Choose to be a Dragon

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Choose to be a Dragon

By: Erosion_novels OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Aldwin life's completely changed on a stormy night making him choose between his humanity or become a dragon. After choosing he is realized that he has chosen too much power can than he can chew or handle. A new journey has unfolded in front of him in a new world where magic exists. Making some friends or enemies in his long journey as he is on his goal to his reach his final form of evolution.

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11 chapters
Chapter 1
It was nine o'clock in the evening and Aldwin finally was on his way to his bed with a tired face and a crooked back after a long busy day at the office.Keeiekk~The sound of his Katri, a simple bed made from a bamboo tree, creaked with his obvious weight added. He was feeling full after having a hearty dinner cooked by his grandma.He yawned while rubbing his eyes and slowly relaxed his body while he laid on his back, not forgetting to pat the small but soft while pillow."What a busy week it..." Aldwin said while stretching his arms and legs."All the work! Do this, do that, print this, print that! No overtime pay, no time to play Dota. this life sucks."Aldwin mumbled to himself regarding his work as a graphic artist. He had been working for two years in a small printing shop since it was conveniently close to his home."Now your talking!"Suddenly, the nagging sound of his grandma came out from the kitchen side after overhearing Aldwin's mumbling complaints.Washing the dishes, hi
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Chapter 2
"You dummy." She said with a smile on her face. Aldwin knew pretty much how to calm her down with sudden compliments. A good counter-attack from her endless talk.Grandma took all the responsibility of taking care of Aldwin ever since he was a child. It all started when he lost his mother when he was only five months old and his father followed ten years after on another tragic accident in the sea.Grandma promised herself to take care of Aldwin herself with all the love she can give. From elementary, high school and finally graduating in college three years ago, she has always been there him."Goodnight Aldwin." Said grandma as she finally left towards her room to sleep.It was about 11:20 at midnight when Aldwin noticed the eerie quietness, Aldwin took a glimpse of the quite sala from his open door and scanned his surroundings."It's already October but why does it feel like summer?"Aldwin complained from the sudden increase in temperature. Aldwin raised his one arm and reached for
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Chapter 3
How exciting is that!?"I will be right back Lilla! This will be quick." Aldwin shouted back while he continued running. His back slowly fading in the cover of the forest's shadow."Come back! I said! It is raining and you might get sick! Aldwin! Come back! Now! You are so dead young man!~" The sound of his angry grandmother slowly faded as they are slowly replaced by the hurried steps and the passing wind.Quickly, Aldwin's view went farther away from his grandma who was adamantly calling him. Little did he knew, his life is about to change.It was lightning he will forever remember.--------Aldwin ran for more than 15 minutes before he started slowing down upon seeing a bright yellow glow in the middle of the forest not far from him.Luckily, the place where he lives was not far from the landing spot and he seems to be the first one to have come this far at the moment.This excites him but at the same time, scares him.What happens if that dragon is still alive and ends up going aft
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Chapter 4
As Aldwin started moving closer and closer to the area, the Manananggal was about to dive on him when it suddenly stopped mid-air."Ughhhmmmm~"It's scary demonic face distorted with a pleasurable moan.It seems to have smelled a delicious meal!"This scent! well...well...well.... ", The Manananggal said excitedly. "It seems this is my lucky night after all. Who cares about a measly human when there is premium meat nearby!"Ignoring the oblivious Aldwin, the Manananggal flew past over him from above.Wog~Wog~Wog~The loud flutter of her batlike wings of the Manananggal has finally caught Aldwin's attention and the could not help but froze on the spot - pissing himself.A woman with huge black wings and missing lower body had just flown over his head!"Mananagg-!?" Aldwin had an urge to shout but his right hand instinctively stopped himself from being stupid.The gory look of its wriggling intestines and the creepy smile of its face looking forward was something his imagination could no
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Chapter 5
Save the girl.Whether it is actually Dragon or a human, it doesn't matter. Aldwin's conscience did not allow him to go back and let everything go after witnessing all this absurdness.Despite his current doubts and fears, he could not afford to just leave and watch that poor girl get devoured by the hungry monsters. One thing that his grandmother always taught him is to never refuse to help someone who needs it.His eyes are now full of determination. He racked his brain out of what to do. The unconscious girl is in the middle of a small crater surrounded by scorched marks. She is lying there, naked, with her face and body covered by her long black hair.He scanned the surroundings for anything that he could use to help the woman. It was still raining and he needs to move fast or his grandma might follow him in the forest and things could get worst than he imagined.However, the real threats are the two monsters beating each other and causing damage everywhere with incredible strength
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Chapter 6
Her hands started to glow and a ball of green fire suddenly emerged in her palm facing Aldwin. The obvious heat produced cracking sounds and steam from heat immediately rose above the fire.Seeing this, Aldwin was had mixed emotions of surprise and fear, his terrified expression was drawn all over his face as he realized that the fire she was holding was real and he could feel its intense heat even from five meters away and despite the cold setting of the rain!The bigger the fire burned, the stronger the heat becomes. The cold atmosphere is gone, now replaced by a burning threat!Knowing that he could probably die in this situation, Aldwin mustered his best English he learned from school in hopes that the fire-bending-Chinese woman could understand him."Hey! Hey! Hey! I am was just trying to help you!" Aldwin pleaded with an explanation."Liar! You are one of that Arkhan thrash!" The Chinese girl suddenly talked in English."You can speak English? And what is an Arkhan?""Explain you
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Chapter 7
Together with the devilish laugh from the Manananggal, the wings made a sudden stop which caused both of them to dive down.The girl being creeped out of the Manananggal's ability, let go of her wings and jumped away leaving the Mananagal's back when suddenly, its thick long hair moved like a snake and grabbed her foot midair!"Zhēn ěxīn!" (means disgusting) The girl shouted. "Let me go bat or I will destroy you and every member of your cave!""Kyaheheheheh! Dragon Meat! Kyaehehehi~" Unyielding to its cravings, the Manananggal only replied with a demented laugh.With a sudden jerk, the naked girl lost her balance mid-air and she was dragged in the air by the Manananggal's hair!Like a human toy leashed by the Manananggal's hair, she was carried along like a children's toy.She was smashed in the ground, in the trees, and thrown even on solid rocks just to completely weaken her but the naked girl seems to be persisting. Not a single scratch or a broken bone at all can be seen in contra
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Chapter 8
KYAAAH~His desperate shout and the agonizing scream of the devil beast echoed across the dense dark forest accompanied by the humming sound of the midnight rain.After countless smash on his enemy, Aldwin finally lost all his strength and limped down as well just beside the so-called dragon girl.The Manananggal is finally dead with its head totally busted.Its shark-like mouth had been over-stretch from Aldwin's relentless hit that it has been severed from the head a good two meters away. Somebody parts of the Manananggal refused to surrender with its creepy momentary twitching.With the unpredictable fight finally ended, silence has finally taken over the messy dark forest."Not bad for a measly human..." The dragon girl complimented Aldwin still with her proud tone."Hehe..." Aldwin could barely say any more words. The dark clouds in the sky continued to linger around, keeping them well hidden from the moons soothing light.-------"So, tell me, if you don't mind."Aldwin, who is g
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Chapter 9
"What do you mean?"The dragon girl took a clearer look at Aldwin only to find multiple wounds all over his body. He is dying with the amount of blood he has lost. It seems that he never won that fight against the Manananggal unscathed. He had taken quite some sharp blows from her blade-like nails.Right now, the black clouds have finally moved away and the bright glow of the moon revealed Aldwin's dire state.He is swimming in his pool of blood clenching his fist in pain.-------"So you are dying after that small fight?""I am pathetic right? uhoo...At least, I saved you."The dragon girl stared at Aldwin's eyes.Not a single trace of hate nor fear can be seen in his eyes. It was too clear that the stars reflected beautifully on them."The stars are beautiful tonight huh," said Aldwin with a weak smile.It seems that his curiosity to see a dragon got a good fool on him. Not only he did find the dragon in human form, he even gets to battle it out against a manananggal which he used to
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Chapter 10
As she poured her blood in Aldwin's wounds, she could not help but be amazed at the incredible effects of her blood to a dying human.Aldwin's wounds immediately healed like magic while undergoing over-all mutation!In return, the dragon girl lost a significant amount of her power and immediately fell again after losing too much blood.Aldwin, on the other hand, started glowing. His body slowly taking a powerful transformation. His muscles have finally stopped twitching only to end with a perfectly toned body.His hair had a significant makeover as well from light black to a striped mixture of royal red and emerald green.Aldwin's body had also started sweating smelly dark liquids profusely all over his body. It was all the impurities from his body being scorched out by the dominant blood in his system!His eyes are also undergoing mutation behind his closed lids. His heart started pumping restlessly with new and powerful blood being in his system.It was a blood that conquers every ki
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