Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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Healing God's Heir: Abandoned Son-in-law
Myth Harem Intelligent
"Congratulations, my Heir," a mysterious figure declared, "you have proven your worth, and you're now the Heir to the God of Healing and Medicine, Elandor!" Suddenly, I found myself in excruciating pain, hanging on the edge of a hill. The figure's words barely registered, and I felt like I was forgetting something crucial. Before I could make sense of it all, I blinked, and the pain was gone. My wounds had vanished, replaced by a newfound strength. There, around my neck, hung a gemstone amulet. I gasped as the amulet shone, flooding my mind with knowledge. "In the realm of healing, I'm the ultimate arbiter of life and death. As Elandor's heir, I command over ailments and the frailty of life. I am the embodiment of healing's power and authority." As memories flooded back, I realized why I was here. Darius Blackthorn, that treacherous scoundrel, had thrown me down this hill. "I won't let you get away with this. I'll have my revenge for all the pain you caused me. I'll show those Rossi family snobs who mocked me for being poor and treated me like a live-in servant. You'll regret ever looking down on me. I'm a god's heir, and you will pay for every bit of suffering you put me through." Fueled by rage, I stood there, determined to make them all pay.
I Shall Eat The Heavens
Action Sword hardships
Daoist Of Lies
In the mountains sat a small village, populated by normal people. Cows mooed, pigs ate, and humans did their fieldwork. On usual days like these, a normal person in the village would enjoy some fried chicken under the shade of a tree. "Mmm, delicious chicken..." Not everyone had access to the chicken. Only a certain family did. But as time passed, someone arrived in the village and took away the items that helped the villagers live their lives. Some young people left with the man, thinking that they would strike it big. And one of those people was the owner of the chickens. Bai Feng, a connoisseur of food, a monster that's heavier than iron, a fool that's half smart and half dumb. Cultivation isn't for everyone, but with luck, everything is possible. Could Bai Feng cultivate and reach the apex? Or would he have to stumble along the way due to the passions of life, increasing the difficulty of his path? But one thing was for certain. Bai Feng would surely enjoy life along the way. Cultivation or not.
Monster Girl Ranching in Another World
[Dear Readers, this book is slow paced, but it is worth your time!]Zack "Kazz" Foreman once was a human from the earth when humans went through a dramatic change because of an event. This forced them to evolve into energy-based beings but was sucked into another dimension.Forced to start living out lives on random worlds in a fractured dimension, Humanity is placed on the path of complete extinction.This is controlled by a demon king at a place called The Center of Everything.Kazz made it to that point once, but was tricked, refused entry to the tournament because he had been offered a place one of the gods of the worlds.Refusing to give up, Kazz goes back to the beginning to start again.Hero, a person Kazz knew but was not friends with, followed him to help but was lost from him. Upon meeting Kazz, Hero offers him the Hero System to help him advance in this new world.Kazz refuses after trying to get to the top and failing to use the easy route. This starts a series of frustrating events for both Heroes, but they learn to work as a team over time.Kazz will meet misbegotten monster girls and demons that he agrees to take care of in this world, using the Ranching System. It only gives bonuses to the girls and skills to help raise them, but he will also learn to control the Elements with Shamanic abilities.Discord:https://discord.gg/hQHJrZCYZuPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/Magic_?
Paths of Extinction
System dark fantasy hardships
🏆 ["Golden Medal" in Sci-Fi Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"] 🏆 Zeke, a student in the prestigious school known as Erys, is leading a monotonous life in which he is bullied due to his inability to manipulate Aether. However, upon coincidentally seeing a falling red star, his life drastically changed. He was granted the Paths of Extinction System. What was a first a mean to empower himself quickly turned into something beyond his control.
The Cheat Seed (Vol 1)
Alternate Universe bxg Brave
Embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Marcus G Orno in the gripping novel, "The Cheat Seed." This captivating tale unveils the remarkable transformation of a seemingly ordinary boy into an unstoppable force, defying the limitations of his past and forging an unprecedented destiny. Marcus, once the target of bullies and living a mundane existence, yearned for greatness. His dreams shattered when his best friend, Dave, awakened an incredible power while Marcus remained powerless. Despair engulfed him, pushing him to the edge of despair. But just as he prepared to end it all, a bolt of lightning intervened, whisking him away to a mysterious dungeon teeming with untold secrets. Within the depths of this extraordinary dungeon, Marcus discovers that he has been chosen for an extraordinary purpose. Facing unprecedented challenges and wielding a power born from the enigmatic Cheat Seed, Marcus embarks on a treacherous quest. Pushing beyond his former limitations, he ascends to heights of strength and ferocity previously unimaginable. "The Cheat Seed" follows Marcus's thrilling odyssey, as he rises from a meek underdog to a force to be reckoned with. With allies and adversaries alike taking notice, he becomes a monster among men, commanding the attention and respect of an entire army. But this journey is more than a mere rise to power. It is a profound exploration of friendship, secrets, and the relentless pursuit of purpose. As Marcus unravels the mysteries that lie in his path, he discovers that every twist and turn has a purpose, leading him closer to an extraordinary destiny. Join Marcus in this exhilarating narrative, where action, intrigue, and self-discovery intertwine. ......
Soul Immortal
Reincarnation Adventurous Action
🏆["Silver Medal" in Fantasy Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"]🏆 After a tragic incident, Zhang Fei's soul was transmigrated into a sacred body in a world of mortal cultivation. His tragic life continued when his new parents, along with his relatives, were killed in the hands of the beast demon clans. In this world where only the strongest survives. Fei's only solace came in the spirit form of an ancient cultivator who resided inside his body. How would a spirit work together with Fei to survive the world of powerful cultivators, deadly beasts and ancient demons? Live the tale, and tell the story.
Supreme Alchemist
Reincarnation System Teenager
Know Micro
🏆["Silver Medal" in System Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"]🏆 Goldearth--A bizarre planet! Goldearth boasts numerous lofty ranges and towering mountains, where precious stone, exotic flowers, and rare herbs are secretly hidden. Human beings there, living in the midst of air, all want to discover and use them as ingredients to refine pills that can enhance their cultivation. Their greatest dream is to become the strongest alchemists, able to lift themselves out of the revolving wheel of rebirth and finally ride on the ship of immortality. It is not an easy task, however, for those precious ingredients are usually guarded by a wide variety of powerful magical beasts, from bears that can fly in the sky and escape through the ground, turtles of absorbing natural energy, to lions of swallowing heaven and earth. Struggles, fights and battles are inevitable. Tolly McCoy , a gold miner who lost his life in the collapse of a cave, where lost treasures were deeply buried by Medieval pirates or kings , reincarnates to this world, a world where everyone works hard to be an alchemist. Can he fit in and rise to be a successful one? Follow him along his journey, from zero to hero, from child to Supreme Alchemist. Come witness the legend of Tolly McCoy in the making!
The Saga of the Unbroken
Eastern Magic Cyberpunk
"I want to retire." One of the elites in the army, Luke, complained silently as he wanted to take a break from his job. Duty bound as a soldier and genius as a mage from a famous magic academy, Luke had achieved the rank of corporal in his younger age. One day on a mission, there's storm going on inside his country as conspiracies brewing in secret. 'Who cares about the country, go to hell!' thought Luke, as he avoided a barrage of bullets and ran away for his life before his body would be shred to pieces. In the last second before the explosion hit him, time stopped and some unknown force pulled him from the fabric of reality, placing him in a place far away from home. The mystic land of dragons, inner energy, and demons. "What the--"
Rise of the Useless Son-in-Law
System Wise Revenge
The beautiful and charismatic, Hestia Taylor, the loved 7th daughter of the strongest awakened man on Earth, falls in love with a seamless nobody, Roger. Convincing her father after many difficulties, Hestia marries him with a condition that Roger had to inherit their family name and live with them. Roger, who didn't have any idea about the harsh world, enters the Taylor household, not knowing the sufferings he had to face there. There he finds that the children of the Taylors were nothing short of monsters! Being a matrilocal son-in-law, Roger was constantly humiliated! He was humiliated for being powerless and of common origin. But Roger endured it! From verbal abuse to physical beating! He endured everything all for the sake of his Love! As such three years passed by, along with Roger becoming famous as the Useless son-in-law of the Taylors. He was tired of it! He was fed up with all this humiliation and disgrace! that's when he decided! "No more!!" He took the weapon and jumped into the dungeon thinking, "It's better to die in a dungeon than living this useless life!", not knowing that he would awaken the 'Vengeance system'!! All who humiliated him, be prepared, The raise of the Useless son-in-law of the Taylor family was about to start!! --------- Join discord for updates, link: https://discord.gg/rQWSBzCPjy ---***---
The Guardian of Evil Goddess
Comedy Magic Alternate Universe
Axel died after stepping on a banana peel and hitting his head. Fortunately, he was given a second chance and reincarnated into a world where magic and swords existed. However, to his surprise, his summoner was nothing but a SWORD ... well, a sword-form evil goddess who was the enemy of the entire world! What choice would Axel make next? [Meganovel Winning Contest] [Monthly Boosting Contest] [1st Winner - 'Ground of Horror']