The Golem Mage

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The Golem Mage

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Alec was reincarnated in another world where magic rules, he was confused at the discovery of how things turned out, but he was in for a more longer ride when he found out he was the bastard son of one of the top family in the capital, the blaze family but they have never admitted to him being a part of their family so his grandfather took care of him till he reach the age to become a mage, funny enough when his grandfather transferred the family ancient secret to him he never took it seriously until he open his system, from there he started his journey to one of the prestigious magic academy in bid to become the strongest mage and protect those he loved and have cared for him expecially grandfather who was hopinghe would make the glory of golem shine again.


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33 chapters
Alec Gordon
it was another day again at the Gordon's compound and my name is Alec I will go quick with the explanation, I was reincarnated after I had a nasty motor accident trying to save an old lady but who would have thought the gods would give me another chance by reincarnating in another world about 14 years ago.I found out later that I was in young master and only remaining heir of the Gordon family, actually my name bloodline comes from the blaze family but the family was one of the top family of the capital and has never claimed me as part of there family, from what I heard my father never really married my mother, he was just a young master out for training and fell for my mom's beauty and used beautiful words to sweep her off her feet while impregnating her before returning back to his family after his training has been completed, without even caring to inform my mom.When my mum found out she was pregnant with me it was already late cause he was already long gone, she tried to reach o
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Day of Awakening
Finally it is the day of Awakening again for the Gordon clan, once every year the children that has clock 15 years old and above are allowed to use the orb of awakening to awaken their magic powers.Only after the awakening the mana joints in the body with the help of the orb of Awakening could anyone dream of becoming a mage, lucky for me I just became 15 years old few days ago and was before the Gordon family Awakening day and not after if not I'll have to wait another year before I would be able to awaken the mana joint in my body.Very soon noise was suddenly heard from the front of the crowd, the Commotion was so much that even Alec who was hiding at one corner could not help but notice it, he looked over and saw his grandfather the Gordon family patriarch and his brother the grand elder of the Gordon family coming down from the High seat they sat, the look of excitement and surprise could be seen on their face as they made their way over to the spot where the Orb of Awakening was
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One of the Big 3
the moment he was called, Alec walked up to the platform where is the orb of Awakening was placed and looked at straight at orb but the more he looked the more he felt lost as he was mesmerized by the dazzling sight of the orb."Place your hand on the orb and concentrate on it, the orb would do the rest " the instructor standing there said.Alex placed his two hands on the orb of Awakening following the instructions of the instructor, before he knew, he felt a cool flow of energy enter inside his body through his palm, it was at that moment he knew the awakening has begun the flow of energy spread to every spot, joint and place in his body cleansing him, he even almost felt out great desire to moan in satisfaction but was able to mumble out a groan instead.The effect of the energy in him made him feel like he had use an elixir to cleanse all his impurities his body have accumulated all this years, the energy then went went back to his palm passing there straight back into the Orb of A
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( Alec Pov )" show off " I said to the old man the moments the Golem let me off from his big arms"whatever" he reply back to me not wanting to be out done by his grandkidit was Clear he wasn't in the bit ashamed of show off he just displayed at the Awakening hall." well!!! you gave me quite a surprise I never expected you to have a dual element, where they are both high affinity for that matter " he added" is that supposed to be kinda a big deal " I asked back" well in the big family not really but her in a mid tier family, it certainly gives you the right to cement your position as the young master of the Gordon family, after now you will see the will only follow you, in this world which seems to be losing g his heavenly laws we are better united than apart " my grandfather said" well am glad if that helps with there opinion about me I was starting to think the hate me " " Nonsense!!!, well aside from that let bygones be bygones after all after today you would be groom to be
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Double techniques
Alec waited for 1 hour for the system to open and he was certainly not disappointed because after one hour later the system came back online showing a status panel with a picture of Alec at the side of it like all those games system he had always played in his past world[ Status Tab]Name: Alec Gordons》Race: Human》Level: 0》Tier: 0■ Exp till next level : 0.00%/100[ Attributes ]》Strength: 5+》Agility: 5+》Endurance: 4+》Mana: 0+Affinity: Earth (high)+, Fire(high)+available points : 5( bonus )System points: 0[ Shop ]》Weapons 》Rare Materials》Crystal 》Refinements[ The rest options are still locked based on user low level ]Alec quickly understand the system because of its game like features." Alec the grand elder asked for you to be called to the training Hall" Alec heard someone talking to him from outside his door." I will be right there very soon " he replied back to who ever has been sent to deliver the message.He could hear the footsteps of the boy retreating so he go
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First golem
when Alec got back home he sat in a meditative position, very eager to try out the mana circulation technique he just learnt.After all the grand elder made sure to inform them that the faster the accumulated mana the faster they would promote to a tier 1 mage[ spiral force - basic mana circulation activated lv1 ][ mini hole - basic mana circulation activated lv1 ]the moment Alex started using the mana circulation techniques he noticed two different colours drifting towards him, being curious and all he stretched his handthe moment his hand came in contact with the colour he felt refreshed[ mana increased by 1 ][Exp increased by 1 ]a smiled blossomed on his face when he say he was in the right path but when he remembered he still had to accumulate 99 more experience before he could move to the level 1 made him realise he has just startedHe equally assumed when he got to the next level he will become a lower-tier magehe classified those colour lights moving towards him to be t
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The shock Alec brought to the younger generation
The next day Alec woke up feeling more refreshed than ever, and he looked down only to find out he was still in a meditative positionHe sleep off while meditating and practicing his double mana circulation techniques and it seems to have a good effect on himAs he felt refresh more than he has ever felt before, he stretches his body as he yawns he looked and saw that the golem he created yesterday was still at a defensive position taking a stance to protect him in case of any danger that might occursAlec nodded his head at the level of intelligence this newly crafted golem possess he stood up and started moving towards the Gordon family training ground from what he heard yesterday every member of family from the younger generations are going to be taught basic combat techniquesNo matter if they were interested in walking in the wizard path, the Gordon family still wanted to give them a shot at protecting themselves after all the top academy exams where just around the corner. The
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Combat training
After sending the other kids away since they had to train, only Arthur remain by his side" so what's this behemoth name" Arthur asked expecting a cool nameBut he could literally see visible question marks over Alec's head ^_^" The fuck don't tell me you have not named that cool golem already cause its clear it's a special one after all it's your first golem" Arthur explain his point vividly" ohhh I never thought that far" Alec said as he looked at the big golem thinking of what to name itHe then turned towards Arthur like he just had a great idea ^o^ " what about fatty?" Alec asked Arthur And the face Arthur used to look at him was like his face was saying " what the fuck is wrong with your naming senses" " let's name it titan the based on the fact its big and its your first, this domineering name should resound more, right?" Arthur asked Alex as he turned towards his friend for confirmation Alec just sighed "i think I will go with the titan you chose, I can't even deny it sou
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horde attacks
It was two weeks after Alec grandfather got to know about him becoming a mage,he was term as the genius of the Gordons family as it took the rest of the dual elements kids a good one week before they were able to step into the realms of tier one magesThe family younger generation was now starting to look more promising with alot of young mages joiningBut while some of them slacked off at there training because they finally became mages, Alec didn't even take a day off his training as he made sureHe did his combat training in the day and practice making golems in the night, his grandfather even gave him a space pouch as gift for being the first to breakthrough among the younger generationHe gladly accepted it even if he knew it was just an excuse for the old man to spoil him againHis efforts in training also paid off since he was able to bring the level of his basic combat skills to level five[Basic combat skills -lvl 5( 45/500)]He also improved his golem creation skill and was
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Titan's strength.
" move to the south gate fast" the patriarch said to the clans members got closer to the central gateThe Gordons family member just took a slight turn and moved there even Alec was suprised to see his grandfather waiting there for the familyHe wasnt really aware that he was not the one leading the charge when they left the family compound before, but now he cooled down to think about it properly he realisedThat the old man must have been in a meeting with the City lord and other power house family leaders in the cityAnd it seems they already agreed the Gordons family would be protecting the weaker South gate,The Gordons family member quickly arrived there and they quickly climbed the gate and spread around the walls in order to cover any gap so the zombies wouldn't exploit any openingThey allowed the younger generation of the Gordons family to stay at there behind watching their back as they killed the zombiesthe patriarch just kept on levitating i
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