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By: HikaruKira Ongoing

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A conspiracy begins in the sky in Los Angeles - the land of lost angels. It created a terrible tornado that swept the life of Daniel Lopes and those around him. Daniel suddenly becomes an essential target in the terrible battle between humans and the 'blood-sucking zombies' New Zombie. The CIA, the FBI, the LAPD, and the North Star Lighting Company all suddenly turned into satellites revolving around Daniel. His relationships with beautiful, talented, and dangerous girls quickly make his life more complicated than ever. Daniel and the others kept thinking that the New Zompire 'biological disaster' was manufactured. That's why they try to trace it to where it all started - Flight LBNY013. But the more he investigates and learns, Daniel realizes that everything is not as simple as it seems. And then, he also had the opportunity to encounter a supernatural force behind the 'New Zompire'. Between family, love, and the quest to save the world… Daniel will only be able to choose one. How will he decide?


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On September 1, 2022, at Long Beach Airport, the number of passengers was highly sparse. This is a rare sight ever seen.A male flight attendant sighed as he looked around and winked at a nearby female flight attendant. He whispered loudly, making her smile, and the two quickly walked into the flight lounge area.Flashes of passengers floundering on long benches flashed past the male flight attendant's line of sight. He quietly disappeared into the private aisle to enter the plane.Not more than thirty minutes later, the passengers of flight LBNY013 began to move inside the cabin. The flight attendant raised her eyebrows, looked at it, and then said to the male flight attendant: "It seems that today's passengers are not much different from our crew."The male flight attendant smiled and kissed her forehead lightly. He began to move to the lounge area and prepare a few things needed to serve the flight. Seven guests also sat quietly in their seats without forgetting to complain about t
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Los Angeles is entering the most beautiful time of the year when thousands of yellow flowers have bloomed on the busiest streets here.Los Angeles is still immersed in the gentle rains with the vibrant scent of spring, just like the lifestyle of this city itself to the people here.Los Angeles is a young, enchanting city, with apartments, buildings, and centers ... sprouting like mushrooms after the rain, making the people below the road surprisingly small. A man in a gray vest is riding down the street in a shiny Maybach.His face was bold because the sunlight spread across his dark skin but did not diminish his romantic charm. The car whirled through the gridded streets of Los Angeles. He finally stopped in front of a small shop.Daniel Lopes - Mexican - handsome face but always exudes a 'low credit line' look all over his body. He was a sluggish guy with an extreme love of freedom. That's why Daniel always chooses unstable 'freelance' jobs. But in return, he will also have enough f
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The Oval Office at the White House became a bit chaotic when incumbent President of the United States, Payton Odom. After receiving the Pentagon called, his face became extremely uncomfortable.Payton looked at his Senior Assistant and asked him: “I have something to ask you. What if our America is attacked again?"Payton's Senior Assistant thought for a moment before quietly replying: “We'll stand up and respond well. But how do you know we might be attacked again?"Payton smiled at the Senior Assistant and said quickly: “Maybe… I hope so too.”After President Payton's words, suddenly, from outside, Secretary of Defense George Hawkins rushed in with a series of White House agents.George bowed to Payton and said quickly: “The Department of Homeland Security has raised the alert to red. Flight LBNY013 has landed at Los Angeles airport. You need to enter the security vault immediately! We'll take you to the President's Emergency Operations Center."President Payton looked at the Senior
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That night, Daniel Lopes also chose an outfit after more than two hours of struggling in the room. He tried to look as unsmiling, as bad as he could be.At least Daniel avoids being associated with a dead body in the street. Daniel walked out of the house and pondered bitterly to himself if Naomi would ask him for anything else.Daily prayer to God has gotten Daniel Lopes off to a pretty good start tonight, so he's right to be under the illusion that Naomi Williamson will give himself a little surprise as some signal clear so he could get her to bed right away.Daniel dreamed that at last, after nearly twenty years, his small… but not very small baby could be taken care of by someone else's hands.Of course, it had to be from another girl, not his rough right hand. Because of that illusion, the smile remained forever on Daniel's lips from home to the dusty gray meeting place of the suburbs of Los Angeles.Naomi Williamson made an appointment to meet Daniel Lopes at a half-Mexican, hal
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Jamarion's expression filled with delight as he saw the gloom that enveloped Daniel. Jamarion Massey laughed like crazy: “Now save the best words for our wedding ceremony. Naomi will choose for you a neat and decent outfit. That day, come and find a girl! Don't handle it on your own anymore, Daniel! Let your boy find something new, not your hand. God bless you!”Jamarion felt so good that he downed his glass of wine and tried to throw another one to his heart's content. Naomi Williamson continues to talk about her auspicious and romantic marriage journey with Jamarion Massey.The long trips and the warm and sweet honeymoon that Naomi paints make Daniel uncomfortable. Naomi Williamson's and Jamarion Massey's smiles were embedded in the faint food smoke like an earthquake that struck Daniel Lopes's heart.Very soon, Jamarion Massey grabbed Naomi Williamson's hand and pulled her outside because a phone call that seemed quite mysterious had darkened his face. Daniel Lopes didn't notice, b
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Daniel Lopes feels extremely surprised because, with Millie's ability, it is natural that she can get any job in the CDC. However, he did not expect her to be the Deputy Director of NCEZID. Not everyone can sit in that chair.Millie Williamson turned to Daniel Lopes with a look of confusion and regret. She grabbed his shoulder lightly after the LAPD opened the barricade: “Daniel, at first, I thought this place was a suspected outbreak, but… you see, both the FBI and the CIA were there. So I don't think it's wise for you to go in here."Daniel Lopes didn't think but immediately responded with an angry expression as he had just eaten two kilograms of chili.Daniel said: “Naomi just gave me the wedding card, and you will throw me out here like a piece of trash after dragging me here from home? Millie, you're so… looking down on me."Millie Williamson didn't have time to say a word when suddenly, from behind him, a female voice rang out in a crisp New York style mixed with a bit of Texas
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Celine Hendrix suddenly slammed his fist on the table, making a sound that made the rest of the people's eardrums vibrate: "Jack, get rid of all your rubbish desk papers! We're dealing with more than a dozen lives, and God only knows what happened on that damn plane!"Celine took a deep breath and continued: "If you don't give me all the data, I'm sure I'll have to ask for full command here. Don't throw our good relationship in the landfill at Langley. Until then, I'll find a way to shove you in Hoover's ass! You wretched bastard!"Jack stood up, gritted his teeth, looked at Celine Hendrix, pointed his finger at Celine's face, and warned: "Don't threaten me! More than anyone else, you know this is in the national interest, right? Celine Hendrix! Who are you serving? Your country or your self-esteem?”“Both of you are still my guests! CDC, FBI, and CIA have no official documents on this case. So this place is still my home ground.” Danny Hurst stepped between Celine Hendrix and Jackie
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