Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Reincarnation Optimist Fantasy
-What if heaven is not what is generally believed as?- . 21 Ascenders were chosen. Each with the utmost goal of attaining perfection.With the mindset of becoming the perfectionHe planned for.A young boy from Earth finds himself in another realm, strange voice in his head and so his adventure begins.———I didn’t choose this life. No, I’m supposed to be dead. Somehow, under bizarre circumstances, I find myself in Heaven.No, not the Christian biblical heaven or the Islam Paradise.No, I find myself in Orun,(Yoruba word for heaven) and it’s 7 worlds.In this place, the weak is chaff before the strong. And true strength can only be attained through pushing ones limit.In this 7 heavens, Nothing is impossible. Dragons, Masquerades, Vampires, Drakons and yes, Irunmoles exist.What I find about myself is that I am a sort of contingency plan, to carry out the legacy of The Mad Prime.He who was once an Angel but died an Arch Demon. The Fallen Legacy Of a Genius Being and by the Gods, his Legacy shall by me, Fall or Rise.I am Bayo, I am the Number One, FirstBorn Of my siblings and we have one mandate...ASCEND Through the 7 heavens and establish a new order, for our Patron, Trixius The Great!——————————-Cover image is Google sourced.Please RATE, COMMENT, VOTE. Inspires me much.Update schedule is 1 Chapters Daily.—————————
The Strongest Son-in-law
Comedy Magic Reincarnation
Myles, the strongest mage with the softest heart, saves his world and gets murdered in return. What awaits him, however, isn't the afterlife but another life with another wife and a novel world that needs saving. Myles be like: "I ain't saving any ass this time."
Alex Brim, Hero for Hire
Love-Triangle Magic Alternate Universe
Follow the life of Sakamo Ryu on Earth, where he is Sakamo Ryu, a fifteen-year-old boy with ascendency of English-Japanese.  His other life is as Alex Brim, a Hero for Hire on the Magical World Azurath to where he can travel by using a magical pendant.  His help is needed from time to time, because of the Magical Voids that appear in the sky from where Monsters fall, making the lives of the different species that lives there, a very hard one.  … Alex shouted to the Orc, surprising everyone, “Eat him already! He is in my way, I want your head and the pretty Magical Orb you have inside you! You are not dead already because that dumbass is still there, but as soon as you kill him, you are all mine!” The Orc let his hostage go that fell on the ground with a muffled bump. The Orc raised his mace to the sky and screamed, giving the signal for the Goblins to attack. At the same time, Alex whispered, “Give me a little of your strength, Shinatobe.” A small dot of light near his right ear answered in a low voice, “As you say, Master.” ...
An Important Villain
Magic Reincarnation Alternate Universe
P. Artim
"What the hell?! I didn't jump down the bridge to get transmigrated into a Fantasy novel!" Noah decides to end his meaningless life after fulfilling all his worldly duties, finding no attachment or will left to keep living. But when he opens his eyes after drowning, he finds himself in the body of a villain inside a Novel that he used to read. "Since I did receive a second chance in life, let's watch the drama from a VIP seat." He decides to enjoy the rich life of a nobles son while helping Arthur, the original protagonist, with his quest once in a while. That's how Noah's new life in a fantasy world began.
The Least Common Denominator
Comedy Magic Reincarnation
The Numenorian Empire. A land ruled by a handful of individuals with the power to harness the elements and push their bodies to its utmost fighting potential. For eons it has enjoyed its place at the top of the food chain; the Imperial Numerators working hard to maintain Emperor Babbage's rule against both internal and external forces. In the Empire's hubris, they pushed the Denominators, the ones gifted with an affinity for smithing and the power to bestow enchantments, to their utmost limit...All while treating them like the dirt off their heel.Numerators gloated their superiority, often at their partner Denominator's expense as the former used the latter for all sorts of things. Live target practice, general punching bags, others even abused their partners to the point of driving them to suicide. It was a system that fostered superiority in firepower and physical prowess, one that's all too common in such a medieval setting.Enter then 24-year-old Crimson.Having been reincarnated against her will, she'll have to do her best to make the most of the bad hand dealt to her by fate. Born not as a powerful Numerator capable of wielding the elements themselves, but instead with the skillset befitting of a lowly Denominator, the former unemployed medical graduate will struggle not only against the growing unrest within the Empire but also with her own acquired neuroses and fluctuating teenage hormones.It's hard enough being a modern woman in a backwater world, it's even more insufferable when you know you can make a difference. Armed with only her vast amounts of random knowledge and gameplay-molded logic, Crimson will try to mold the world around her in her own modern standards. It should be easy, right?Too bad she never finished her engineering degree.
Wizard Of Cosmos
Witch / Wizard Fantasy Protective
He saw the end of mankind and suffered a miserable death. But when he opened his eyes, he was back thirty years before his death. Since he had a possible second chance, he decided to become the strongest and survive that miserable end. To become the ultimate wizard. ‘This time I will start with the very beginning.’ He wanted to start before the end of the earth, which was bound to happen in five years. The VR game The Endless. The passage to the planet Yuriel before the end of the earth. If he could become the strongest while he was an immortal player, he would have a chance to escape that tragedy. To people who didn’t know the truth, it was just a game. To people who knew the truth, it was their future. To Jason, who knew the future, it was his ticket to survival. … ‘Let me use thirty years of my experience. Ah… I never played The Endless in my previous life. Great!’ ‘I know all about planet Yuriel. But, in five more years….’ ‘I have no time to join a Guild. I can’t babysit anyone.’ … “Join our guild if you want the money to buy a VR cabin. ” … ‘I have to focus all my time on getting stronger.’ “There is no food in the village.” .. “Hey, where are you going? You brought a child here and trying to leave? She is your child now, so take care of her.” “Eh… I will come back soon.” ‘Damn it. Didn’t I say, ‘I don’t want to be a babysitter’?’ … “That child is cursed.” “Did you say she is cursed? Say that again, I will kill you.” … ‘Right. Why did I start playing this game, again?’
Totem Warrior
Magic Superpower Powerful
Cindy Chen
Dumped by his girlfriend, Ares Jones went to an ancient artifact excavation site with his uncle, a famous archaeologist, to distract his mind. Unexpectedly, an accident made Ares fall into the abyss. When he woke up, Ares was in a very different world, and he was in the body of a ten-year-old boy named Rex Hito. Over time, Ares realized that he was in a world where everyone had magical powers. Rex Hito was an orphan from the Flaming Totem tribe who continually failed to awaken his powers. Rex's father was considered a traitor and never returned after finding an heirloom called the Grand Flaming Core. Ares tried to return to his own world, but he was forced to face many dangers and conflicts, and fight many enemies. The mystery of Rex's father, the gods that invaded the Totem world, and the beasts that eroded the strength of the Totem Warriors will confront Ares on his journey to become the strongest Totem Warrior. However, can he return to his own world?
Magic Action Princess
Elyenora is the sole princess of Benulis Kingdom, and a Knight of it. Or at least, she Was. After her father's apparent death, the prince, Aydian, took control and began threatening Benulis' peace with a promise of War and Glory. Now while on the run, princess Elyenora ventures out to seek help in building up her own faction to fight back his madness and take the crown away from her brother. With a quest in mind and a journey ahead, she finds herself alone, chased and famished. It leads to her destiny being in peril, but then through a meeting of chance, He begins shifting the gears of fate. The Princess meets her new Protector. A Man mentally scarred by his Monstrous body, a Beast without name taken prejudice to by his fellow man, a Chimera to whom she bestows a name to cherish. Mon'Ter.
I am the King of the Undead
Magic Reincarnation World Domination
Richard Cross, born as a bastard, went through many difficulties, but he didn't let that defeat him, being raised with the love of his mother, who kept him going forward. Time passes by, and now he's in his early twenties, with a great paid-off job, a lovely girlfriend. Living his life to the fullest, but it didn't last long... As young and promising as he can be, he lost his life in his own apartment at the hands of an assassin. But not being the end of his journey, he got a second chance to live, and experience the wonders like a Fantasy book But, lucky is not completely on his side, he's born as a bastard again. Nevertheless, he has a power bestowed upon him from birth, and he will make use of it to the fullest. Join Richard's journey to become stronger, to become the KING OF THE UNDEAD.
Harem Revenge Fantasy
Lu Zhen is the young master of Lu branch family. He is crippled in a fight against Jin Ha and his Dao Heart is broken. This leads to his cultivation stagnating and after painstakingly cultivating for three years without improvement he commits suicide in a forest. An opportunity than represents itself. The blood essence of a powerful beast, the Supreme White Lion, fuses with his body and the soul of this beast accepts Lu Zhen. It is now Lu Zhen and Lu Zhen is it. "This time, I'll get my revenge, I'll trample all of you beneath my feet and as for the Heavens. I'll stand above them, everything and everyone will bow beneath my feets. I SHALL BECOME...THE BEAST EMPEROR! "