and ask him how it was going"Hey Dad" Elise said immediately he answered the phone"Hi dear. How're you doing?" Charles asked his daughter"I'm ok. I'm just calling to check in on you. How's your first day at the bakery going?" Elise asked. She had a smile on her face, even though she knew her father couldn'
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Chapter 10
"A bakery? You intend to get Jennifer Harkin to sell her multi-million dollar cosmetic complex to you, so you can open a bakery for my dad?" Elise asked Junior "Exactly" Junior replied, a huge smile on his face "Think about it. What could slap harder than finding out that a complex you love and cherish was taken from you and given to a man you loathe, a man who you got fired from a bakery? To make things worse, it was converted to a bakery for the same man? A small sized bakery, since that's what your dad wants, Jennifer is going to be bamboozled" Junior said "I don't know Junior, this idea just seems so crazy. I am sure that complex can be used for something better, it's In a very strategic location" Elise replied "Do not worry about it. There's more than enough space there, we can always establish something else later, but for now, the goal is to convert it to 'The Chapman's Bakery''' Junior said Junior and Elise were still going over the plan for the bakery and other importa
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