I Got Reincarnated As A Dragon

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I Got Reincarnated As A Dragon

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Elvis, a driven office worker who always pushed the limits of his overtime, never expected his life to come to a sudden halt. Tragically, he found himself caught in the crossfire of a criminal on the run and was struck down in the prime of his life by a stray bullet. Just when he thought it was all over, a mysterious voice echoed through his mind, offering him a second chance. And just like that, Elvis is reborn into a world of swords, sorcery, and mythical creatures beyond his wildest dreams. As a juvenile dragon without the comfort of a mother's protection, every day is a battle for survival. He must adapt quickly to this harsh new reality, constantly fending off dangerous beasts and humans who see him as a threat. But with each new challenge, Elvis grows stronger, determined to climb the ranks and become the most powerful creature in this alternate world. As he sets out on his journey, will Elvis be able to outsmart and outlast his enemies? Can he overcome the odds and claim his place at the top? Find out in this thrilling tale of magic, adventure, and unexpected twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. *** PS: This bad boy is in the Ultimate fantasy contest although it joined late, so please he needs you guys support to be one of the winners if possible and also you can follow my face-book page " Author_AATAnime" and click the contact us button to join my discord server, if you have any questions, want to see the characters images or want to just chill and discuss books with other readers. Thank you and enjoy! 💕


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39 chapters
Chapter 1
One sunny afternoon, the pavements were crowded and the roads were crammed.A young man who was a 24-year-old with an average build and black hair, could be easily spotted amidst the crowds.He was dressed in his office's corporate attire and was walking down the pedestrian walkway, while listening to music through his earbuds.A man ran out of the far end of the pedestrian road corner, dressed entirely in black, including a black face mask, and was being chased by the cops."In the name of the law, stop right now!" The officers pursuing him yelled.Behind his mask, the fleeing criminal rolled his eyes. No one in their right mind would listen to what they just said and then stop.One of the reasons he chose to run through the pedestrian streets was that cops are not allowed to shoot in civilian areas, making it easier for him to flee.As the man ran further, it caused a bit of panic and commotion amongst the crowds, although this scene wasn't new to them as they experienced it almost e
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Chapter 2
'It's dark'.....Elvis couldn't see or hear anything, but he could feel that he was in an enclosed liquid space.Not enjoying the feeling of being trapped in an enclosed, dark space, he tried his best to escape.Trying his best to break free from wherever he was, something chipped off; he didn't know what it was, but he could see the light coming through, which made him happy. He tried harder to break free.(Crack) The eggshell completely broke, and Elvis fell into the nest with liquid slime all over his body."Huh, where am I?" Elvis looked around the slightly lit cave.The cave was light blue and large enough to park a private airplane, but it was empty except for a giant nest on which Elvis sat and a few bugs crawling around."Wait, didn't I die?" Elvis slowly regained his memory, and it was then that he noticed that he wasn't human anymore."Ah!" Elvis panicked and screamed, which only came out as a harmless tiny dragon's roar from his mouth.Elvis was a bit frustrated when he
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Chapter 3
In the mountain passageway leading to the next floor, Elvis was understanding how the system and his skills worked.[Name: ...(Elvis)] [Race: Dragon][Unique skills: Fire, Devourer, Regeneration][Skills:~~] [Resistance: Cold Immunity, Pain Resistance, Fire Resistance]For a dragon, his abilities aren't much, but weirdly, he was even surprised that since he was a fire dragon, he didn't have fire immunity instead of cold resistance. "Why don't I have fire immunity?" He felt that it was only logical for him to have fire immunity instead of resistance. [Host has not triggered the evolution of the fire resistance], the system replied to him. "Huh, evolution. Then how did I acquire cold immunity?" Elvis was confused. The system didn't respond. "Alright, what about the devourer's ability?" Elvis decided to let it be and move on. [Devourer: the ability to devour anything magical or non-magical.The devourer skills allow you to gain the ability to consume anything you kill and eat].He doesn'
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Chapter 4
[Warning: Three-headed Medusa serpent] "Water Blade" Elvis reacted fast and didn't want to waste time waiting for them to attack him first. (Swoosh!) The water blade cut off the middle head, leaving just two heads, left and right. "Fireball!" He conjured out a huge ball of flame from his mouth. (Boom!) The flame hit them before they could retreat.[New skill learned: Fireball] Elvis was sharp with his tactics, attacking with a double combo before they could attack at all."Hehehe, I am a genius," Elvis smiled at himself.He got close but noticed that the serpent was burned to a crisp. "F*CK, I should have thought of this first; now how am I going to eat this to gain at least one of their skills?" That's when his eyes spotted one of the heads of the serpent.(Gulp.) Elvis swallowed his saliva hard; the head of the snake looks not just disgusting but creepy to eat."Let me just roast this; maybe it will look better and probably taste better."Even though the devourer skill just sw
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Chapter 5
The next day, sunlight shines towards the cave, where the sleeping dragon lays.Elvis woke up from his slumber, stretching a bit as he stepped out.(Grrr) His stomach rumbled."Time to hunt some food," he said, looking around to see if he could spot easy prey.He dove deeper into the forest, where he then spotted a lone wolf that was two times his size, eating a carcass.Elvis immediately bent low, crawling nearer to the beast and hiding in bushes so as not to blow his cover; only the sound of crushing dead leaves could be heard.The wolf raised its head and looked in Elvis' direction, growling aggressively.'F@ck'He was discovered. It was his first time hunting an animal, so it wasn't a surprise that he got discovered quickly by the wolf, who is an expert in hunting.The wolf ran and pounced at Elvis, and before he could react, he was pushed down by the wolf.The wolf snapped its huge fangs at Elvis, who immediately avoided having his head chopped off. Elvis used one of his feet an
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Chapter 6
The day after the order was given, Fifty members of both the knights and adventurers each ventured out of the kingdom to carry out the mission.They were split into smaller groups for easier movements, some of them using horses—mostly the knights—while the rest journeyed on foot. It was nighttime, so everyone camped in a safe area in the forest.Two men could be seen discussing beside a rock that's a few feet away from the campfire."You know what? I feel like we don't need to be this many before we kill a single monster; at least a team of four high-ranking adventurers is enough." A drunken, pot-bellied man holding a big cup filled with beer said:"I would advise you to watch your words; if others hear what you just said, trust me, you will be persecuted already," a knight sitting beside the drunken man replied."Come on, burp. I am just stating the facts here. After all, it's just a random monster." The drunk man muttered. "I know that you are right, at least at your simpleton lev
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Chapter 7
The following day..."Good morning, little dragon," Dryad said as she left her tree body as usual and appeared in front of Elvis, tapping him gently."Uhm...good morning," Elvis responded as he slowly opened his eyes."Little dragon, I..." Dryad wanted to say something before Elvis cut her off. "I thought hard last night about what you told me, and I want to go out exploring to know if the legend is true," Elvis told her as he stood up and stared at the clouds. Dryad smiled and said, "That's great; look at you acting all grown up; you have gotten bigger; you weren't so little when we first met."When Elvis heard those words, he felt shy before clearing his throat and speaking, "But...""Hmm.......but what?" she asked."I want you to come with me," Elvis said, staring at her green pupils. "You are a funny little dragon; I can't go with you," she giggled. "Why?" Elvis asked, feeling disappointed already.She patted Elvis' head and pointed to her tree, saying, "This tree is my body,
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Chapter 8
The remaining humans who were still alive were scared; you could see the terrifying expression on their faces, just as they were about to panic.Then suddenly...... "I am a holy knight of one of the human kings; show yourself!" The holy knight stood out and spoke with boldness.Not only did the holy knight want to see who was behind the attack, but so were the others."First, tell me, is this the human empire's order or just the doing of the northern region's human king?" Dryad, who hasn't revealed herself yet, questioned."You can say it's the northern region's decision, but it's certainly for the good of humanity," the leader of the adventurers answered."That's enough; I believe we have no obligation to answer her questions, especially with the fact that she's an enemy." The holy knight reprimanded the leader of the adventurers."Now show yourself, or we will continue to destroy this forest until we are done with our goal," said the holy knight.Dryad didn't respond, instead she j
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Chapter 9
Elvis was flying fast toward the west when he felt a strange feeling that made him sad; unknown to him, tears were dropping from his eyes.He just brushed the feeling off and focused on his journey.After flying for hours, he became tired and looked for a place to spend the night."System, how long is the journey going to take?" He asked. [Estimated, it's going to take twelve hours if you keep it up without taking any breaks.]"Don't take a break from my ass," he said as he flew down towards a cave he sighted down below."The journey is still long," Elvis mumbled and approached the cave, which was right in front of him. He entered and comforted himself while cuddling his whole body around himself."Sigh, I need to take a rest for today; for some reason, I don't feel too well." With those words said, he closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.Elvis was sleeping like a child with no worries. In the past few days, many things happened to him: he died in the original world, got reinc
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Chapter 10
On a pitch-black night, two guards stood guard in front of the cave before finally nodding toward each other."They've all fallen asleep; we can kill them easily now," one guard said to the other, who was smiling broadly."Yeah, good thing we found this cave, and I have collected their weapons," the other guard replied proudly, still keeping the malicious smile on his face."I think it's time; let's kill them before it's too late," one of the guards said as he removed a handkerchief from his pocket.The other removed a huge knife, and both men entered the cave.They moved closer to one of the sleeping guards.The person holding the handkerchief quickly pressed it against the guard's mouth to keep him from screaming, while the other quickly stabbed the guard in the throat multiple times.The same process was repeated for the same guard without alerting the others.Finally, when they got to the princess and the maid, the guard with the knife spoke up, "Don't you think it's a waste to ki
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