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By: THE MAD AUTHOR OngoingFantasy

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Five humans from the planet earth. Has been chosen by a group of cosmic aliens known as "The Intergalactic Warlords" to save the blue core from getting into the wrong hands. To acheive order and verse stability, these five heroes must team up to fight evil, protect the universe and prevent the blue core from going into the wrong hands. But when chaos strikes, their force is threatened and power must be owned by one, but who would that be?

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    Nice book.

    2022-06-23 18:25:31
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December, 6th, 2021NEW YORK CITY The splendid city of New York was the first thing that was placed in view. The smiling Sun was next, as it shone brightly on the decked roofs of the magnificent buildings that filled the entire city of New York.Flashy cars of varying size and colors were the third viewing matters as they moved swiftly on the asphalt with little or no driving noise, occupying the air.Pedestrians as always, were seen moving to and fro with casual dressings for some, while the others were either donned on black suits, or other attires. Market suppliers were busy with works, as different selling companies, paraded the market with all kinds of goods, whether perishable or non-perishable, and we get to see as people kept rushing these goods to a point that even the marketers were becoming restless, surrounded with hands from all directions. It was a busy city and indeed, a home of opportunity, just like it is called.ARIXONA RACE FIELD 02:32 PMThe whole field was occup
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°NEW YORK CITY. °Arixona: 03:10 PMArixona as known, is a sub city in New York, situated in the coolest part of the city. It was surrounded by valleys and Mountains, with waterfalls situated at every corner of the mountains and valleys.The city was large, and filled with industries, houses, forests, farms, market villages, hospitals, game centers and various outlets that one could ever think of.A white Toyota Camry droved out of the asphalt, into a big compound via the big black gate that opened own it own will. The car drove slowly into the compound, swiftly turning to the left for a reverse, then by turning to the right, it moved into the garage as it stopped completely, and the lights died off.The door to the drivers seat pushed open, and a man who was holding a golden cup in his hands, walked out of the car revealing to be Daniel; the racer. He sighs, then dusted his shoulders as he smiled at the award cup he was holding. He jammed the door to the car and pressed his thumb on t
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ANDROMEDA GALAXYArtif Solar system | Planet Uwe'iPlanet Uwei, was one of the five remaining planets in the Solar system, after their Sun died. It was the last before the last planet, and it outside was covered with dark green auras that looked like a protection against external forces or something like that. The planet had a blurry sky on the inside, with countless golden clouds that gave a space of 2fts from each other, sky creatures paraded the sky and we can easily get the glowing effect of the cosmic machine, radiating its remaining energy into the planet, but its was just for the meantime.The Creatures that inhabited this planet were unlike anything we have seen in history. They were humanoids, red scaled skin, blue bulgy eyes, bald heads, long ears, and large nose that could seize the whole oxygen in existence. They were tall, with an average height of 8 fts, and they moved about in the planet, dressed in black leather armors and a red helmet that partially covered their face
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NEW YORK | Arixona.10:34 PmA red car was moving on the empty lane that had few other cars occupying it, as it was dark and many, might have gone to rest.The car was classic, as it glasses were tinted, and it tires were unique with red rims all over it. Mr Oscar, was seen occupying the driver's seat, as his left hands were placed on the steering and the other on his lap, his head slightly moving to and fro due to the rhythm of the Afro beat, playing not too loud in his car. He was tired of driving, so he decided to activate the ''Automatic driving Mode'' before he folded both hands and watched outside as the car began to drive automatically.He suddenly sighed, leaning forward, and stretching his right hand to pull a bottle of wine, he popped it open and began to drink without using a cup. He drank till there was nothing left in the bottle and on seeing this, he angrily threw the bottle out the window, before leaning his back on the drivers seat. He was obviously disturbed by someth
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