Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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A Dream Harem Life Built With Superior Firepower
Reincarnation Mature Soldier
A nerdy engineer was brutally murdered with regrets in his heart. When he transmigrated into a magical world of Knights and Mages, he decided to live for himself this time around and to chase after his longtime dream- to start a big family filled with love and lots of kids from lots of wives! In order to protect himself and his loved ones in this harsh new world, he resourcefully forged era-ending weapons never meant to be fired in this world. To the Knights, Mages, Emperors, and even the Gods of this world, he proclaimed, “me transire, si audes! (cross me, if you dare!)”
unparalleled sword sovereign
Eastern Brave Independent
Lu shang grew from a powerless weakling unable to protect himself from his mate or danger to a famous sword sovereign respected by all. He became the most powerful deity and warlord in the entire universe by wielding the heavenly divine sword, which no one else can use or control. Watch out for how Lu shang evolved into the world's greatest swordsman despite the hardships, difficulties, and trials he encountered, making him the unparalleled sword sovereign feared by everyone in the universe.
Revenge Fantasy ruthless
Supreme king
"I was born with a taboo bloodline , the heavens wanted me dead , the whole world was against me , I was alone ". Amon reminisced . The heavens deemed Amon a taboo because of his bloodline and he was hunted at birth . Lost his family , friends and master , young Amon who initially wanted to live an ordinary life and seek the path of immortality changed overnight. Since the heavens want me dead , I will shatter the heavens ! . Since the whole world is against me , then I will create a new era !. I will become that existence that will subvert the laws of the world . They called me a taboo , so I became an existence that surpassed a taboo . I became the primodial lord of chaos ! .
Swordsman Chronicles: Art of the Sword
Brave Revenge Fantasy
Kurt Dp.
In a world infested with evil, swords came to power to protect the weak and slay the evil. An orphan who was just living peacefully got his life robbed from him when the evil has finally entered their home. As the people he treated as family got killed in front of him, he vowed to take revenge because the one who killed them is just one of those evil demons out there and that certain incident left him something that he will never forget. He became a swordsman to bring forth vengeance, but what he discovered beyond the walls is just surreal. And what he received is just something that threw the world off balance. Kendrick Griffin will now learn the art of the sword as a dual-blade wielder.
I Turned Out To Be The King Behind The Scenes
Magic Reincarnation System
I want to create a kingdom where life is as convenient as I wish it to be. A comfortable world where everyone can laugh and enjoy their lives as much as possible. That's what I truly and honestly want. Ideals without strength are nonsense, and strength without ideals is empty, right? I'm a greedy guy, but I don't have an interest in seeking strength just for the sake of power, without the ambition to do something with it. But... "What are you saying? I'm the mastermind of the war between Dragons and Humans?" "Yes, Your Majesty. At that time..." "What are you saying? I am the mastermind of the Demon Race invading the central continent?" "Yes, Your Majesty. At that time..."
The Awakened Arcane Legacy
Magic Reincarnation System
After the devastating war between demons and demigods that obliterated Earth, God recreated Earth and bestowed the Order of the Divine Sentinels to vanquish the demons and restore peace. However, as time passed, humans grew unfaithful to God and lost touch with the Divine Virtues. Suddenly, the demons reappeared from seclusion, launching a brutal attack that decimated half of the human population. Now, humanity must confront an even greater evil. Amongst the chaos, a child named Talon was born, only to have his life cut short as the demons drained every drop of his blood. But God, in his mercy, granted Talon his life back reincarnating him with system that wasn’t yet activated, waiting for him to grow. Talon's extraordinary journey of life began. Lacking parent’s and guardians he had to beg, steal, and even endure horrific experiments by scientists loosing his life again. “Your Time isn’t now! You must fulfill your destiny!” Talon finally activated the God system. [Congratulations! You have been blessed with the Divine blessings of God] [Life restoration 1%....2%....40%....70%....100%] [Life Restoration Complete!] [Divine Virtues Activated - ?????]
Holy Demon God
Harem Love Dominant
The battles between the Holy God Realm and the Demon God Realm are endless, with thousands of casualties every day.  However, an unexpected event occurs in the neutral realm of Mahaverna. A secret realm leading to the ancient legacies of gods is opened, attracting both Holy and Demon Gods.  Chaos ensues as they battle for the powerful inheritance shrine. Suddenly, the sky shakes, and the powerful gods of Mahaverna forcibly close the secret realm.  What caused this conspiracy, and can the trapped gods escape for revenge? Find out in this thrilling harem, ecchi, romance novel filled with love and emotions.  Warning: 16+.  Your feedback is valuable for the writer's improvement.
The Master of Fate
Magic Independent Revenge
Young Master Jay
Red, the main protagonist, was born an orphan. At first, the world was very good to him as he was given a dear friend named Ienze. But later on, as if the decision of the world was opposed, his dear friend was killed by the two most powerful beings in their world. Of course, as a lowly figure, Red was oblivious of their identity. But despite that, Red had made up his mind that he will get strong and kill those that killed his dear friend. And on the way to becoming strong, he will have lots of adventures and one day he will go astray from his real goal, which is vengeance. But thankfully, he has fate as his guide. He will meet various people. Some of them will become his enemy while some will become his ally. Finally, he will reach the peak, which will open his eyes to the real structure of the world. And, by that time, he will have become fate's personification, which is fun at first. But later on, he will understand that great power comes with great responsibility. By that time, the question is, what will he do? Will he surrender his power? Or perhaps give up on his vengeance? Or maybe he will shrink down and let things be? As for the answer to those questions, it is yet to be decided.
Welcome back Transmigrator
Magic Reincarnation System
A transmigrator successfully returned to his previous world, but he is no longer welcome on earth. Purgers appear to exterminate all returnees! The hard work of those who sought a peaceful life in return was rewarded by being hunted upon their return to Earth! Gaige Feryuson, however, not only endured the fate of being hunted but also ultimately turned into a purger who will purge the returnees—his friends. Ding! [System transfer complete!] Ding! [Bullet extraction complete!] Ding! [Regeneration complete!] Ding! [System Requirement: Eat transmigrators' souls (5/5)] [System bound!] [Congratulations! New host of the Purger system!] [Welcome back to Earth! Your journey to purging begins!] "I… I ate my friends?" Will transmigrators be able to live the peaceful life they deserve?
Warrior Action Fantasy
Edgar, a young slave, gets slapped into the creepy valley of vipers, a place of utter darkness. His failure to return might not end the world full of freakish cultivators, but it would mean Fabby, his elder sister, has to spend her slave life alone among smiling predators that threaten her life and honor. But how can a cripple and an inexperienced Edgar survive the fall, then climb the valley that not even the most heinous criminals of the world would choose for a hiding spot? Even if he somehow does, will he continue to live as a slave, or will he fight for his and his sister’s ‘freedom’- the word a slave never even dared to whisper and live another day? Will Edgar keep swimming in suffering, or will he sink his teeth into the sharks that surround the siblings? “One day, I’ll set up an inn, and people will call me the Lady Innkeeper Fabby!” said Fabby, with her pretty nose turned up a bit. “Sounds cool, but what about me?” the innocent younger brother, Edgar, pulled her skirt and asked while licking on tamarind candy. “You’ll be a waiter, of course,” she assured. “Eh? Waiter?" his cute little expression warped very fast. "No, I don’t want it.” “You won't be a regular waiter but the head waiter!” “Still, no,” he shook his little head a little too quickly. “Why don’t you be the head waitress, and I’ll be the innkeeper!” “Huh? Then what’s the point of me dreaming of becoming an innkeeper, you idiot!” she caught his ear for a good bit of twisting. "Ow, ow, ow!"