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In 2050, the earth faced the most terrifying effect of global warming as Antarctica's ice sheets started to melt, thereby shrinking some nations into the deep blue sea. Charles participated in the International Summit for Global Warming, and his Polar Geoengineering Project won the bid. However, Noah's girlfriend, Dianne, publicly announced that Charles raped her. Charles became a subject of public shaming, and he has been stripped of his position as department head of technology innovation. Noah took over the Polar Geoengineering Project but failed to make it work. The world leaders decided to migrate all the people to Mars using Noah's Mars Exploration Project. But Charles will do everything to sabotage Noah's plans, as his main objective is to eradicate all humans from the face of the universe.


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A problem with the sudden melting of Antarctica's ice in the year 2050 led to the total submersion of some nations. As a result, scientists from all over the world competed to find a solution to the severe issue brought on by climate change.One of the participants was Charles, a famous scientist from Avalon. Because Charles is regarded as a top scientist in their nation, his best friend Noah pushed him to partake in the competition.Charles devoted his whole life to serving his country.Before Charles joined the Technology Department of Avalon and hired Noah as his assistant, the two of them became friends while still in college.At 7 p.m. in the evening, Charles had his dinner at the cafeteria with Noah who did not order food and just watched him eat. Nobody was eating except for Charles and he felt worried for his best friend."Why don't you order? Aren't you hungry? You must be so stressed out!" asked Charles.Noah gently curled his lips into a smile and responded. "No, anyway we
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Charles sat down next to Dianne and looked at her. "Noah was really lucky to become your boyfriend, Dianne!"Dianne glanced at Charles while stowing her telephone in her pocket. "Hi Charles! You appeared to be under a lot of stress. I hope it passes quickly."Charles let out a frustrated sigh. "Yes, we have to catch up. I'm sorry if we are required to work overtime!"Dianne grinned. "It's fine with me and I don't see anything wrong! By the way, I'd like to invite you to my birthday party this Sunday if you don't-""Of course, I just want to rest somehow," interrupts Charles. "I also don't want Noah to be stressed out! Don't worry, when we finish our project, he will have a lot of free time and you can spend time together!""I'm glad to hear that!""Do you want to go to the cafeteria first? It would take some time before Noah could return here. Although I am not forcing you to go with me! I just don't want you to be bored waiting for your apprentice boyfriend!" Charles held Dianne's wh
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When Noah and Dianne's eyes collided, they already knew what was coming next, the aggressive kiss they only do when it's just the two of them. Suddenly the traffic subsided so Dianne returned to her seat. Because Noah is used to driving a car, he only used his left hand to drive, while his right hand was crawling on Dianne's legs. After a while, he squeezed her hard so Dianne reacted to his aggressive behavior."Be a little gentle," said Dianne. "You are already hurting me!"Noah immediately removed his hand from Dianne's legs and sighed. "I'm terribly sorry, my hand moves on its own. Anyway, am I going in the right direction?""Yes, just go straight, when we are at the second stop light, turn right and you will immediately see the hotel I am referring to. They are open 24 hours a day and the hotel rooms are great yet not expensive!"Dianne anxiously gripped her seatbelt as Noah increased the pace of his car. Their first ever argument as a couple started over his careless driving.We'
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Tomorrow morning, Noah didn't come in because he was too tired from what he and Dianne did who was still sleeping on his shoulder. Suddenly, his phone which was on the table beside their bed alarms, rang.He forced his eyelids to open and glanced at his phone. His spirit of being sleep vanished when he saw that it was already 9 am in the morning. He got off the bed and scooped his clothes lying on the ground.Dianne was still asleep so Noah had to wake her up by kissing her neck."What is going on?" asked Dianne as she felt ticklish.Noah grinned. "Good morning babe! It appears like you are wearier than I am. I just got up and didn't realize that it was already nine in the morning. Charles will be mad at me if I don't come to office!"Dianne was about to get off the bed when she felt discomfort between her legs. Being devirginized seems to be hard for her."My legs hurt, I think I couldn't stand up yet, so go ahead and go to your work!""Are you nuts? Why would I leave you in that sta
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Sunday night when Dianne's birthday party was held at her house. She wore a simple skirt and sleeveless shirt. She didn't put make-up because her invited friends couldn't attend and apart from Noah and Charles.Cake, beer, and only some of her favorite foods were ready that he had cooked himself. At exactly 7:30 pm someone rang the doorbell at her gate.Dianne smiled as she expected Noah to be the first to arrive. But when she came at the door, she saw an expensive sports car.She turned her gaze to the knocker and saw Charles in corporate attire. He had a gift and a wine in his hand and was smiling when he saw her.Dianne stomped her feet towards the gate. Because he is the one he and Noah often talk about, that's why he's getting bored with it. After he arrived at the gate, she gave him a fake smile."Hi! I am so glad you got here early," he said as he opened the gate.Charles went inside first and kissed Dianne. "Thank you so much for inviting me, Dianne! Even without make up, you'
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Dianne finally fell into temptation when Charles planted a kiss on her lips. She admitted that her lips are more delicious than her boyfriend's. Dianne was immediately warmed by Charles, which is why she didn't care if she and Noah were still in front of each other."Maybe we should go upstairs, Noah might suddenly wake up!" Charles whispered."Let it go, I know Noah and I know that he doesn't just wake up when he's drunk. Trust me, when the two of us drink, he's the first to fall!" Dianne said softly.The two of them continued to talk softly so they could make sure Noah wouldn't hear it."Okay. But before we start, I just want to know if something really happened between you and Noah?"Dianne did not withhold the truth from Charles. "Yes, something happened to us. Do you know that I couldn't move for a few days after he f*cked me? It f*cking hurts like hell, his d*ck was curved and long!"Charles put Dianne's hand in his pants. "Don't worry, even though I don't have any experience wi
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