" A Wish Of Lazy Otaku"

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" A Wish Of Lazy Otaku"

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....... ........ Mc gets into the accident and died, he encountered a goddess who was bored and wanted some colours in her long existence. After meeting with Mc goddess decided to grant him a wish then Mc wasn't able to think of any good wish so he asked the goddess to teach him everything he can learn from her. The goddess accepted his wish and gave him 1000 years to live in her realm before she will through him to reincarnate. Then Mc learns everything possible from the goddess, from cultivation to how to cook. That's how he was able to get the necessary knowledge to become an overpowered MC of his story. After reincarnating in the new world he felt a new lease on his life, also felt excited to explore this world. As Goddess was pleased with his attitude and diligence to become a capable person so she granted him a companion who will accompany him eternally. After reincarnation, he took the first step in cultivation and became, The Origin Practitioner in the existence, the First of his kind as his physical body has been meticulously made with the help of origin itself and his soul has bathed in the origin so he practically became a new entity, that is The Origin entity. After he became most powerful in this new world where the superpower has been given birth by the collision of multiple worlds. Then with his eternal companion Aashi, he started his journey to fulfil his long lost desires. ........ ........ A/N: This is the story of how the lucky bastard got his chance to fulfil his desires but after completing his journey he became a Lazy Otaku, so that's how the title came "A Wish Of Lazy Otaku".


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01. Suicide Mission
Jak, 20-year-old with a skinny body and with a plain below average face. A lazy otaku type of person in general, the most ordinary person you can find in the crowd.His life is mostly normal, he is the youngest in the family with three elder sisters and two older brothers. So everyone spoiled him, his life in school days was also normal but he always came 3rd in yearly exams, it doesn't matter how hard he tries to study, It goes like that until high school. For engineering college preparation, he for the first time goes alone to live outside without anyone's supervising. For the first 6 to 7 months, it was all fine but after his health problems started and because of that he got left behind in studies so to catch up with others, he had to do extra hard work for that so the mental pressure starts and to cope with that he started to watch movies then animes, from there, it became his habit Ior watching animes and slowly but surely he became an otaku or a need (anxiety of meeting other
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02. Meeting A Bored Entity
*********(Mc pov) I'm on my way to the meeting point after taking the secret information, I decided to go with the river stream route. "Damn I have to go with dangerous path, I should have taken my swimming exercise classes seriously, now I hope those guys have all the tools otherwise I'm screwed." I did not have the confidence to swim very well as I never took swimming seriously before as I was not a great fan of swimming and also never needed to swim. ring........ My communication ringing, I hope, it's not something bad, "Yes, J10 (code name) here." "huff..huff.. its bad, enemy...huff...got our position and they have snipers with them, run... get to meeting point ..huff..huff." ....bang..... da...da... "C3 ...C3 ....C3" ... disconnected Damn it, I had this unsettling before but now it's confirmed that something bad is going to happen and who knew I screwed up big this time. If they have snipers then I need to hide behind trees but there are still a few tens of metres le
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03. Interesting Wish
( Mc Pov ) "Hmm..... what a wonderful sleep I have, and I was hearing some noises in the middle of my sleep," I said out loud and looked around my surrounding. 'Now then where am I, It doesn't look like hell or heaven, there aren't any noises here and I can't even see myself,' I thought inside my mind. "Ahhahh..damn this headache, now that I remember, I died pathetically by drowning in the river," I try to calm my mind not to go on a panic attack then try to find someone or something in this eery silence. " Hello, is there anyone home, care to tell me how do I do get out of here," I try joking thought, maybe it will help me calm myself. "Hey, you can still joke in this kind of situation," suddenly a voice came from around me, I can't tell who or what, they are, in this darkness where I can't even see myself. "Whoever you are, please, can you first show yourself because it's freaky and it's making me have tunnel visions," I politely asked the person or whoever the voice belon
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04. Thousands Years With The Goddess
(MC POV) After learning the basics I got to know from The Goddess, how the power system is divided. Hmm.. let's start by basic knowledge of cultivation and how they are divided into different tiers:Tier 1(Low Mid High): Normal mortal (Lifespan -100Years).Then tier is further divided:Low - All normal mortal comes who lives an ordinary life. (Punching strength: 10-20Kg). Mid - Martial artists, athletes and elites of society etc. are under this stage. (Punching strength:30-50Kg). High - Elite of elites, a martial artist who mastered their technique to the highest point like when a Master Martial Artist throws a punch in the air which would make the air stirred up and make the gust of winds or crack the one feet boulder into dust. (PS: 60-100Kg) Tier 2 (Low Mid High): Mid mortal (Lifespan -200Years) Low - (PS: 10ton-20ton).Mid - (PS: 20ton-30ton).High - (PS: 30ton-40ton). Tier 3 (Low Mid High): Peak mortal (Lifespan -1000Years)PS: 100ton-999ton. Tier 4 (Low Mid High): Godhoo
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05. Reincarnation
/////// (Third Person Pov)\\\\\\The world is similar to earth but has a much better condition and good environmental control so there is less pollution. More fresh air in village side in the mountain areas, the sceneries are much like the picture which has been drawn on a canvas. In the main hospital of the county, I.C.U. Ward, A man in his thirtyish and well build body with worry-filled eyes moving around in the hall in the front of I.C.U., waiting in anxiety for his wife to give birth to their child. After waiting for half an hour, the light of I.C.U. dimmed which indicates that the operation is over then the door of I.C.U. opened. "Waa...a.aa.." Hearing the voice of the child crying, he ran inside the room to see, how his wife and child are doing. "Doctor, how the condition of my wife and child," he asked seeing the doctor just complete the check-up on them, he was filled with worry and unknowingly he was holding his breath. "Don't worry Sir, your wife and the child are
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06. Strange World
" " Conversion or speech,' ' thoughts,[ ] System talking. //////( MC Pov )\\\\\\\\ It's been two weeks, I seriously got sick of it doing the same routine over and over again, honestly, I feel like a robot, such as feeding milk, sleeping, shitting then repeating the next day same thing again. It's relief that I got the information, I was looking for from my System a few days ago. From the information, I got to know that this world is seriously messed up. This world does look like a modern world same as my previous world but 20 years or so ago, there was a tremendous change that happened. Martiartists, magicians, cultivators and several other things started to emerge all over the world. So to cope with the changes happening around the world, all the governments of different countries came together and stabilise the world council. In just a few years of hard work from the world council, who used up all of their resources to gather the information about the disturbance happening in
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07. Setting Up A Source For Income
" " Conversion or speech,' ' thoughts,[ ] System talking........A Month later,I am sitting on a chair beside the table and in front of me on the table lay the thing I got from Tier 1 gift pack.It was a surprise for me when I got to see the thing inside the gift and thank the goddess, I love it.Do you want to know what it is......It's a tech that can transform into any tech form like a computer, mobile, smartwatch, camera, even smart glasses etc.I named it 'Megatron'. It's high-level technology and in the future, I can even make this Soul bound to me once I am strong enough. As It runs on my energy."Hmmm...I need a lot of resources in the initial tier to cultivate and also I need a legal way so my parent can live a carefree life until they get old," nowadays I was thinking of setting up a business where I can sell pills, potions and weapons etc. things but first I need large fund to buy a decent building and it can be settled, If I use A.I. Connectivity option."Okay, then It's
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08. Return To Origin
" " Conversion or speech,' ' thoughts,[ ] System talking....... /////// ( Mc Pov ) \\\\\\\ The cultivation technique I am cultivating is very special. It works for both the body and the soul taking as Body(Yang) and soul(Yin), Creating Yin-Yang equilibrium. So when you cultivate not only will the body cultivation increase but also soul which tide to the spirit and condense it into core in the navel area of the body. In the later stages, the body will develop a small world into the core for physical representation and the same way the soul realm develop in the consciousness space. Both tide together one works for physical and other for soul state. This means when the physical world develop it can form into a small separate living world where you can bring anyone you want by giving them permission as an energy or a unique symbol. But only with Yang(Physical body), you can't bring soul related creatures or beings. In the soul realm, you can only bring soul related beings
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09. Lottery and Moving
" " Conversion or speech,' ' thoughts, [ ] Aashi talking. ..... ////// ( Mc Pov ) \\\\\ "Mom Dad, come here and see, I won the lottery," a few days ago, I had Aashi buy those lottery tickets with two out 20 of them having rewards and others are all blanks. But it's enough for us to buy a property in a mid-class society. "Son, where did you get these from and where did the money come from to buy these," father asked trying to look angry but I can see, he is a bad actor as for excuse I already thought of. "Dad, there were twenty of these in a buddle and I pick them up from a nearby park when I went to play yesterday. Today I saw the news and matched the lottery number, luckily for me the two of them matched and we got two jackpots. These two should be enough for us to go by for 10 years," I then gave a very convincing story that I came up with and seeing their faces they bought it. "Dear what we should do, these lotteries aren't ours and this money is too much for our smal
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10. Suprise Encounter
" " Conversion or speech,' ' thoughts, [ ] Aashi talking. ...... ////// (Mc Pov) \\\\\\ "Ahh, what a beautiful day today is," I just finished with my morning routine and training, I was having a cup of green refreshing tea on the balcony sitting on a chair and enjoying the scenery around us with natural charm, showing how much nature has a returned to its pristine state. After enjoying it for a while I stood up and got ready with comfortable clothing to jog around the community, also familiarizing myself with the people living in the neighbourhood. I just got out of the house but someone already crashed into me and I tried to catch whoever they are but then I slipped my foot on something and ended up below the person I tried to catch. I opened my eyes only to see dark in my vision then I try to clear whatever stuck on my face with my hands, just when I touched with my hands I felt a soft and springy sensation from my fingers so I squeeze it hard, a few times feeli
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