Languid Kane

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Languid Kane

By: Vell Devaras OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Kane, who was born with excellent intelligence, talent, and background, only wanted to live as a slacker after he reached his independence. However, he was suddenly kicked out for being rebellious and he had to realize that a slacker life wasn’t easily achieved. As he gained his abilities and meet powerful and influential people who seemed to be too interested in him, would he be able to pursue his dream slacker life?


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132 chapters
Chapter 1: History of the Awakened
“Decades ago, the world thought of magic and monsters as myths. The people lived their life without knowing about mana manipulation and they grew up without magic. The technology was advancing despite not having a special ability. It was also considered as a peaceful era because there were no monsters.” The professor clicked her pointer to move to the next slide.“But 50 years ago, the biggest evolution occurred. Portals, which are now called dungeons, appeared out of nowhere and released monsters that almost killed the majority of the population. The human weapons could not deal even a little damage so they were in grave danger.” The professor smiled when she noticed that all the students were attentively listening except for one.She clicked the pointer again to proceed in her discussion. “After jus
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Chapter 2: Independence?
“There he is. Was that a gold medal? Did he win the quiz bee for this year again?”“There’s nothing new about that. Rumors said that the zone guardian from the Vasquez family already treat him like he was the heir of the family.”“He? A six-year-old kid was already treated as the heir?”“Why not? Isn’t he exceptional? He already surpassed his older brothers when it comes to achievements and talents. He was even allowed to give suggestions with regards to the matters of the zone and even in their business.”Kane sighed as he heard the people gossiping a
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Chapter 3: A Fluke
Luckily, Wednesday was Kane’s free day so he had the whole day to search for a job. He settled in a small apartment near his university which was also a few minutes away from the city for just 2,500 Php per month and he sighed because he knew that he got to save up to take back his bracelet. He went to the city in search of a job but when he got off the jeep, he didn’t know what to do next. How could he find a job in that vast city? He entered a fast-food chain and ordered a budget meal for breakfast. While waiting, he took his phone out and browsed some of the famous job-hunting sites. He sighed after almost 30 minutes of browsing. He already finished his food as he browsed but he didn’t find any job that might accept him based on the requirements. There was just one job that would take him but he didn’t want that kind of job—M
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Chapter 4: Job-Hunting
“You won’t really come even if I insist?” The hunter chuckled. “What are you even doing here?”“I came here to look for a job,” Kane mumbled.“How old are you? Why are you in need of a job?” the hunter looked at him with a suspicious look. “Did you run away from home?”“None of your business.” Kane stood up and put his hands in his pockets.“Hey, kid. If you’re looking for a job, you should go to the Office of Dungeon Management and Employment. If you ride a jeep from here, you could just ask the driver to drop you off in the DME Building.”Kane nodded his head and mumbled his
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Chapter 5: On-The-Job
Kane silently followed the group and he did just as he was told. He stayed in their midst while they fought off monsters and he made sure that every information was noted on his tablet. Midway, he already tried predicting what type of monsters would appear based on the data that he collected.“What do you think is the level of the boss monster in this area, Kane?” Daniel asked as they walked towards a cave.“Based on the probability, it could be a Level A monster since most of the subclass monsters here were level C and B. I think it would be an ogre.”“Woah! Did your tablet have a calculation of probabilities?” Aidan asked with his eyes wide open as he peeked at his tablet.”“
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Chapter 6: Team 9
“Sorry for calling for you all of a sudden, Mr. Vasquez.” The manager whom Kane talked to when he applied before smiled apologetically. “I am Reese Valencia and I am the manager who handles all the scouts.”“Thanks for having me.” Kane shook Reese’s hands with a polite smile.“Oh! I’m here to introduce you to the new group that you would be working with.” Reese walked closer to the dungeon entrance and he saw a group of hunters talking to each other as if they were having a meeting. “Team 9, Your new scout is here.”The team looked at him so he bowed his head but his expression remained blank. “I am Kane. Looking forward to working with you.”

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Chapter 7: OJT III
“Kane!” Carlo immediately pulled him when his feet were rooted on the ground.He slightly trembled at the sight of the hole on the ground where the Yeti’s fist landed. He would’ve broken a few bones had it been him. The strength of the Yeti wasn’t something to be taken lightly and he was slightly frightened when he was being targeted by them.He held his breath when Xander suddenly stood behind him and used repulsion on the Yeti that sneakily attacked from behind. He bit his lips when the other Yetis roared and tried to attack him again. They even ignored the people that was protecting him. It was as if all they wanted to do was to kill him.The actions of the Yetis were so unpredicted and he was confused. He wasn’t strong and he wouldn’t have done anything that might threaten the monsters so why did it seem like they were all so eager to kill him?He couldn’t stop shaking when he felt all the malice from th
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Chapter 8: Snow Golem
The team looked at the monster that roared and peeked outside the cave. Just as Kane expected it was a monster related to the snow mountain—a snow golem that stood 5-meter tall.They all took a step back when the golem was in full view. Its eyes were glaring when it looked at him. Kane clicked his tongue when the golem seemed to focus on him while it was walking. Kane took a few steps back while Xander stood in front of him.“If my friend here is hurt because the team failed to protect him, what do you think will be Miss Reese’s reaction?” Xander said with a mischievous grin as he watched the walking golem.“Who cares about a useless scout?” Kristoff grumbled. “Let him die for all I care!”“Are you a kid?” Carlo glared at Kristoff. “I know that you’re a spoiled brat but if Kane was hurt today, I swear that you would never hunt with my team again.”Kristoff clenched his fi
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Chapter 9: Friends
Kane went to school as if nothing happened during the weekends. He was just relieved that none of his classmates were having a part-time job as a hunter or else his peaceful university life would be bidding him goodbye.Though it wasn’t unusual for people like them to be having a part-time job as hunters, most students in their university would focus on making themselves stronger and making a name in the world after they graduate. After all, their university was known for training and producing world-class hunters.Kane entered his classroom like usual. He was just back to his silent and observant self. No one even took the time to look at him so he just sat at the corner and docked his head on the desk. Being unnoticeable was really the best!“Is Kane already here?”Kane’s good mood was suddenly dampened when he heard it. He didn’t even need to raise his head to know whose voice was looking for him. He sighed before he sat p
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Chapter 10: Friends II
“You’re earlier than expected!” Xander said with a grin when he saw Kane go out of the building. He had plans to wait there for him on dismissal but he ended up being too early because he was excited. Luckily, he arrived earlier because he didn’t expect Kane to leave class early.“What are you doing here? Don’t you have your own class?” Kane said after an exasperated sigh. Just when he thought that he was done with all the troublesome things. Why did he end up meeting and getting involved with such a troublesome character?“I told you that I’ll introduce you to a friend, right?”Xander was more focused on opening his lollipop than answering his question. He even offered the newly opened lollipop to him but he just shook his head to refuse it.“I have no time for this nonsense,” Kane mumbled before he continued walking past Xander.“Stop him, Rin!”Though the
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