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Who said destiny was in your own hands? Who lied to you? It was written on flesh the day you got your name. Slaves to a race of people that balance the karma of the cosmos... Yet abuse all it's power and gifts in their failed self gratification... Yes! It's true, all for their amusement. But now a boy considered as much an abomination as a hawk and a dog giving birth to a child, is born of high blood and seeks freedom from destiny's shackles. He roams planes and defeat opponents as he struggles to climb to the top. P.s. this is a fantasy earth. Also the book cover isn't mine.


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241 chapters
Prologue: WAIT...!!! Please do not forget that the words in this book are an account of the truth. Prologue: The big blue moon hung in the sky like a jewel embracing the neck of a noblewoman. The stars glittered in the late-night like grains of sand in a clear pond of water; too bad for all its beauty, the enveloping of dark smoke and deafening screams leave it void of an appreciating audience. Blood and organs splatter in the air at unset intervals like the popping of heated corn by stray shrapnel of elements. Two women run in the woods at speeds that would practically hurt the publicly accepted laws of physics. The brutal crackling of trees behind them was an indication of pursuit. The two women stopped behind a big boulder of wood to catch their breaths. Resting their backs on its thick roots, the size of bulls thighs. "How is the child?" One of the women asked the other, looking at the trail of red down the woman's blouse. "He is still alive. Healing, but too slow to ke
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Chapter 1: Awaken!
The alarm clock rang noisily...    Derek opened his eyes lazily to the sight of a small foot in his face. He stretched his left hand over his head and reached the alarm clock at the bedpost. It was too stubborn to stop its screams regardless of how much he pushed its buttons.He lazily pushed the foot out of his face and tried to sit upright, but the feel of a sharp migraine sent his head spiralling back to the bed.He sat upright again, rubbed the temple on his head with his fingers.  Just then, images of fire from a woman's hand and a bald man laughing hysterically flashed in his head.  When a sense of familiarity for the scenes hit him, the pain in his head struck again and the images scattered like dust after a passing breeze.He begrudgingly got off the bed and pushed away from the two unexpected guests that decided to share his already small bed with him. He reached for a towel and took a few steps forward, out the door and into
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Chapter 2: Awaken! 2
        If what she just felt was wrong, then at least her eyes did not deceive her. She saw it. The three lines were like the careful work of a careless tattoo artist on his chest, and that relevant glow in the pupil of his eyes."Oh No! oh no!" She kept on muttering to herself. "It finally came!... It finally happened!""Damn it! am not ready, I have to update the plan."She ran into the house not noticing the grocery bags that had escaped her hands to the ground.In a world with a sky always filled with snow all year round. On a building so high it made the Eiffel tower look like a proud dwarf, a man stood on an oval-shaped balcony wide enough to comfortably park a passenger plane. He had proud eyes that seemed to look down on the world. He was slender in stature, and even though he had hair as white as the snow that fell around him, he had a very young face.He looked far ahead, to the horizon. His sight was so strong that h
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Chapter 3: First Visitors
Mr Derek...Mr. Derek...Mr. Derek!!!"What?...Whaaaat!...Sir!?" Derek replied hastily, raising his head from in between his hands. looking up, The teacher was standing right before his face. Even leaning in a bit. Now that he looked up close, he realized this man looked a bit familiar.He had dark straight hair, With keen but sad-looking eyes under those glasses. His bright skin looked tanned. Derek wondered if all he did was bathe under the sun whenever it rose.                   "Would you mind telling the class in your own words of cause, what you think is the reason for the difference in the result by the three classes as gotten by Dan Ariely?"Derek could still feel his mind pounding in bits. He was in no way in any condition to answer any question. He felt the air thicken as he breathed. "Oh! the pressure, the pressure.""Correct Mr Derek.' Pressure'. External pressure is the reason for the qu
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Chapter 4: First visitors 2
Note, this chapter contains minor scenes of blood and gore... Five people walked through the hole in the wall. Their every step, was elegant, like they were exempted from the chaos raging around them. They were dressed differently. Four men, and in their midst, a woman of distinguishable temperament ...their attire painted them as people interrupted on their way to a party. The woman had stunning bold eyes with dark yet scanty brows. Her delicately modelled ears framed her Elvin face in such a manner that it complimented her button nose. On her head, gold beads that looked like there were sprinkled on her flowing black braided hair reaching down to her shoulders. The pearls that adorned her neck, held, even though there were clearly not bound by any string. She wore a sleeveless red-flowered pattern danshiki that came down tightly to her slim waist and opened freely to her knees. A gold patterned insignia of a withering rose laid on the left side of her voluptuous chest. Derek fou
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Chapter 5: Next visitor
Derek looked out the car window, at the receding back profile of a woman he had always known to be the closest thing to a mother. He remembered she would always ask him to help her reach the top shelf in the mall and would mount a chair screaming whenever she saw a mouse. She had always been so fragile and gentle. But now, words could not describe what he was seeing. "Did she just leap a full nine feet in the air to give an acrobatic kick?" He muttered to himself. "It was even effortless. like she was jumping over a little ditch in her path."He looked into his palm, at the object she had shoved into his hand. It was a little black cloth sack. It had an insignia of a roaring 'Cat'. He opened the cloth sack and a  pendant fell into his palm.It was oval and gold around. It had the engraving of a roaring cat just like the sack. Now that he looked closer, it was more like a roaring tiger or lioness. It felt smooth to the touch even with the engraving, like the body o
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Chapter 6: Gate in the wall
Derek raced into the main house."Mrs Manica!...Mrs Manica!!...Mrs Manica!!! The reverberation of his screams echoed all around. He went to the cafeteria but was welcomed only by the tables and empty chairs. He checked the dorms and even the kitchen but there were all empty. Even the creche was empty of its toddlers. Like everything that survived on two legs had suddenly vanished including the caretaker, the helpers, volunteers. There were all gone.Madeline and Tiny took Aesir to the sickbay and laid him on a bed."Don't worry I gat this." Madeline took down the first aid kit hanging on the wall. "The only people that know this room more than myself are probably the old nurse and 'the weak one'.""The weak one...?" Tiny raised a brow"Yes, Your boyfriend!""My boyfriend!?""Yes, Derek?""Oh! Do you mean Derek?... Yes...yes, he is." Tiny averted her gaze away from Madeline a little. "I think Aesir got a bad concussion at school
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Chapter 7: Gate in the wall 2
The coagulation of ink on the wall had formed into a massive ring. It shimmered a golden hue and gave a slight humming sound, like the lingering ring of a bell. A rune was at the crown of it and it changed in shape at short intervals.Derek stood up in awe and even forgot the pain in his neck. "We have to go, we have to leave now!""I agree, we have to get out of here before that thing swallows us." the cowardly Madeline already headed towards the door, but Derek grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her back."That is not what I mean. I meant we need to go through the gate. And fast too." Pointing at the ring. "We don't have much time and I can't explain how I know this but if we want to leave this place, we have to go through that thing."Boom!!! a sound loud enough to shake their feet was heard from above their heads. The three of them ran outside the cottage to see what was going on.Above their heads, Ellen and Vera had joined forces to hamme
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Chapter 8: A true star
At the safe borders of a great waterfall, a tour guide introduced the tourists to the beautiful scenery of one of nature's most spectacular wonders. With a fall of about 344 feet high and a width of 1312 feet, this amazing site has been the inspiration for famous poets, painters, sculptors and a variety of musicians. It has enlightened leaders, resolved wars and even had a religion with fanatic believers based around it. This was the great Kalandula falls. For years, adventurers and daredevils have tried to test the stinging whips of its unforgiving trials but have lost their pitiful lives to its impatient waters.  Myths and legends of its past and supernatural abilities spread wide in varying stories. One of which was of mystical beings who look down on the rest of the world living behind the curtains of its falls. If only they knew how close to the truth the version of this story was.The tours ended early today. Tourists were directed to stay as far away from the wate
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Chapter 9: Where are we!?
Derek walked into the cafeteria. Aesir and a couple of the usual gang were already at the usual table. It was noisy today like it had always been on any other day. He took his tray to the table and sat closest to his best pal. Preparing his fork to enjoy his bowl of noodles, he looked up to participate in the day's bout of arguments on superhero weaknesses. He frowned. Something was wrong, these were not his friends. No, there were. But yet they were not. Derek fell out of the chair in fear and panic.These were not the friends he had come to know for years. "Wha... What happened to you guys? Andre, Where is your hand?" A face came closer to him and he backed off some more, "Fred, your eye?""Oh! you don't remember? we gave them to you." A face that had one side of its cheeks dripping to the floor like melted butter answered him. It was Aesirs.He screamed and kept on crawling backwards. His left hand came across an obstacle and he turned his head in reflex to c
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