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The second part of the hero series: Vincent Miles: And the Fist of Fire. The adventure continues for Vincent Miles and his heroism.

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“What do you mean the potential to become a pillar? That doesn’t make sense, pillars are powerful beings, they are selected by the President himself as they also serve as the guardians of this world and its continents.” Vincent argued.“Technically, yes.” Jonathan answered.“And with their strength and powers, they are given a city or a land that would become their own realm or territory. They also have a certain power that allowed them to be on their current position. So, it’s not possible for me to—”“You doubt yourself too much, Vincent. Besides, you do not need to have that power anymore. Becoming a pillar does not mean that you have to be the most powerful, as it is sometimes acquired through merit.”“But—”“Anyway! Let us proceed in this training. You have got to finish this before your mission begins.”Despite his curiousness, Vincent just nods as he has no choice here. Him becoming strong before his mission is much more important that what he is about to ask. Jonathan then beg
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The next day, Vincent is now outside the prison and is on his way back to work. He trained for 3 more days with Jonathan, but duty calls him now. A limousine came to pick him up and he is now on his way to the airport where a private jet is ready for him.As usual, the hype is on as he arrived at the airport. He signed a lot of autographs since he didn’t want to—a scream then echoed throughout the airport. Vincent closed his eyes and felt the vibrations all over the place, that’s when he detected it. He simply stomped his foot and rocks suddenly incapacitated this man running out of the airport. It seems that this man just robbed a couple. And now, the couple are barraging him with kicks.“Ma’am, let them take care of this. Sir, please take this man to the police, thank you. I’m late for my flight.” Vincent says as he then walks away and boarded his jet.He arrived at the central continent once more and is entering his sister’s headquarters.“Unacceptable! Totally unacceptable. For da
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The next day, the first part of the mission commences. Invisible reconnaissance drones are hovering above the gambling center, and some of the informants have now infiltrated the place undetected. Vincent and Jessica are now wearing their disguises and they are now riding a limousine so that they would look expensive before entering the red carpet. As they reached the red carpet, the door of the limo opened by itself. Vincent was the first to get out of the vehicle. Wearing this fancy white suit, a long-haired silver wig and some sunglasses. He helped Jessica get out of the vehicle. She too is wearing a fancy suit, but the makeup is what made her even more beautiful. All of that is Angela’s responsibility, and it was perfect.“What? Are you just going to stare at me or continue with the mission?” Jessica asked.Vincent snapped out of it as he offered his arm at her and they walked down the red carpet. They reached the security, and they are quickly asked about their identifications,“
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“Now, do you have a plan on how we are going to contact them?” Jessica asked.Vincent looked at the ceiling as he has nothing in mind right now. He looked at his AC which will not help since it is also connected to the local network of the area, which means that it can also be intercepted. And then, another came in mind,“Does this thing have that?” he asked himself then looked at Jessica “Do you have an Advanced Communicator?”Jessica sighed, “Of course! I’m a noble too, you know. Everything expensive are somehow own by us.”Vincent nodded, “Well, I can’t quite remember the features since I wasn’t listening to Romeo back then.”According to Jessica, the AC has almost an infinite features. Everything is advanced up to its very strap. However, the notable ones are the holographic calls, danger sensing and alerting, and then the less hassle transferring of goods and sort using a space.“Brilliant! Get a piece of paper and a pen, we will write Violet a letter!” Vincent smiled.“Letter? D
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Every single detail of his childhood, Vincent remembers. He doesn’t leave out anything, he knows what happened and that is all part of his memory of the past. His happy past. After Alvin was blinded, the manor was in shambles. Jameson was finding ways on how to cure his son from the blindness, but according to Margarita, there is no chance that Alvin would regain his sight as the chemicals have severely damaged the cells and his eyes that it is beyond healing. However, Jameson begged Margarita to use her powers just to heal him. Which she did without results. It only made Alvin’s feelings worse as it already is. They were there for him. The whole Miles family. They guided each step he made and tried to train him to adapt to his blindness. And at one point, Alvin gave up on becoming a hero since a blind hero can’t possibly strive in the heroes world. But Ben was the one who pushed him further. And one day, while Alvin was training his combat, Vincent accidentally wondered into the trai
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After eating ang some retouching, Jessica and Vincent went down the lobby to eat some lunch. Although Jessica is still full because of the heavy breakfast she ate earlier, they still need to blend in. She is still surprised, though. Because despite having some rough hands when it comes to fighting and stuff, Vincent has an incredible touch when it comes to cooking. He is the best compared to the cooking of his sister—which sometimes end up in a disaster. One time, Violet was cooking dinner at HQ, she ended up burning one floor of the HQ because of that. It’s not that she is insulting the cooking of her captain, but yes, Vincent is much greater cook than Violet. No wonder he is loved by his family. The two are now at the dining are. The aroma of high-end food hit Vincent’s nose. And even though he just ate breakfast and is practically full, his digestive system somehow increased and his food earlier got digested quickly. They sat down at the middle of the dining area and all of a sudde
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With the two heroes already inside the bank, their main purpose will now take place.“I would like to make a withdrawal.” Jessica calmly demanded to the bank teller.“Name, please.” The teller says.“Jessica Parker, Noble section.” Jessica replied.The lady teller was surprised, as this is the first she will be handling a noble class transaction.“Please head to the VIP room. The manager will be there shortly with you, thank you.”Jessica also thanked the teller as the two of them went on their way to the VIP room which is at the end of the hall and near the entrance to the vaults. They entered the room and sat down on the couch. After a few minutes of waiting, the manager of the bank arrives and sat across them,“Miss Parker, or should I say, future Mrs. Phoenix.” The old man says with a smiled on his face.“Harold, stop with it. There are a few months before our wedding, don’t rush things.” Jessica says as she shared a laugh with the manager.“How much are you going to withdraw now?
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After getting the money, the two went to the VIP section of the gambling center where the bosses are waiting for them. Vincent placed the briefcase on a coffee table and the bosses opened it. They divided the money for them 3 and they were oh-so-happy to hold 50 million GAMs in that instant.“The investment is secured. Please give us the address of your place and we will—”“No, bring it up to my room. Even if I trust you, confiding the exact location of my business will have my privacy be invaded. I hope you understand.” Vincent replied.“Oh, sure! Good thinking. In case there’s a betrayal, there won’t be anything that would lead your enemy to your place. Great thinking of your first defensive strategy.” Yuji says.“In any case, the products will be given to my room, thanks for the smooth transaction. Until our next negotiation.” Vincent then shook the hands of the bosses one by one.Jessica and Vincent then went back to their room to think of their next move. According to Jessica, th
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“Are you stupid, huh?! You just got us in a predicament! Do you actually think that the others would be dumb and just assume that Pedro left? What kind—”“Don’t worry, everything is planned from the beginning. I will not do that if I had no precautions. Trust me, I fried the cameras from the inside. Every single one of ‘em.” Vincent assured Jessica who is now freaking out.Who wouldn’t be? Vincent just took down one of the most infamous criminals in the world and cut his head like that, his men will definitely take action. Not to mention the fact that the two of them are in an important mission right now. So, one mishap, and everything is over. And what Vincent did is something what an idiot would do. His reasoning of doing it is correct, he just served justice, however, because of that they are put into a tight spot and Jessica couldn’t even think of something to make an excuse of Pedro’s disappearance. It is because of what Vincent did, they are going to make the other bosses suspic
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Vincent and Jessica went back to their suite and what Four-Eyes did not expect, as soon as he closed the door, Jessica jumped on him and hugged him tight. His back slammed on the door behind him. Jessica was shrieking in joy,“You’re a genius, Vincent! You truly are!” Jessica celebrated.Vincent turned red. Not because he is suffocating, but because this is the first time a girl is this close to him. Not to mention the fact that he has a…that adds up to his excitement. Jessica finally let go and just jumped around the room happily.“If others were to handle this mission, we wouldn’t get this far—”“We can’t be sure, Jessica. Fast-paced actions tend to have terrible consequences. However, I am just happy that my plans worked out. I didn’t expect us to be that close with the other bosses, and I only ever planned on doing these burning cameras act, but with us being close to them, it just gave me more ideas on how to pull this act off. Now, off to our next ones.” Vincent replied.Jessica
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