Rise of the Useless Son-in-Law

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Rise of the Useless Son-in-Law

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The beautiful and charismatic, Hestia Taylor, the loved 7th daughter of the strongest awakened man on Earth, falls in love with a seamless nobody, Roger. Convincing her father after many difficulties, Hestia marries him with a condition that Roger had to inherit their family name and live with them. Roger, who didn't have any idea about the harsh world, enters the Taylor household, not knowing the sufferings he had to face there. There he finds that the children of the Taylors were nothing short of monsters! Being a matrilocal son-in-law, Roger was constantly humiliated! He was humiliated for being powerless and of common origin. But Roger endured it! From verbal abuse to physical beating! He endured everything all for the sake of his Love! As such three years passed by, along with Roger becoming famous as the Useless son-in-law of the Taylors. He was tired of it! He was fed up with all this humiliation and disgrace! that's when he decided! "No more!!" He took the weapon and jumped into the dungeon thinking, "It's better to die in a dungeon than living this useless life!", not knowing that he would awaken the 'Vengeance system'!! All who humiliated him, be prepared, The raise of the Useless son-in-law of the Taylor family was about to start!! --------- Join discord for updates, link: https://discord.gg/rQWSBzCPjy ---***---


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Chapter 01 - Useless Son-in-law
--------- Death with Dignity is better than Life with Humiliation. ---------- “Do you see that, It’s him!” A group of women holding glasses filled with red liquor, in what seemed to be a banquet hall was gossiping about something. “You mean that handsome man over there?” A fellow among the group said, signaling her eye at the man who was sitting far into the back of the main table of the banquet. He was quite a handsome man, who seemed to be in his late 20s, with dirty blond hair, pitch-black eyes, and a cleanly shaved beard, he seemed to be very charismatic. “Yeah! He is the one, The Use-less Son-in-Law of the Taylors!” But the things that were being said about him were not so sweet for the ears. “Apparently, he was a commoner that lived in the slums, not only that, I heard that he wasn’t even awakened!!” The gaze of the people changed as soon as they heard that! Their gaze which was appreciating his handsome and beautiful face a minute ago turned into a cold and contempt-f
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Chapter 02 - Love is Blind!
"Uggh!!" A man who seemed to be in his late 20s, with dirty blond hair, pitch-black eyes, and a cleanly shaved beard woke up holding his head! By the look of it, he seemed to have woken from a terrible nightmare. "Where am I?" Roger slowly got up from the bed he was laying on, looking around himself. He was inside a huge room with a luxurious bed, on top of which was lying. Everything in the room looked rich and lavish! Be it the tea table near the window or the matrix on the floor, everything looked luxurious. The cleanroom which was free of even a speck of dust was painted in white and golden combination giving it a gleam of royal characteristics! Some may even think of it as heaven! But Roger's face paled seeing his surroundings! Beads of sweat started to form on his face! This place...it was nothing but hell for him! "I am here again?" He said, trying to get out of bed. But before he could, the door of the room opened as a green-haired young woman entered. "Ah! Master,
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Chapter 03 - Awakening
Roger who came out of the luxurious car, stood marveling at the dungeon portal that has formed in the middle of a forest. It looked like a pitch-black space covered by blue energy! “This marvelous portal could very well become my grave…haha” He said sarcastically, giving a wry laugh at his own fate! The driver he bought was still standing in the distance as he ordered. Actually, Roger told him to go back but the man refused, saying it was his duty to take him anywhere he wants. “Hestia, Linda, and this stupid driver…. My life isn’t completely bad I think” He murmured as a smile that unconsciously found its way into his face. Even in the middle of all his sufferings, there were some kind and honest people because of whom he could endure that hell. He was getting emotional remembering the past... But suppressing his further thoughts he walked near the portal, there were some people from the ‘Awakener’s Association’ that managed the portals! As soon as they saw roger, a man ca
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Chapter 04 - Hestia Taylor
"Uggh!!" Roger woke up holding his head as a sharp pain was still lingering in his forehead region. "Where am I?" He slowly got up from the bed he was laying on, looking around himself. A huge room with a luxurious bed, on top of which he was lying. The same old room that he remembered, which was uselessly rich and lavish! Be it the tea table near the window or the matrix on the floor, everything looked luxurious. The cleanroom which was free of even a speck of dust was painted in white and golden combination giving it a gleam of royal characteristics. But Roger's face paled seeing his surroundings and Beads of sweat started to form on his face for a different matter than when he felt it in the past. This place...It was his own room!! "Why am I here again?" He said, desperately trying to get out of bed. tap!tap!tap! But before he could get out of bed, he heard the hurried steps of someone coming near his room! Just from the footsteps, he knew who it was, his anxiety-filled
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Chapter 05 - The vengeance System
(Back to when Roger was in the Dungeon!) Roger rubbed his eyes two to three times seeing a black window that popped out in front of him out of nowhere. “What the….?” A black window with golden-colored words was hovering in front of him. Ding! [The User has reached level.1] He still couldn’t believe his eyes. “What the hell is this?’ He repeatedly swung his hand in the air, checking if he was dreaming. “Did I finally go crazy” He himself was having doubt, that if he had gone crazy or something, but no matter how much he tried to deny it, the window in front of him was still there! “I finally awakened!” Unable to control his tears, he finally burst into tears! “Damn!" Words weren’t coming out of his mouth at his happiness! All this time the humiliation he faced! The criticism and the dirty gazes he got… ‘Wait for me bi*ches!’ He didn’t even know what to do but he was sure of something… “I am gone f*ck you all…..” He screamed as loud as he can, releasing all his frustra
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Chapter 06 - Meeting with Father-in-law
(Back to when Roger and Hestia were having a conversation) "Dear...You Awakened? are you joking now?" A look of disbelief appeared on Hestia's face as soon as she heard Roger saying that he has been awakened! She knew that Roger wasn't a man who would joke on serious matters like this but even then, she asked if it was a joke. Roger in turn didn't say anything but gave a warm smile. Roger was expecting her to be astonished. He thought she would be shocked at his awakening and would be happy, but what happened wasn't something he had thought of! Tears rolled out of her scarlet eyes as her face turned red, Roger who saw her starting to cry again got agitated... "Dear...why are you...ok...ok...calm down...Calm down..." He was confused as to why she started to shed tears again all of sudden. was she unhappy that he awakened? that's impossible, she would be happier than Roger himself, then why...? "You...! Did you go to the dungeon putting your life at risk to awaken? were you th
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Chapter 07 - Vincent Taylor
The strongest man on Earth. The guild leader of the Number one guild. Head of the Taylors. The Merciless Blade. He was called by many names. He was the man that stood at the forefront of humanity, fighting the dungeon creatures constantly and ensuring the safety of countless humans. His name was Vincent, Vincent Taylor, the strongest! When the Great crisis happened in 2010, He was the man that stood to protect humans. He constantly engaged in fights, cleared dungeons, and slashed off the monsters, all while recruiting reliable and strong members to stand beside him. He took down the Red Dragon, Igneel, after fighting for five days and six nights, which got him the title of Dragon Slayer! Moving forward, he created the guild called, "Guardians". With the support of his wife and colleagues, he managed to overcome all the difficulties that came his way. Taking down everyone that stood in his way, by any means that was necessary, he bought the 'Guardian' guild to the position o
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Chapter 08 - Are these skills really useful?
(In the room of Vincent after Roger left)A butler was pouring wine into the glass for Vincent.“This is a wine called, Heavenly pleasure, apparently it is made of the dungeon grapes that were recently discovered in the S- rank dungeon that our guild raided”, said the butler still pouring the wine.Vincent took the glass taking a sip.“Ah...! It’s too sour, I wish it was a bit sweet”He kept the glass of wine on the table, “I think I would better have the wine that was fermented for a decade rather than this!”“It seems you are unusually in a good mood today, Master”The butler said taking the cup away.“You can say?”“You never turn down alcohol if you are not in a good mood, and you seem to hate having bitter things when you are in a good mood”Vincent smiled at him “Hmm..10 years ago I believed that having bitter things will what mature you…”He looked at the portrait of the woman which was kept on his table, “But now that I think about it, why did I think of having bitter things w
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Chapter 09 - A New adventure begins!
_____________ Age: 25 Class: Witch Type: Skill-based Rank: C Title: Heir of the fallen warriors.------ Strength – D Agility – E Endurance – D Intelligence – B Perception – C ------ The descendent of the warriors who once fought on the front line against the invading monsters, She has a deep grudge against the ones who destroyed her family. It would be better of you to not try anything funny with her, one skill and that will all be needed to send you to the afterlife. _____________ _____________ Age: 25 Class: Assassin Type: Physical Rank: C+ Title: Heir of the fallen warriors.------ Strength – C Agility – B Endurance – B Intelligence – D Perception – C ------ The descendent of the warriors who once fought on the front line against the invading monsters. A naive and kind child who became twisted due to the horrible things that he had to face, though he doesn't look l
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Chapter 10 - Back to home
Atop a hill, a bit far from the city in the countryside was a house that stood alone amidst the grassland-like landscape, and not far away from there was a calm and beautiful lake. A mother duck was swimming in the lake with a dozen of ducklings on its back, from the front of the house to the nearest connecting road a path, there was a road made out of rocks giving it a touch of aesthetic beauty. Shortly, a luxurious-looking car, which was actually the newest model of Rolls Royce Phantom, arrived at the scene. A man wearing a typical dress of a driver who came out first opened the back door of the car, and out of the car, descended a man with dirty blond hair and pitch-black eyes. It was a long journey, It almost took a day of journey in the top model car just to reach there. stretching his body after getting out of the car Roger looked at the beauty of nature in front of him! "It isn't anything like how it used to be' he said remembering that old and worn-out house that he used
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