She’s a ghost

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She’s a ghost

By: Cēē jāy OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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She's a Ghost is a story about a girl named Lisa who was from a rich home,but she lost her father in a car accident. And as a result she was made the heir to all the property her father had as the only child. Lisa who was just a 17 year old girl became a pinnacle of envy from her fathers brother who tried to kill her and take over the whole property. He successfully carried out his plan on trying to kill Lisa,but it didn't go as planned. Lisa instead of dying roamed the world as a spirit. Jay is another young youth who lived as a bachelor in a public compound,as he struggled to become a successful man. One day Jay met with Lisa's ghost… Would Jay help Lisa get back to her body and get back her property Find out as you read " She is a ghost"

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Chapter 1
I opened my eyes as The ringing of my alarm clock woke me up. **lemme just close my eyes a bit** I muttered as I stopped the ringing."It's still 6:37am" I mumbled as I used my bedspread to cover my whole body.***********...Knock knock…. A voice sounded from outside."Who is That person that wants to be unfortunate and wake me up by this time of the morning?" I yelled as I flung up from my bed angrily.I will soon be rich and park out of this damn public compound I muttered angrily as I walked to the door."Yes, how may I help you?" I said immediately I opened the door."Guy if I remember correctly,you said you are going for an interview" Josh mentioned as he looked at me from head to toe…**well yeah I know Josh,he's my guy.We hustle together or I mean he finishes my food****"Yes I do! By 8:00, so I was…." "You were or you are just waking up from sleep" Josh asked, cutting me short."There is still times” i replied as i turned and pointed to the clock on my wall …"What the fuck"
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Chapter 2
Lisa's POV*Still on flashback*Omg am dead I yelled but no one could hear me."You succeeded in killing me you bastard" I screamed running towards uncle Charles to hit him but I ended up phasing through him and falling hard on the floor.I sat there crying my eyes out."The doctor is here"someone shouted amist the crowd, I quickly stood up dried my tears "Can you please help me?, please don't let me die" I begged the doctor who it was obvious he can't hear me as he walked straight to my body."Doctor please is she dead,can you restore her" uncle Charles asked keeping an innocent faced while I glared at him in annoyance.The doctor ran some examination on my body while I looked intently at him"Well Your niece is not yet Dead" he said after All his examinationUproar sounded among the crowd that gathered."Really "uncle Charles yelled surprised as his countenance changed"Yes,but she has a weak heartbeat"the doctor addedI was kinda happy because of the small ray of hope on my survival
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Chapter 3
Lisa's POVI sat down just beside a tree,as my past kept flashing before my very eye's. I can't believe I'm alive but not alive, I can see everyone and everything but no one can see me.I just sat there staring at a particular direction but not taking notice of anything going on around me.My thoughts was disrupted by the sight of a living young boy walking on the road And talking all to himself.."If my problem was a financial problem it would have been better" I muttered to myself."Excuse me,but it not nice to stare at someone like that" the boy talking to himself yelled at my directions,nobody could see me so I just looked around to know who he was yelling at but I didn't see anybody"Maybe his mad or insane" I said to my self as I drifted back to my world of thoughts"Am talking to you" he said again more seriously this time, pointing at my direction as i looked around again perplexed"Me??" I asked confused,because nobody could see me"Yes you,it not nice to stare like that" he
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Chapter 4
Jāy POVBuzz…. BuzzThe continuous buzzing sound of my stupid alarm clock woke me up from my sleep,just when I was having the most amazing dream I ever had.With just one hit on the alarm clock the buzzing came to an end."Stupid alarm,waking me up this early" I mumbled as I covered my head with my pillow. I just seem to ignore the fact that I was the one that set the alarm to wake me up but gosh it just so hard to wake up early.I stood up from my bed still wrapped in my old duvet I dragged myself to down from the bed to say a short prayer which includes mumbling some words and I was done praying.I stood up stretched my body and finally opened my eyes as the sun rays found it way into my dilating pupils, my eyes caught sight of the bibles I places all around my room.*seem like it worked* I thought, today seemed like a good day cause I just feel happy.Nevertheless it another day of job hunting cause I'm dead broke right now, and I don't even have anything for breakfast."Dad you ca
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Chapter 5
Jāy's POVI can't believe I'm seeing this girl again. "Am I going crazy or what"I thought"Bring the rope fast ooh" josh kept screaming as they tried to pin me down but I kept struggling to free myself"Can't you see her?" I asked pointing in her direction,but non of the could see her."Please am not here to hurt you"she said as she walked slowly closer to me."No no stay far away from me" I yelled as I freaked out the more,but she still came close,I had no choice than to bite one of the person who held me tightly as I freed myself and ran speedily to my room with the hope that the bibles will help save me from any evil spirit following me around.I locked the door behind me immediately I got in even shifting my cupboard to barricade the door for added assistance.I heaved a sigh of relief as I turned,but was shocked to see her standing behind me."What do you want from me you evil spirit" I screamed immediately as I picked up one of the bible from the ground and pointed it towards he
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Chapter 6
Jāy's POVAll I felt was chills as the ghost girl corrected most of my answers in the interview by whispering the answer to me."You can give him the answers now" she whispered in my ears,I obeyed as I weakly gave him the the sheet. "You can go, we'll call you" he repliedI stood up confused,as I walked out of the office with the girl following me quietly.I got into an elevator to take me downstairs and she followed me."I thought I told you to quit following me around,I can't help you" I finally summoned up courage and said"Is that how you'll appreciate me for the help I offered" she replied ignoring my question, I felt kinda guilty,yeah she helped me but that doesn't change the fact that I don't want her around me."By the way I didn't ask for your help in the first place,you just showed up and did what no one asked you to do" I replied in a harsh tone. She opened her mouth to say something but kept quiet without saying a word,I just kept silent too as i waited for the elevator to
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Chapter 7
I laid back on my bed contemplating on the next decision to take,because right now I was beginning to feel as if josh was right….what if I'm truly going insane I thought or what if this is the plan of my village people all these I thought as I laid on my bed,but just then an idea hit me as I sat back down on the bed."If I am to help you, I'll have to know everything about you,even were your from and your house" I said with a serious face as I looked straight into her eyes as if I could read her thoughts"No problem, if you want I can take you to my house"she replied with her eyes still fixed to mine not even blinking a bit, I got scared a bit of her direct stare into my eyes and so i shifted my glance"Okay then take me to your house" I said as I stood up and she followed suit but the door barged open as hefty men stormed into my room"Look at him,his the one" josh said as he barged in with the men,pointing at me, I quickly dived towards my window in a bid to escape through it,but th
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Chapter 8
Cēē jāy POVI cough as I tried to breathe but the tight grip of the man on my throat made it hard for me. I glanced slowly to my left to see Lisa the ghost girl screaming and panicking"What the I get myself into" I muttered between hard coughs and gasp for air"What going on here" a voice said and the man quickly left his grip on my throat as he turned quickly to the direction of the voice. Lisa walked up to me as she mumbled some consoling words while I coughs hard struggling to breathe"Sir I caught this kid eavesdropping on your conversation on caughtphone" the man that tried to strangle me saidI looked up at the man from the floor were I knelt as Lisa's uncle walked up to me slowly and menacingly towards me."What did you hear kid" he asked with a killer tone."Tell him that you just came in when the guard saw you, that you didn't hear anything" Lisa whispered to me"I didn't hear anything,I just came here when he caught me" I repeated what lisa told me Uncle Charles POVI look
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Chapter 9
The smile on her face was priceless and jāy couldn't help but stare "what!! Why are you staring at me like that" lisa asked blowing off the strand of hair that covered her face…"You should smile more" jāy replied grinning. Lisa blushed as she turned to avoid his stare "You seem pale" jāy asked and lisa turned "huh ??" Lisa mumbled as she touched her face. "The first day I saw you,you looked much better" jāy explained. "It might be because I've been away from my corpse,I have to return to it or be near it to feel refreshed with life,but I can't find my body" lisa replied as her eyes fell sadly Her sad countenance had a toll on me "we'll find it "jāy said trying to comfort her "But how,we don't even know were to start, even my wicked uncle can't find it" she replied as tears dropped from her eyes "I don't have much time left again" lisa added Jāy just sat silently wishing he could do more to help, he was even more confused not knowing were to start to search for her body, but hi
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Chapter 10
Jay could feel the piercing gaze of Charles on him. it was as if the man could see through him, read his thoughts. he focused his eyes on the ballpen in his hand as he fiddled anxiously with it. He was lost in this nervous state until Charles walked past him and he let out a sigh of relief. Charles walked forward, took out his phone from his pocket and messaged the receptionist. “Who is that boy seated opposite your desk, in the waiting area?” Charles texted. The receptionist saw the message and looked towards Jay’s area before replying the message; “It’s a new employee sir, he was hired to work with the production team” The receptionist typed hurriedly so as not to keep him waiting. Charles had walked into his office and was waiting patiently for the Reply from the receptionist. Ball of sweat formed on his head as he was lost in thought about discovering Lisa’s corpse before any other person finds it and now this boy surfaces, something just doesn’t add up. “He knows something,
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