Blood Domination System

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Blood Domination System

By: Sir_Impeccable CompletedSystem

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Blood begets blood and so shall I be supreme - The Blood demon wielder is sent back in time to protect the flow of time and the future of all. Compulsorily reliving the agony of a time past, Lekan must endure till his past converges with the future and his true destiny is awoken. Come trials and tribulations, he must push on or be wiped out by the revenge seeking Morgana. It is a race against time, a fight against the frozen future and a feud to determine who dominates the other. Will he falter and the fate be damned? Will the demon let loose, his soul to conquer or will Morgana triumph and the fate of humanity lost forever? And how does a young, withdrawn protagonist copes with his growing popularity amongst the female gender on his unknown path as harem king? Follow the tales of a time traveler, reliving his worst agonies while determined to carve out a whole different path for the future. Come what may, women or fame, demons or System Holders, only one path shall stand true. By blood shall I dominate the Universe. And I alone, shall be its King. _____ Cover Image is Not mine.


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274 chapters
Prologue: The Demonic System Holder
Lekan harrumphed, his eyes flicking open as a gust of bloodthirsty aura exploded into the air.The air wheezed against his charred black skin, the burned flaps of his clothing wrestling uselessly against the flow of wind.He grimaced, grounding his blood soaked dentition, watching carefully at the towering imagery of the lady in flowing red gowns as she cackled. Her laughter irritated him.And even more, it irritated the demon within him. He could not stomach the fact that one person would think that she could be God above others. Not that it mattered to him but the internal grudge eating him from inside, originating from the being within, could not be ignored. As a result, he could not ignore it too.He had become one with his system. His eyes bloodthirsty as he surveyed the losers who lay on the ground around, knocked out and in a terrible state.To think that these were the same people who had called themselves his superiors and tried to show hi
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Prologue: Why Trust a Demon?
A lady, plump with a pink gown and a black waist belt phased into existence. She had her hands gloved, her gown was only but sleeveless and she had a wide brimmed hat to cover her head.She had a robust face, a little smile playing at her lips which vanished the moment she set eyes on the environment about. She squeezed her nose in disgust, reacting to the pungent smell of blood and dismembered flesh that was all about. Bile rose in her throat, making her just seem to puke except that she quickly put her hand to cover her mouth.She remained still, her pink shoes, getting sodden and wet with the blood on the ground."Disgusting. This is how far Morgana has gone." She sneered.Looking forward, she coughed, covering her mouth still as she watched the pieces of the gown that Morgana had on floating about in the air. Morgana was nowhere to be found.And right where she was supposed to be, a demon like figure stood. Or rather, dropped to his knees, his
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Prologue: How to Trust a Demon I
"That does not make sense. If a demon could lay a hit on morgana, should we not be scared of the demon itself?" The air shimmered and a man wearing black shirt and trousers alongside a black pair of shoes muttered, his hand cupping the edge of his jaws."Why should we trust the fate of the world into the hands of a demon? I say, we kill him while we can!" He grimaced, holding up his right hand, clenched into the air.Monsieur Demas swallowed now, sniffling as he watched the energy the young mister poured into his words. It reminded him of the days of his youth while he was still young and bubbling Not now when he had to be saddled with the responsibilities of the many under the name of the System Bureau.Not that he regretted his position but then, he missed being as energetic as he used to be. Now, he was more of a figure head, although his power had not diminished but was more of a supportive power rathe than an active one. After all, the System Bureau would n
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Prologue: How to Trust a Demon II
"Now, we know what is applicable." The other female sounded off now. "We have Morgana still out there and only the heavens know whenever she would strike again. Would it not be better to have...""To have the one person who destroyed her earlier to be with us, ready for another counter against her the moments she sets out again?" The one with the googles said now."What are you saying? Keeping a demon around is worse than having Morgana!" Dayo yelled out, frowning deeper."That is true." Beatrice agreed, looking up now to the face of Demas."But it is logical. Demon or not, he is the only one who could land a hit on Morgana. Should that not be the positive point we should all be considering?" The female sounded off, teh one who looked African by origin."If it so disturbs you all, then I have a proposal. But only you can grant it, Monsieur Demas." The one with the googles said, standing to his feet.Once he stood still, he stretched his hand
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01. De Ja Vu
The black SUV hummed across the length of the black tarred road as towering buildings swept past its side of the road. It was a cold day, one of those days when the mister who was driving the car did not wish to be out here. The heater in the car was working fine, but it seemed as though it was working all too fine. The driver and husband could not blame it though, he was in the car with his wife who was by his side and his son in the car, it was bound to be like this. His wife had been getting on his nerves, telling him how much he had not been paying attention to the wellbeing of his son, even though he knew that the did just everything possible for the whole family. Or would they have preferred he did nothing and just had to be stopping by for everything family related while his business suffered on the side? It was preposterous. Did his wife forget what that without money, one could not run a home? In fact, without money there was no possibility of love. Who was the person that
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02. The Overbearing Uncle Desmond
The atmosphere is cool, a little too cool  to warm the numb feeling that engulfed Lekan to the max. He sat in the chair, his feet almost touching the ground. The series of events that occurred of late had not left him for the better and he had not known how to cope with it.It was a miracle he was still alive, that he had been told. The car had gone up in flames the moment it went airborne but yet he was still here. of course, he had not gone all scot free from the accident. He had gotten some burns, minor but that was it.After he had gotten treatment, the news had been broken down to him.His parents had not survived the incident. In fact when thy had been rescued, the parents had all been burnt beyond recognition. Strange enough, Lekan did not know how to feel about it. Maybe because he felt like all of these had happened before or maybe it was because of the fact that his parents had been the one arguing in the car right before the accident, all because
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03. The Will of the Father
Three people are in the spacious white room, two of which  are seated while one remains standing , holding a wine bottle with a furious look on his face.Despite the spaciousness of the room, it feels a little too crowded for the occupants in it as one can almost cut through the tension thick air with a knife and do it rather easily.The room is white in color, having a large screen plasma TV hanging from its hold on the wall which is just adjacent to all of them in the room. There is a black steel TV stand but instead of having a Tv on it, it has an extension box, a DVD player on the second layer of it and two speakers of a home theatre by the side of it. There are a few connections to the extension, all of which makes a little tangle of wires, some of which run to the Tv and some to the other gadgets that re all about, including a phone, a bluetooth wireless earphone pod and a headset while a black power bank is attached to a power cord and is placed on the grou
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04. The Mysterious Inheritance
The words of Mr Awopegba did not make sense. It did not matter how he looked at it, there was no justification for that. Why would his father, after making sure he had no direct touch with the inheritances because of a certain guardian and some legal age clause, now leave for him a piece of ring? Some ring that he could fucking buy himself? And on top of that, the ring was not even pretty. It was not exactly the type he could take out and say, hey, my dad willed this over to him. It was pretty much thrash, just like something you picked on the wayside because it happened to catch your fancy. But not really because you need to. You just pick it up and then throw it away once you're done examining it. That was just how the ring struck him. "You are serious?" Lekan asked the lawyer, holding the box in his left hand while holding out the ring to the air. "This is what my father gave to me? This is not some kind of joke, is it?" He asked, looking from Uncle Desmond to Mr Awopegba who
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05. The Ring Activates
KNOCK... KNOCK... Series of raps resonated on the brown wooden door which was painted cream in color. The raps sounded hurriedly with each passing second. Much to the anger of the one who squeezed himself just against the door. It was Lekan and this was his room. But right now, he was not by himself. He had the ring which the Lawyer had claimed his father had willed to him seated on top of the envelope, just by his right hand side. He wore a wine sleeveless top, blue and purple spotted socks while having black combat shorts on his lower half. Lekan looked disheveled. Tear lines pasted over his face, revealing how much he’d been crying of late. And also revealing that he was not one to care about his hygiene. He barely had a bath ever since the time the lawyer had come down here. And today, like all the days which elapsed since then, his Uncle was at the door, knocking. Today, the knocks had come in a bit different. Rushed, with the brooding sensation that it was not the normal th
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06. The Cry Baby
And as it did, the whole space about him flickered, rewarded by a gasp from Lekan's mouth and a widening of his eyes.Startled, Lekan drew back, his eyes wide as he began to breath rather rapidly, panic beginning to surge through his whole body. He placed his hands against the wooden surface of the door, trying to feel for anything... just anything that could make him feel a bit more confident that he found something. But he found nothing, much to the increment of his worry and panic.His chest heaved quickly, his breaths becoming ragged and rapid with each passing second. Adrenaline pumped into his body as he scrambled his legs seeing as the room, his bedroom began to get eaten up by the strange reality creeping into his space."No... no, what is this?" Lekan gasped, blinking his eyes now. "What is this... aaaghh!"He groaned, bending his head and shaking it slowly and painfully as he gritted his teeth. As he groaned out, he could not help shake the feeling of familiarity that soared
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