Princess Of The Land Of Light

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Princess Of The Land Of Light

By: Ochel Fuadi Updated just now

Language: English

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Flora is an introvert girl who has just lost her sister for a week. Feeling that something was wrong. She looked for the truth. Until one by one the signs emerge revealing the tragedy behind her sister's tragic accident. Apart form knowing that her sister had killed her, it truns out that someone had made Flora realize that Lorenza and Jonathan were her not real parents. The old man, whom Flora had always thought was good, turned out to be the mastermind behind her sister's murder plan. That someone is the Luna Fairy, she tells that Flora's life is also in danger if she stays in the same house with Lorenza and Jonathan who have evil powers. Until one day, the Luna Fairy brought Flora's spirit to travel to meet her parents who were said to live in the sky kingdom. There, Flora knew that she was a princess from the Kingdom of the Light Nation, whose name is Princess Anastasya. She met her mother, Queen Castalia who often come to her dreams. But did not meet her father because he had been imprisoned for twenty years in the Kingdom of the Fire Nation ruled by the abominable King Lagarde. King Lagarde was an enemy of Flora's parents who had exiled Flora and her sister to earth twenty years ago. He was also the one who had made Flora lost her memory and believe the Lorenza and Jonathan were her parents, even tought they were King Lagarde's accomplices who were both-devil hearted. There, Queen Castalia assigned Flora the task of freeing her father, King Valderman. Because only Flora could to that. But it's definitely not easy, because Flora must restore long-lost strength to get throught the eight realms of many obstacies.

25 chapters
Mysterious Woman
Flora was pensive in front of her bedroom window. The girl who a few days turned twenty years old was staring blankly outside the house, as if she saw the shadow of someone walking hand in hand there. She felt there was a missing part of her body after the death of her sister a week ago. Understandably, Flora is an introverted girl who is accompanied by Rose—her sister.Also oddities invaded her mind to this day. Because when a doctor tried to save Rose by needing some blood gourds, Flora and her parents didn't have the same blood type at all. Everything is different.Flora did not dare to ask her parents about the difference in blood types. She, who is mostly silent, is used to only accepting prohibitions and orders. The rest if she want something or there is something she want to convey to her parents, Rose becomes the intermediary.A few questions popped into her head. Is there something wrong with the blood type results? Or is it true that Flora and her sister are not the biologic
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New Students
Flora felt like a dream, even though she knew she wasn't asleep. everything happened in an instant. This is very strange. Was it because Flora had been thinking about Rose all week? So he was hallucinating so high? Flora shook her head. Trying to forget what just happened which he thought was very miraculous. Then immediately return to the campus park again. She sit in the original place and read the book that had been cut off. But oddly enough the black paper was still in his book, and that meant what he had just seen was … real."Flora?"Not far from her place, a woman walked over with a cheerful expression. It was Morin, in the same class with her at medical school. Even though Morin knew that Flora was an introverted girl who wasn't too fun to talk to, but for Morin, Flora was a good listener even though she was curt at answering."Who did you go to college with?" asked Morin as she sat down next to Flora."Simon."Morin smiled. She knew that Simon was the driver who used to drop
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Different Energy
Xander nodded. After he grasped Flora's hand, his body not only regained its composure, but also felt an incredible coolness."Women's sentimentality is wrapped by the sense of taste, which is sharper than men's. Makes medical science unsuitable for women," Professor Gilbert quipped to the unconscious student.Everyone seemed to be still holding their breath."Besides bones, the human body is supported and moved by muscles. Muscles work on the orders of our brains, so if you believe you can become a doctor, please show me the location of the radial nerve." Professor Gilbert explained by asking a question. "You!"Grazelle pointed to herself. "Me, Professor?""You know the radial nerve?"Grazelle was silent. As she recalled in the discussion earlier, Professor Gilbert did not explain about the radial nerve. Maybe she missed the material when she was chatting with Xander earlier.Still not answered by Grazella, Flora raised her hand. "The nerve leading to the thumb." The answer is sure.
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Message From Fairy Luna
The morning passed, Flora walked to the car after visiting her sister's grave. There were no tears, only regrets because when Rose left in the middle of the night to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine for her, Flora didn't hold back. If only Flora had not had a headache that night, surely this tragic accident would not have happened to her sister.A moment.Flora remembered that she had a headache after the family dinner. Flora ate with oyster sauce prawns which only she herself ate. Because Rose is allergic to shrimp, and her parents don't like it.Is it because of that?Did Nania make the wrong cooking or did someone intentionally put something in the food?Again, the mysterious woman's message popped into her head again. Does this have anything to do with her parents? It seemed too evil if Flora to have to trust that mysterious woman, rather than her parents who had cared for her for years.Instantly Simon's car swayed. They didn't know what had happened, but at the same time Flora
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Start Looking For Evidence
Flora who had arrived at the room, briefly saw Xander outside the gate. Immediately she closed the window curtains, feeling annoyed. Because she doesn't like being followed or spied on.Feeling the room was quite messy, Flora cleaned it up and separated the dirty clothes. She put it in the basket and gave it to Nania who was cooking in the kitchen.On the living room couch, Flora saw her mother watching an American drama television series. To find more accurate evidence, curiosity prompted her steps to approach her mother. Flora sat beside her, engaging her in a conversation he wasn't used to. She informed that the semester fees must be paid immediately. Even though the payment limit is still long.Jonathan, who had just finished swimming from the pool beside the house, approached the two of them. His hands were busy drying his wet hair with a towel. Then the man who was still fresh in his old age threw a towel on the sofa and called Nania to take it.Flora, however, happily carried t
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Taken Away To The Palace
"What do you mean, Xander?"Xander fell silent. Simon also looked displeasedly at Xander who prevented Flora from leaving.Xander didn't know, whether there was a whisper from where that made him quickly say 'no' earlier. As if what he said there was someone guiding. But his heart did not refuse, he confirmed it. Something bad would happen to Flora if she left."I'll be waiting in the car, Flora." Said Simon then.Now Flora was staring intently at the man before her. "What do you really want, Xander? Yesterday you forced me to admit I'm not human, where did I come from. It didn't stop there, without my permission you followed me home. And now, you're saying there's something wrong with my house, full of evil and darkness. What's next? Aren't you tired of constantly bother of to me?" She insisted.This was the first time Xander had heard Flora speak at length. Not just one or two words give an answer."I don't know what kind of evil aura is in your house either, but with time, everyt
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Just a Dream
"Are you really my mother?"No answer. There was only silence as Flora waited for an answer."Are you really my mother?" Flora repeated her question.But still the same, quiet. Even a gust of wind swept across her face. Flora blinked, opening her eyelids, to see that she wasn't in the royal palace. But still here, in her room right above the bed.Is this a dream?Flora looked around, nothing had changed in her room, but what surprised her was that her bedroom window was wide open. Still remember how Flora came out of that window, climbed onto the rug with a strange woman and carried her through the ball of light into the beautiful sky palace.Turns out this was just a dream. But Fllora felt her dream was real, more real than she was feeling right now. But if it was real, how could it be from a palace that was that far away, suddenly Flora was in the room again in the same sleeping position as before. Strange.Flora looked at the clock that was perched on the wall, her eyes long enough
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Necklace That Has Evil Power
"What evil power? Please don't make it up, Xander." Flora denied."Where did you get that necklace from?"From my mother!"Xander didn't continue any more questions. He chose to leave to stabilize his body. As long as Flora was wearing the necklace, Xander couldn't get close to her during that time. Because the strength of the necklace she wears is very strong.Xander became curious about the background of Flora's parents. Where did the necklace actually come from? Because necklaces that have supernatural powers can only be obtained from the supernatural world, not the real world.A week passed, as usual Flora spent her days confined to home and campus. There are no special activities other than that, just books, books and books. Slightly, she felt that something was missing from her life.About Xander.Yes, the man who often annoys him with his unreasonable chatter, now never approaches Flora again, even if it's just to say hello. Maybe that was what Flora wanted, but now it felt so
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Paternity Test Results
Flora was currently on a journey to the hospital. This was the first time she had brought his own car without Simon escorting him, because this afternoon Simon had permission to pick up his cousin at the airport who was going to work together at Flora's house to be assigned to the lawn mowing section. When her parents left the house, Flora immediately rushed out because at the same time the hospital had informed her that the paternity test results had been released. Flora had to hurry to the hospital and get home before her parents returned home. Flora looked at the necklace lying on the dashboard of the car, for some reason after removing it from her neck, there was a feeling of relief that suddenly made her comfortable. Flora didn't understand. "This is the result." A nurse handed a file to Flora who had just arrived. "Thank you." Flora sat in the waiting chair. Opening each sheet before she finally closed her mouth in shock in disbelief. The mystery woman was right, Lorenza a
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Trapped Before Free
Lorenza who was already at her house was furious, in front of Simon and Nania she slammed all the things in the family room. Unlike Lorenza, to vent his anger– Jonathan just made an annoyed face with his fists tightly clenched as his eyes stared intently at the driver and his housekeeper."My Dear Sir, Madam. I really didn't know that Flora was out of the house. When the car was heard to leave, I thought Simon had come back and kept her company." Nania said. Honestly she was very afraid to see his employer's tantrum.Lorenza and Jonathan, who were usually kind, turned evil in an instant. Simon and Nania didn't really understand why their master was this angry because of Flora's departure alone. If they were worried, there was no need for them to go on a rampage like this.With anger running high, Jonathan beats Simon up. Two blows had already made the man collapsed with blood coming out of his mouth. The pain was so excruciating, it had taken away the energy in Simon's body. His head
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