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By: Aoi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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How can you accept the death of the one you love? Ru died almost a year ago, he wanted to help his beloved girlfriend to move on but with the help of an ex-boyfriend?


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2 chapters
#1 HIM
Have you ever promised someone you won’t ever leave them? That no matter what happens, you’ll stay and stay forever? Because I did that several times.  But you know what, I didn't keep that promise.I still leave.  I keep walking, but I don't feel exhausted.I keep on walking in unfamiliar places, but I don't feel scared. But then again, why do I always forget about this?  It’s because I'm dead.It’s always a pain, knowing you can’t do anything but watch people come and go as they continue their life. I grew tired of watching them, and I chose to ignore lots. I’ve been dead for almost a year now. Exactly 11 months. But why am I still here? If it wasn’t for Rina
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“So my question is, when will you stop scaring people around her?” Marik continues to harass me with his nonsense question. I’m just sitting on the bench outside the coffee shop, looking at the ghost on the other side of the road who is having a hard time crossing it. He probably died from an accident I bet. “So you mean I should be okay with those guys? Hell no!” I rather haunt them down for eternity than seeing them making fun of Rina. I once again looked back at the coffee shop. And saw Rina like an inanimate object and how she doesn’t smile anymore.She’s like a living doll. “But seriously, do you plan on following her forever?” I suddenly stopped thinking after hearing Marik’s question. Marik then continues what I think he’s about to
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