Esper From The Ring Of Frozen Dragon

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Esper From The Ring Of Frozen Dragon

By: BaDiPra OngoingFantasy

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A boy named Kidnagan lost his memory and had to go through a series of unfortunate events until he was taken in by a group of bandits. But that's not where his story ends. As he grew older, he discovered that he possessed superpowers that surpassed anything known in his era. But as fate would have it, his group planned to take over a massive city. It was then that Kidnagan had an epiphany about the fragments of memories from his past. He realized that there was a world full of secrets waiting to be uncovered. Slowly but surely, he started to unravel the mystery behind his memory loss. With each passing day, Kidnagan discovered more clues that led him to the biggest secret of all: the word "ring" and its connection with the universe. And he refused to give up until he uncovered the truth behind it all. All of this was to be able to restore his memory so that he knew his true identity.

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31 chapters
Chapter 1 The Incident
In a world where most people are superpowered, bad things often happen that go unnoticed. However, Kidnagan's bad childhood story was different. Everyone in the Land of Lenka Kingdom and Artshimmeri Kingdom knew about it.It wasn't because Kidnagan came from a famous family, but everyone knew what Kidnagan had done after he lost his memories of life.***In a small village in the Land of Lenka Kingdom, Kidnagan was found sitting pensively in the pouring rain by an elderly couple.Kidnagan thought that the two elderly people were his parents. But when standing in front of the door of a building, Kidnagan realized something was wrong.When the door was opened by a man dressed as an orphanage officer, Kidnagan realized that the two elderly people were not his parents.On that rainy evening, Kidnagan officially became one of the residents of the orphanage.Kidnagan spent day after day feeling empty. Kidnagan didn't care anymore if he was abandoned by his parents.Although a nobleman came t
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Chapter 2 Conquering Aslup City
In the paranungsa world, there are two types of people who have superpowers. They are esper and witch. Any human can become a superpower user known as an esper. However, most humans cannot reach the starting point of becoming an esper. As a result, some impatient humans will use instant methods. Armed with treasures as offerings to Holy Beings, they obtain powers similar to those of esper magic. Those who make contracts with Holy Beings for the sake of magic power are called wizards commonly known as 'mages' which means magic power users.About a thousand years ago, the group of continents known as the Ring of Frozen Dragon experienced a period of humanitarian crisis that greatly affected the harmony between Esper and mage. At that time, the kingdom called Land of Lenka, known as the tarnisher of the ancestral covenant, declared the extermination of mages throughout the continent.The queen of the Land of Lenka kingdom Alice D Lenka, who had been taught from childhood that mages were
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Chapter 3 Conquering Aslup City Part 2
The three hundred troops in front of Erdan immediately moved.Various explosions were heard everywhere. At the front, Aslup City's troops seemed to be mocked by the enemy because long-range magic attacks were always matched with similar magic attacks. Even worse, their attacks were weaker until the bandits managed to break the battle formation. Nevertheless, they still tried to organize their attack patterns to avoid close combat.Even the esper of Aslup City, who were experts in close combat, could not take any steps. Although Esper were known to be stronger than mages, but they could feel that the bandits' attacks were on a different level than the average mage. Many of their comrades even fell when provoked to face off one-on-one.Explosion after explosion rang out relentlessly. The mages of Aslup City suffered considerable losses. If a magic attack in the form of a fireball or a bandit's ice spear hit the ground, the explosive effect could make them nauseous or give them nosebleed
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Chapter 4 Her whisper
Kidnagan washed his body in the river near the campsite. Despite being covered in blood, he was completely unharmed.Unlike the other bandits who chose to 'vacate Aslup City', Kidnagan didn't seem to care and chose to avoid the crowd.Despite being quite far away from Aslup City, Kidnagan knew exactly what was happening there. Kidnagan's body could emit waves naturally as if he could see the surroundings without the need to use his eyes.Beheading, burning alive, or blowing someone up, Kidnagan knew all the events that were happening inside the Aslup City Fortress.Now the bandits were herding all the citizens out of Aslup City. About twenty thousand people including children and women were told to gather at the place that was previously used for fighting. Of course, hysterical screams occurred everywhere seeing thousands of Aslup city soldiers die so badly.Saber laughed out loud seeing the residents of Aslup City pale as if they couldn't believe the chaos today."Hurry up and get th
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Chapter 5 The Secret Room in the Library
"Saber, can you let go of this girl and her entourage?" asked Kidnagan still in a sitting position without looking at the other person.Saber adjusted his seat and looked at Kidnagan's back. "This is a departure from my plan. Your request is too merciful.""What if I take this girl, and you take the women there too?" asked Kidnagan as he looked at the group of women about to be executed."Kidnagan, believe me, we are not willing to take nobles as slaves or wives.""I want this girl."Saber changed his sitting position again and brought the fingers of both hands together on his lap. "What if we sell the women who are not taken, to the Land of Lenka kingdom as slaves. This is not against my original plan. This way, the ferocity of our group will spread more quickly."Kidnagan looked at the girl before him. "That's all I can do. Do you accept it?"Aretha replied with a nod and wiped away tears.Saber exhaled a sigh of disappointment. "In that case, let the maids offer them first. The res
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Chapter 6 Planning for defense
Kidnagan opened the window and let Aretha keep crying. Not a word came out of Kidnagan's mouth as an expression of apology or regret.A few moments later, two women arrived. They both guided Aretha to take a bath. One person took a wooden bathtub while the other stretched a partition board so that Aretha was comfortable not being seen by Kidnagan. With magic that could bring warm water, the two of them bathed Aretha.Not as scary as imagined, Aretha was actually treated so well by the two women. Not only was she dressed in a beautiful gown, her brownish-black hair was gently combed, and her face was made up to show a beautiful impression worthy of the princess of Aslup City."Follow me," Kidnagan ordered.Not knowing what fate awaited, Aretha seemed to resist walking to the eastern region of the city. She was traumatized to see the place used as a battlefield because her father and brother were killed there.The large number of farm animals that were now in the open land was one of th
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Chapter 7 Before the day of the attack
Aretha woke up and realized Kidnagan was not in the room. "My Lord? My Lord, Kidnagan?"Kidnagan was suddenly squatting at the open window. "The servants would be confused if they didn't see me."Aretha was confused at first, but after two women entered the room, Aretha understood. Just like yesterday, this time too Aretha was treated like royalty when starting the day. After bathing and changing clothes, Aretha and Kidnagan started the day with breakfast.Time went on until the day changed several times. Aretha still hadn't found any signs that she would be treated like a common slave. The day she had was too beautiful for a slave.Kidnagan was even just busy keeping quiet. Instead of trying to raise the vibrations, he opened the memories of the books that had been scanned using his power. In silence, Kidnagan read various books in search of something that could restore his memories.The day before Aslup City was attacked by Kinjang City, Saber along with several aides came to Kidnag
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Chapter 8 The Move called Devine Needle
Aretha woke up with a troubled face. She hurried over to Kidnagan, who was still standing and kept gazing at the mountains of the southern region. Since lying in bed until she woke up, Aretha kept thinking about the fate of the people of Kinjang City that she knew.When she was close enough to Kidnagan, Aretha knelt and prostrated herself. "My lord, will you spare the lives of Kinjang City's troops? They tried to attack because they didn't know how powerful we were.""Saber will not spare the man who made him an enemy. However, I will try my best to spare Kinjang City's troops," Kidnagan responded without looking at the other party."My Lord, give them all your mercy. Please, My Lord... they—""Aretha?" Kidnagan took off a necklace of high authority. Kidnagan then told Aretha to put it on.After receiving Kidnagan's instructions to enter the palace, Aretha instructed the servant to inform Saber about expanding the safe distance for troop deployment.Saber, who was having breakfast, rec
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Chapter 9 After the genocide, the boy will...
Saber burst out laughing. The only person who could laugh like that was Saber. Not only the 4th-level mages were breaking out in a cold sweat at the horrifying scene before their eyes. Even the 5 Executives standing near Saber also felt the fine hairs all over their bodies showing fearful reactions. In the thick dust haze that still filled the air, people's hearts wanted Kidnagan to die from that horrifying move.No one dared to speak when they saw Saber sit down again. Saber's fingers crossed over each other in an attempt to hold back the shaking of his body caused by excessive shock. This was the first time Saber and everyone else had seen Kidnagan not hold back in attacking the enemy."Raise the flag!" Saber ordered to no one in particular.However, several mages magically pulled out cloth scrolls until they unraveled. The scrolls revealed letters of gold thread that formed the words 'SABER CITY'. The large inscription that now adorned the fort was a declaration that Aslup City had
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chapter 10 Distribution of spoils
Morning came; Kidnagan woke up and saw Aretha still asleep. He opened the window and sat facing the bed. For a long time, Kidnagan stared intently at the rims of Aretha's eyes, which were red from crying the whole time.Aretha woke up and immediately sat on her knees and bowed her head before Kidnagan."My lord, forgive me for sleeping so long," Aretha said."I'm sure you slept late.""I apologize for lying, my lord."Kidnagan changed his sitting position to lean forward. "Why didn't you kill me?"Aretha gasped and stared at Kidnagan. The tears from the blue-iris girl flowed again. The question Kidnagan asked certainly weighed heavily on her resolve. Aretha desperately wanted to do so, but she had a strong reason behind her loyal attitude."I am a woman," Aretha said. "My heaven lies in obedience. I'm not going to do it. My mother told me to obey whoever is my master.""If there is such a thing as heaven, you deserve it."The two did not interact for long. Kidnagan let Aretha cry until
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