Into The Unknown World

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Into The Unknown World

By: Einvee OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Growing up from a wide and remote area in the south-east of the Kingdom, Twig - a 13-year-old boy whose primary task is to collect firewood from the forests, learned a tale about a recently found cave in the middle of the forest that is motivated to explore. Upon arriving near the entrance to the cave, he was drawn by a mysterious force and miraculously survived the incident that led him to a beautiful, perilous, and dangerous hidden world .Little did he know that this is where he 'd learn magic, and as a side benefit, he 'd established a pact with a supernatural companion who'd let him conquer the domain.Shocked yet excited, little ig returned to his normal life, where everything had changed. To his disbelief, he found that nothing in the past seemed to be the same thing as it was. People grow up surprisingly fast, and he's still a little kid. He wanted to leave and search for the rest of his immediate family, but would that be all? Will he overcome all that has been learned and realize that his universe is indeed powered by magic?


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Chapter 1. Into the Woods
"Life is such a mystery. One must not be complacent about anything that has not transpired yet. Everything has its purpose and meaning. Life is not set in stone. Life is unpredictable. Join me and let’s unravel my quest to an unfamiliar world of possibilities. Are you all ready?" Said the huge man with the crown of light lavishly showing its elegance to the white-winged girl, patting on her head while she nervously intertwined her hand. "I, I will come wherever you will go, Father!" she said.Night after night after getting that dream again, he could feel that he can be somebody else. He always thought that this might be because he doesn't feel himself at all. He is indeed an unusual person, inside. He’s always having a dream that somewhere in the middle of the crowd, socializing towards common people. A place where bustling crackles of noises can be heard, dancing lights in the middle of the road can be seen, crowded and throbbing on
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Chapter 2. The Devouring Cave
They are getting deeper into the forest but the cannoyt-like, borruca-like, and other animals that look so threatening are not moving at all. Morning Dew still used to follow Twig behind grabbing his clothes and is about to scream.‘This lad is unbelievable,’ he thought and scornfully said, "It's okay, they are safe. They are not moving, you see." He teased him and he chuckled. “You really are a coward Dew! Be like me! I want to be a Knight so I can be strong!” Well, being a squire is one thing but becoming a Knight is really impossible. An elusive dream for a serf who doesn’t have the golds to buy his liberty.“Look!” Morning Dew enthusiastically said."Oh! I can see the entrance of the cave from here! Let's hurry Morning Dew! So we can give the hunted animals and feast on them later!" He told him haughtily. "Yes!" He replied quickly.They raced until they w
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Chapter 3. The white abode
Every now and then he darted his attention to the flower that had glittered for quite some time. It does seem to react to something. “I guess this should be a time to not even think strange. However, this has become certainly an otherworldly problem.” Not that it's supposed to be surprising to him in this world full of strange creatures that don't burn in a fire but... “—Argh!”“Oh! Now, you're being a creepy little one. Is it because of the irregularity of the temperature here? Or is it because there's someone out there…”  “...coming?”Flabbergasted, he started to curse. “God! Damn!” He collected his courage and started to move to the other side, trying to keep his emotions under control. He drew a surprisingly deep breath and clenched his hand. It's the human instinctive attack or run approach in the face of a completely unexpected stroke of an unfamiliar person.Read more
Chapter 4. In the middle of nowhere
He decided to roam around the dark and moist cave, and this time with the help of the little light, he can determine the gems outside from there. The gems that he has since then have been in his small pocket. He can see how it also radiates tiny light. “Hmmm. I know! I will try to see if they have the same glow.” He grabbed it out of his pocket and started looking at it a few meters away from the flower but the light escaped out from the gem the moment he tried comparing them. ‘Is it responding to the flower?’ He thought."Are you... eating the light, huh?" he faltered.Now, all he sees are musty and ordinary rocks. Nothing much. Different from the spectacular and colourful glamour these crystals previously were. From where he is, the only uncommon is the sheen of the glimmering light of the flower. The only light that is shining inside the cave. He rushed towards the blossom that snatched the li
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Chapter 5. The Pixie
During his long journey, worried about the diversity of beasts walking in the forest, he felt like the help he was looking forward to is never coming, though Twig understands that he still needs to bring the floating pixie's egg to the castle in order for it to hatch.Twig anxiously wandered the entire area looking for a place to hide and hunting beasts that he can eat for the past few days like a lawbreaker. Periodically, he needs to eat the meat raw so the beasts can't find and hunt him instead. A few more treks and he finally saw a river exiting the forest and leading to the entrance of the huge dome-like hill where houses were built on it. “That must be the place! I can see two towers that seemed to touch the sky. It's so tall.”As he walked along the stony shore of the river, though it is steady as well as cloudy and windy, and he sees nothing outstanding to amuse him, Twig tirelessly ran towards the
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Chapter 6. Integrating magic
"...There are 7 Faes", showing her 7 slender fingers she counted the original faes."Rouge; The Dragon, Arancia; The Faun, Galben; The Beast, Zold; The Dwarf, Azul; The Undine, Cham; The Elf, and Violett; The Sylph. There are at least a hundred types of us Fairies including…—" As if recounting all the living beings Twig stopped her rambling."Hold on", he pulled his hand from the small pocket and slightly pointed his fingers to stop her, "first of all, you can read my mind?" puzzled, he began asking her while walking to the pillar where Twig sat down earlier to get the meat jerky."It's not that I can go over your mind if you don't permit me. I can listen to your emotions loud and clear just as you can give attention to my words. It's called telepathy. We are connected in some way because of the Queen's energy signature within you. Unlike any other human beings, you are one of the few who can hear
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Chapter 7. Learning magic | Part I
†††"That's obvious. From the Supreme God!""Who's the Supreme God, again?" I scratched my head, not lis
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Chapter 8. Learning magic | Part II
†††"Master! You scared the life out of me. Your connection to me bounced all over the place, it is like the fluctuation of your magic goes off and on. I am scared, Master! What happened?"

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Chapter 9. Learning magic | Part III
†††"I am alright." I said while removing dirt on my knees and added, "can I at least sell it?""No!" she in
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Chapter 10. The sentries
†††"Imagine an amount of burning coal itself. Imagine it as the fire you are creating but big and tangible, Master" she re
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