Yin-Yang Chronicles; Taeyang’s Odyssey

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Yin-Yang Chronicles; Taeyang’s Odyssey

By: Kingkp OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Reality hits different when the unexpected happens. After his younger sister’s death, Taeyang lives with a promise in his heart: to kill all the demons or die trying. However, in this world where strength is law, he learns it takes more than a promise. So he strives for strength and finds allies to help him accomplish that. But what happens when his closest ally becomes his worst enemy? Will he back down, or will he fulfill his promise no matter the cost?

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14 chapters
Chapter 1.
??? - Taeyang, what are you doing?A voice broke the silence that had occupied the little room. Usually, Taeyang would have been glad to hear this voice, if only it wasn’t just his imagination creating a scene.??? - Come on, tell me, what are you doing?His mind rejected reality; therefore, it created a scene that made reality false. By all means necessary, he wanted to live in this falsehood. His back was against the wall, tears rolled down both his cheeks, and weak sobs escaped the gaps in his lips.Taeyang - Su Yan, I’m crying because you are gone.While he stared at the blurry figure in front of him, he whispered and rejected the false scene he had created. He bit hard his lower lip, wrapped his arms around his legs and sobbed. Should there be a chance to take time back, Taeyang will take it, no matter the cost.Su Yan - Do you believe in reincarnation?The voice from before sounded again, this time beside him. He turned his head to find a figure beside him. Unlike his blue eyes
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Chapter 2.
Taeyang felt the tremors the battle made, though he could see nothing. The dust and the aftermath of the battle blocked his sight, normally he should have been affected by the aftermath but deacon Liu managed to protect him.Taeyang - Is this the strength of a Core formation realm master? In awe of what he felt, Taeyang could only gulp and hoped deacon Liu came out victorious. He knew what ending he would have if it happened otherwise, after all he was just at Qi refinement stage. Only a bit better than a mortal man, he was nothing to cultivator masters. Deacon Liu - Do you intend to remain there forever? Taeyang heard deacon Liu voice from amidst the dust. The voice had anger mixed in it, Taeyang didn’t need a second to get up. He struggled to his feet and faced the direction with the least amount of dust. The vibrations made him stumble but he managed to remain on his feet.Deacon Liu - Ragna take the boy and leave. Protect him no matter what. A ferocious roar deafened Taeyang’s
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Chapter 3.
??? - Oh the new guy is awake. Taeyang opened his eyes to a silhouette in front of him. From its tone he could decipher that it belonged to a man. It took a while for Taeyang’s blurry vision to clear up, he finally saw the person before him. A young man with thick black hair, he looked athletic but not muscular. He had a handsome face that possessed brown colored eyes, a small nose and a mark that ran from below his lower lip to the tip of his chin. ??? - How are you feeling? Taeyang frowned but responded anyway. “Fine, sorry who are you? And where am I?” The young man smiled, yet frowned at him. Taeyang could only wonder what made him frown. However, the young man muttered. “No it can’t be, he is only at the eight stage of the Qi formation realm.” Taeyang - Pardon? ??? - Don’t mind me. My name is Yang Li and you are in the Scarlet Wolf base of the Lost world, otherwise known as the land of the forgotten. Taeyang - Lost world? Yang Li - The outside world calls it the foggy so
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Chapter 4.
Taeyang felt a sturdy hand grab his neck from behind. In the next moment his face smashed the ground. The hand raised him up like a little child and its owner walked out of the hut. ??? - You are lucky we are short of workers, I, Wu Chen would have killed you instantly. Taeyang - Allow me to explain…Wu Chen - If you open that mouth of yours, I will kill you. Confused, Taeyang tried to explain but Wu Chen did not let him. Rather Wu Chen flaunted his strength and swung Taeyang’s body about as he walked. Taeyang felt powerless and weak in Wu Chen’s hand.“What realm is he at? Mid-tier, top-tier, peak?” Taeyang thought. He could tell Wu Chen was at the foundation establishment realm but he couldn’t determine what tier he was on. Wu Chen - We are all working hard to get as much resources as we need to survive the western cold wind and you dare to slack off. I would take you to the deep regions and work you to your breaking point.Taeyang - Senior, please listen…Wu Chen - You court de
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Chapter 5.
Taeyang stared back at the creature that had burst out of the ground. Its long, segmented, large body had dozens of legs on both sides. It had a pair of antennas above its eyes and before its mouth it had forcipules. Surprisingly, Taeyang didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear. Taeyang - I never knew a centipede could be a beast. How strong is it? Manager Xi - Are you foolish? We need to run! Taeyang - Why should I run from a worm? No matter how big it is, its still a w… The centipede charged down at them cutting Taeyang’s words. Dust rose high in all directions and Manager Xi was sent flying out of the dust. Luckily, he had moved away before the centipede launched itself at them and was sent flying by the force. He stood up to run but halted when he heard the clanking of metal on a hard surface. Manager Xi - Is he fighting with it? He couldn’t believe Taeyang had decided to fight the centipede. A loud cry startled him, manager Xi didn’t dare remain, he ran as fast as he could. T
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Chapter 6.
“A white ceiling, I guess I died. How unlucky.”After waking up to a white ceiling, Taeyang acknowledged his death. It had been expected, he didn’t possess the strength required to resist. He let out a sigh and closed his eyes. Though he resented his death, he couldn’t blame anyone but his own luck. Taeyang - I wonder how I’ll find Su Yan. Right, I should prepare myself to face her.??? - Who is Su Yan? Taeyang opened his eyes again this time a little girl with long black hair stared down at him. Her voice sounded familiar and her hair fell over her shoulders and unto his face. Like him she had blue colored eyes. Taeyang - Ghostie?He made a guess and the little girl frowned. She seemed displeased at him. However, she forced a smile and said. “Yes but I don’t like that name, call me something else.” Taeyang - Huh? You died too?She laughed at him and shifted away. Taeyang sat up. He found her on her knees beside him. She had a white and black colored dress on. Taeyang agreed in hi
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Chapter 7.
The duo found themselves in a sticky situation. Their way back had a large blockage and their way forward carried a big risk. Taeyang looked at the centipede and then at the family of rats. Yinyue - What do we do?Taeyang heard her whisper, from her tone she didn’t sound worried. As if she didn’t find the situation dangerous in the slightest. He didn’t know if he should consider it a good thing or a bad thing. ‘The centipede is… is blind. Then it’s the one I fought before,’ Taeyang thought. Taeyang - You can sense the presence around you, can you also sense or gauge their strength? Yinyue - Yeah, I can, can’t you?Taeyang - Not really. Yinyue frowned at Taeyang, she found it weird that he couldn’t determine their strength. He scratched his head and gave a her a wry smile.Yinyue - Most of those horned rats are as strong as you. There’s only one as strong as I am. That worm is almost as strong as me, but I think because of an error in its growth or some eternal force it is weaker.
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Chapter 8.
Yinyue - I see light at the end of this tunnel.Taeyang - Be careful, we don’t know what’s out there. Yinyue - Okay. After several hours, the duo finally made it out of the mine. They stood at the exit (entrance) of the tunnel and received the greetings of the sky. It greeted them with heavy snowfall. They found four huts just outside the tunnel and beyond the huts stood a forest of trees with snow as leaves. ??? - Who goes there? A crude voice sounded beside them. They turned and found an old man seated on the ground. If he had not spoken they would not have noticed him. ??? - Outsiders!Another voice came from their front. Dozens of people stepped out of the hut, and each of them bared hostility towards them. Each clad in thick clothing made from white animal fur and possessed at least one weapon. The men had a black cross on their right cheek and the women had a crescent moon on their left cheek. Taeyang grabbed Yinyue by the hand, and pulled her behind him. Instinctively, h
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Chapter 9.
*****A few hours later, a knock on the front door interrupted Taeyang’s cultivation. Yinyue lay by his side, still sound asleep. He got up quietly, and made his way to the front door. “Greetings sir.”The sun seemed to be setting, and Taeyang found four villagers at the door; three of them ladies, and one, a bald young man. The four bowed and greeted when they saw him. “I’m Mo Yu. The chieftain sent us here,” the young man said. “These are Gu Lan and Gu Yan; they will serve as your maids.”Two of the ladies bowed while Mo Yu spoke. They shared similar facial features, with their only distinctive features being their eyes and hair style. One had yellow-colored eyes and wore pigtails, the other had green-colored eyes and her hair fell freely down her shoulders. Mo Yu - This is my younger sister, Mo Ying. We are both responsible for your protection. The third lady hissed at his words, and Taeyang could tell from the look in her brown eyes, she didn’t like him. Like her brother, she
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Chapter 10.
The morning came in a flash, and a knock on the door interrupted Taeyang. Yinyue opened her eyes as soon as the knock sounded. Her eyes were clear as if she had not just woken up.“Excuse me sir and ma. This is Gu Yan, the chieftain is here to see you,” a voice sounded from behind the door.Yinyue got up, her sudden movements surprised Taeyang, who didn’t know she had woken up. She stretched her body; the bones in her arms, and back cracked. Taeyang - We’ll be there in a minute. Taeyang replied Gu Yan, while he watched Yinyue stretched. When she found him looking, she flashed him a smile.Yinyue - Good morning!Taeyang - Good morning, did you sleep well. Yinyue nodded. Although she had been on guard, she did sleep well. She didn’t let Taeyang know of the killing intent she sensed last night because it had not been directed to them. And because she didn’t want to worry him.Taeyang - Let’s go. She nodded, and the duo made their way out of the room. With her yellow-colored eyes and
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