Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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XianXia : Sovereign of the Gods
Adventurous Fantasy World Domination
A master takes a stroll in the lower world. On his way he sees an orphan with a fragile body being beaten and bullied. The orphan, Luo LianHao doesn't ask for help nor does he seek it. The master takes it as an encounter of fate and leaves Luo with a gift. Now he has been marked by fate. A journey of twists and turns that will change the nature of his very soul awaits him. An orphan who rises to the top, to become the sovereign. In the upper world , a goddess has blocked her cultivation to enter the lower world to find her destined one. She carries a heavy destiny, one that is envied by even the martial gods. Who will be her destined one and can he bear the weight of the fate she carries?
Against Heaven'S Destiny
Eastern Reincarnation Arrogant
“Ling Yueyin, Monarch Immortal Monarch, you wouldn't have thought that I Lin Tian not only perished, but also obtained a precious secret!” "Wait! I Immortal King Lin Tian will come soon and take all of your heads!" Those two vows were the first thing Lin Tian, the former Immortal King said when he was reborn carrying a mysterious scroll in his body. However, after he walked for a while, he discovered that the Mysterious Scroll, his lover's betrayal, and his past death were never that simple. The grand conspiracy that made him into a chess piece had been prepared from the start. However, even knowing that the Great Powers had calculated him from the start, Lin Tian vowed to never bow down to the world, not even the Heavens. "Heaven and World are one. Heaven and Earth are two. But I, Lin Tian are everything!" "Heaven and Hell, everything is under God's will. God is eternal, and I am the Immortal King. Want to destroy the King? Are you worthy?"
Return of the S-class Young Master
Action Twisted World Domination
Cielo repeated his life, but this time, he is the contractor of his clan’s guardian beast—the formidable Black Serpent! With his newly gained God’s Eyes, will he be able to stop his grueling fate? With his newly gained guardian beast, will he be able to save his family whom he failed to protect in the first timeline? “The dark side of humanity created the greatest monster the world has ever seen, and he is Young Master Cielo Regalia.”
Magic Future System
South Ashan
Akin Samuels is a globally acclaimed genius(although being sick of getting the fact reminded to him on a regular basis) in a world where the already existing technology is jaw dropping. But in such a world, the natural assumption would be that nothing could ever possibly go wrong, wouldn't it? Unfortunately for Samuels and everyone else in this world of his, SOMETHING does indeed go wrong, with that being a deadly new virus seems to have popped out of nowhere and claims the lives of billions of people, dropping the total world population to a number which is a shadow of what it should have been. Having something of a rebellious spirit, Samuels immediately doesn't believe in this piece of public knowledge to be true because the virus in itself is one shrouded by mystery and secrecy. So now, since the government has failed to do it's job, Samuels takes it upon himself to discover the truth using only his wits, brain and last in the list of things he possesses, a time machine. However, in doing so he is thrown and also forces those he care about into secrets of the world which were meant to never have been spoken of by certain people and is left to bare the consequences of his actions. What could this mean for the future and past of Samuels and those around him?
Dao Masters Of Demonic Cultivation
Adventurous Arrogant Revenge
Sweet savage
The Heavenly emperor is put in panic when demonic evil begins surfacing to the three realms, threatening to bring back the Demon sect he had wiped out thousands of years ago. And all these because of a young man called Asura. A mysterious mortal, Asura is ambitiously bent on destroying the heavens in revenge for wiping out his family and making his life miserable! And to do this, he must cultivate, even when his spiritual core is blocked and he, Cursed to never cultivate! Asura's ambition for power and revenge leads him into the extinct demon path. He recreates his method of the abolished demon cultivation, shaking the foundation of the universe, and making all tremble at the mention of his name. He meets the mysterious high-level cultivator, Kai, who might have some relations with the heavens and demons, all good and evil. The road ahead is muddy and the schemes are devilish. A step ahead would alert the enemies and a journey through lands and lifetimes is what it takes to solve the puzzle and Uncover Hidden truths of This so called good and Evil in the three Realms! What is good? What is evil? what is white, what is black? what is day? and what is night? If no one has no answer. Don't judge!
Campus System Captain
“I’m back and I’m going to make sure everyone of you suffer for what you did to me.” ________________ Lyon Armstrong is Back!!! He was an orphan, always bullied and no one wanted to help him until an incident changed his life forever. After inheriting a superpower that brought him back to life, Lyon Armstrong is determined to make everyone who once bullied him, now before him. He’s back and he’s more powerful than ever.
The Tribrid
Reincarnation bxg Warrior
Author Wonder
The Tribrid! Jace Robert, A prophesied young Teenager of The Ancient Pregan gods, Born Of Light and Darkness. King of the supernaturals and protector of the dimension. The Anihilators The Eradicators The Wendigos The Rampaging brutal hunters set on a journey to capture, Torment and Sacrifice the prophesied Tribrid in other to wreck havoc on the supernaturals. After the death of the First Tribrid... The Pregan god of Thunder Created a Being of Light and Darkness with the powers of the old gods( Olympians) The Child of War The Child of Doom The Ruler of the supernaturals The Master of the Golden wolf and the Demons Kingdoms. The Lord of all He is The Tribrid
Brave Wise Warrior
The edge of the Attorgron forests lay about fifty miles to the east.I could get good water there, and it was closer to me than the other water source I was going to, but it had its own set of issues.One reason would be that my pursuers would expect me to head there for water, in addition to the cover the forest could provide us as we headed north; however, I would unavoidably run into the Attorgron people at some point along the way. I was a wanted man with a bounty on my head to them.Because of that, I was well worth the effort it took for them to locate me and inject me with one of those poison darts they were so fond of.Thank you;Instead of dying from poison burning my insides, I would take my chances out in the open.
The Pervert Mage: First Peek
Magic Reincarnation Harem
Kurt Dp.
Alex Lopez, an 18-year-old boy who always gets bullied and is being rejected by everyone suddenly got killed and was reincarnated into another world. Upon being given a second chance at life, he suddenly encountered something that will change his life forever. In a world where magic exists and blooms, will Alex Lopez who now goes by the name Abraham Warlock survive this one of a kind life? Witness as Abraham Warlock do his first peek at the adventure to come. He is the Pervert Mage.
Programmer in Another World
Magic System Intelligent
There was a man in modern-day Germany who always favored programming and in the pursuit of his dreams, he attained it, but life hasn't been what he expected. He can only rely on his best friend, Ansgar Wegener, a gamer, who has always supported him. Both of them had been outcasts from school and had only one friend from childhood which was each other. However, one day, while walking down the road, the man found himself to be involved in a hit-and-run. Regretting his actions and wondering what went wrong, he didn't allow himself to die so quickly. Not long after his death, he seemed to have reincarnated in a world filled with swords and magic. He uses his skills in his past life to see what he couldn't have done in his past life. Read how a programmer acts in a world like this. Discord: https://discord.gg/abyqpHZhgg