Prince Charming is a Frog

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Prince Charming is a Frog

By: Alunsina CompletedFantasy

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Fairytales had it, "The princess kissed the frog and the ugly creature magically became a handsome prince." But what if the frog prince's curse can't be broken even with the true love's kiss? Meet Prince Ling, the crown prince of Earth Kingdom within the realm of the shapeshifters. He is not only known for his social status, luxurious clothes, and good looks but also for being a great Casanova. Who would have thought that this handsome prince has actually an ugly real form of a frog? This is the darkest secret that the Earth Kingdom holds up to this day. Will the ladies that fell head over heels for him laugh or cry out of despair? That matter aside, Prince Ling's coming of age is just around the corner yet his father is still hesitant of passing the authority to him. You might ask, what's been holding his majesty back? Well, it's Prince Ling himself. He's a troublemaker, cannot sympathize with his fellow citizens, and lacks the maturity and ability to lead. Little did he know, there's another thing that's holding his father back from ascending him to the throne - he's bound to die on his 21st birthday. The crowned prince's everyday life changed when he met the third princess of Water Kingdom when he was out for "bride hunting". Their fates got intertwined with each other, and the secrets of the past are slowly appearing on the surface. Will meeting the third princess of Water Kingdom help prevent the destined tribulation to be set upon Prince Ling?

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In the realm where the shapeshifters dwell, their world is divided into four great kingdoms.The Fire Element Shapeshifters dominated the Northern region and established their own kingdom. Thus, calling themselves the citizens of the Fire Kingdom of the North.On the other hand, the Air Kingdom has been founded by the Feathered Creatures on the West. They aim to continue their lives in peace and happiness, thus, making a lively Kingdom for themselves.Meanwhile, in the Southern part of the region, the Water Kingdom was established by the shapeshifters of the waters to preserve their silence and detachment from the other elementals. It's been years since anyone last saw a water element shapeshifter. Some say, they probably got annihilated by an unknown enemy. Some say, their ruler doesn't want to interact with them. As to what really happened to them or whatever their reason is for isolating themselves deep in the bodies of water, no one is certain.And lastly, th
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I. Prince of Mischief
Twenty Years Later, in the Earth Kingdom...Prince Ling, the crown prince of the Earth Kingdom, is concealing himself behind a huge trunk of an old oak tree. With a bow in his hand and an arrow about to release anytime soon, he closes his other eye and aims for a pheasant that's quietly pecking on its food.Woosh!The arrow became one with the wind, fast approaching the poor clueless pheasant."Got it!" The prince exclaimed in delight when he successfully hit the target. He carefreely comes closer to his prey with a grin on his lips but it didn't last long. He flinched when a voice of an old man echoed from a few meters."Stop hunting my pheasants! They are livestock! Not wild ones!" The old man exc
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II. Prince Goes Out For A Bride Hunting
"Are you sure there are beautiful ladies around here?" Ling asked his attendant Yang in a low voice, almost whispering. "Yes, your highness. Water element shapeshifters are said to be beautiful creatures. This river is already a part of the Water Kingdom so there must be some water elementals here." The attendant answered. "If they truly are, I'm sure their mortal form is alluring." "Hmm... I see. Okay, okay." The prince nods and looks satisfied. He's really into this plan they came up with. Apparently, the two are out again. Like the same old custom, the Prince drags his attendant along to go in hunting. This time, the crown prince is not after pheasants or any other wild animals. At this moment, his highness' goal is to hunt a possible bride for him to present on his incoming birthday. A few days after the incident they had involving Old Bao, Prince Ling pestered his poor attendant, Yang, to look for beautiful creatures that are fit to be the next q
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III. Prince Went Too Far
The warm light of the sun's rays caressed the face of the water nymph which helped her regain her consciousness. She slowly opens her eyes and finds herself in an unfamiliar place. Wooden floor, wooden walls beautified with flower paintings, and huge beams above. Sunshine enters the hall through the big circular windows. The last thing she remembers is that she is submerging herself in that lonely river alone at night. It's already daytime and it makes the nymph wonder, "How long was I asleep?" Judging from the light that the sun gives, it's probably already sunset. She tried harder to remember how exactly did she come here. That night, she wanted a time for herself to think about the things she has to deal with personally, and perhaps to take a little break from the pressure. The pressure that her own home gives to her. In her earliest memories, she's already carrying the burden of their entire clan. It's quite heavy for this young woman. Just as when she finally gi
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IV. Prince Being Mocked
The cold crimson red blood drips from the water nymph's hand. It's only just a couple of centimeters away from the chalice but she managed to gather her strength in time and was able to move her tied-up feet. She kicked the chalice, causing it to tumble down and the wine spills on the wooden floor. This disconnected some of the lines of the array on the floor that the prince drew himself using a mica. Then the drop of the nymph's blood fell on the floor as well, away from the spilled grape wine. A split-second delay would have sent them to be judged by the Reverend Master. "Oh no."By instinct, Yang hurried to the spilled wine to clean up the mess. Of course, that's his response for he's been serving the palace for more than ten years.Since the array that's been holding them back got interrupted, their elemental powers came back to them in an instant. The nymph took this chance and frees herself from the ropes that bind her. She was about to run away but the p
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V. Prince Met A Potential Antagonist
Pitter patter.The sound of hurried footsteps echoed in the entire corridor of the old castle underneath the deep waters. A woman wearing white robes seemed to be anxious as it shows on her face. Her long snow-white hair slightly flips with her every move. She finally arrived back home and got summoned to the king's hall. Her beautiful and pale narrow fingers tremble. Whether it's out of nervousness or she's just feeling cold, no one is certain.The place is quite dark. Her way is only illuminated by the warm flames of the torches in every meter. Regardless of whether it's nighttime or daytime, it's always been dark. This place is denied with sunshine.She stopped in front of a couple of huge doors at the end of the corridor. She took a deep breath and knocked on the wooden doors thrice."It's me, your majesty."Not too long after that, she heard a response from the inside, "Come in, I've been waiting for you."Only by then did she open one
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VI. Prince Has A Rival
"Does it have to come to this, my king?" The queen of the Earth Kingdom asked her husband that's sitting on his throne next to her. She did not bother to glance at the Earth Immortal and just stared at the nothingness. Her mind is occupied with worry, anxiousness, and extreme sadness. It looks like anytime, her tears would flow out of her eyes.The Earth Immortal didn't dare to glance in his wife's way. If he doesn't, it would only add up to his worries. As the ruler of the Eastern Lands, he needs to remain collected and rational. But these past few months, it's getting harder for him to contain these emotions.He lay his head low, deep breaths in, and slowly breathes out. "My queen, I understand how you feel. It hurts me as well. However, we cannot allow our grief to affect our people. This is our personal problem and it should not implicate the flow of other's life.""I know, I know." The queen lays her head on her palm and closed her eyes. "But my king, have
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VII. Prince Shows Off His Potential Wife
"Good day, your highness." A group of ladies greeted his highness the crown prince and even bowed before him to show their respect.Well, even if our mischievous prince is a little too troublemaker, he is still respected by his fellow countrymen because of his status in their kingdom. If Ling happens to be just an average citizen in the region, he'll most probably get sneered at. His reputation as a womanizer is well-spread so it's quite a foreshadowing.So, these ladies happened to stroll around the town square when they noticed the crown prince walking in the area as well. He is with his attendant, Yang, and a beauty who is still unknown to them. Seeing a new face, the ladies can't help but feel intrigued and a little overwhelmed.Well, it's understandable that they've gone somehow uneasy after seeing Ling with Aloisa. Why? Because almost all of them are Prince Ling's exes. Coincidence? Definitely not. It happens every day. Prince Ling meets at least a couple of h
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VIII. Prince Almost Forgot
In the middle of endless darkness, a faint green light shined before Prince Ling's eyes. Slowly, his body feels lighter and the flow of prowess in his veins is getting better. The pain he is enduring gradually faded into nothingness.Then he realized something, "Pain? Why am I hurt in the very first place?"Eventually, his consciousness in his reality has come to him. He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw is a pair of worried eyes. "Your highness?" Yang is teary-eyed as he is looking down at the prince.Turns out the green light is coming from Yang's palms. Fortunately, he has a skill in healing and is treating his highness' bruise.  This is the reason why the Earth Immortal himself picked Yang to be his son's attendant. He may not be a good fighter but he is an excellent healer. Perfect to be the mischievous' prince's escort. Plus they seemed to be at the same age so they'll get along well. Read more
IX. Prince Introduces His Bride To Be
"Urk! Blegh...""My king! Are you alright?!" The queen is quick to stand up from her dining chair and worriedly rubs her husband's back. "I've always reminded you to slow down when eating.""That's- ehem." The Earth Immortal's eyes are teary as he tried to clear his throat. He accidentally swallowed his food that's not well-chewed yet. "That's not it. It's your son. Did you just hear what he said?"Apparently, the king and queen of the Earth Kingdom are having their lunch at the king's hall together with Prince Ling and their special guest Princess Aloisa.Just like any other usual day, the table is full of freshly picked fruits, a few dishes of newly harvested vegetables from the imperial garden, a glazed pheasant with sweet and mild chili taste, and a crispy fried chicken with caramelized honey and spice.As a refreshment, they are having pure orange juice and spring water. If they only have known that they are having a visitor, they could have prepared
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