Lewd Insanity

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Lewd Insanity

By: VILEX OngoingFantasy

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Xavier was a young man who had been through a lot, but just as he was losing faith, he heard a faint voice in his head. ["Human, your soul was chosen at random to be transported to another world"] Chosen at random, Xavier was confused and enraged until he received compensation for the gods' error in the form of a royal card (a card even millionaires desire) and 24 hours to correct everything in his life. In the mystical domain, a demonic human known for his vileness was transported in a ship with the goddess Lakeladen's priest and priestess to an island known by many names, one of which was the Island of Demons.


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{_Mystical domain_} 20222 of the Karma calendar. In a vast Island surrounded by a large water body filled with the skeletons and dried body part of human beings, their dried up body parts and sun dried bones possessing distinct features from humans.Fangs.Horns.Tails with arrow head in the female skeleton form.Or was it the beast like ears (cat, fox, pig) that beast humans possessed?The names that fit this place's description include the burial Island of demons, the labyrinth, a dungeon of demons, and the despised land.This place has its own horror, with nose wrinkling smells and eye furrowing sights straight out of an otherworldly horror.The north wind blew, sending the blood-filled sand flying and creating a small sand hurricane.The waterbody surrounding this location was no different from the land; it would not be incorrect to refer to the land as the burial place of the physical body while the water body was for the opposite.The waterbody was shrouded in bloody fog, and t
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What they witnessed was almost unbelievable; the lady had been declared dead by all medical procedures, but with just a touch from her son, she was not only resurrected, but the symptoms of her illness appeared to have vanished.The two exchanged looks of awe, while Xavier assisted his mother in getting up.She was a middle-aged lady with a beautiful face and slim figure; she used to be quite robust in the past, but that had changed since his father's death as her work load increased.The house they lived in belonged to the army after his father died. Two years after his death, another soldier came to inherit it and treated them with contempt, throwing them out on the street. Fortunately, they were able to rent a new apartment, but the rent was too high, so mother and son had to hustle day and night to make ends meet."I thought I wouldn't be able to see you anymore, Xavier." She hugged him tightly and sobbed uncontrollably.'I'm sorry you'll only be seeing me for a short time, but I
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Xavier closed his eyes as he was transported to another world, where his fate was in the hands of fate itself.He could be reincarnated as a beast or even as a poorer person, someone cursed, whatever it was...His soul, or rather his soul and body, fell down at an incredible rate through this Portal, his eyes closed because he did not want to experience everything that was going on inside here.Suddenly, Xavier felt something strange happening to his body. He felt a strong heat burning on him, as if he were being transported to hell.This sensation caused his eyes to shrink; he had no idea what it was called.However, everything came to a halt at once, and he became sleepy and fell asleep.While he was sleeping, his body transformed into a red wisp of light that flowed downward.He made it into the new world, a planet that resembled Earth, named mystical domain because of its mysteries, after reaching the bottom of the portal and arriving at a place that appeared to be space.The red
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There was a dense red fog covering the entire area, similar to the ones seen in horror films before all hell broke loose.The putrid smell of blood filled his lose, causing a small involuntary action. Xavier was touched with this emotion, which made his heart beat faster.He was currently in a world that appeared to be filled with horror, and it appeared that there was magic.The coffin cover then fell to the ground as Xavier raised his head, raising his upper torso as well.As he rose, the priest and priestess were filled with doubt, and they couldn't help but move backward and prepare magic spells to combat him.His gaze swept the room, from the tall and slim priest to the beautiful priestesses with their light elemental magic still active in their hands, and then to the busty priestess, her beautiful boobs threatening to fall off her dress.For the first time, he was able to let his mind wander lustfully.He was so lustful right now that he wanted to go in and do the deed that he t
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Soon after they arrived, Xavier was able to sigh as he saw so many humans doing various things.He could only see them moving because they were still far away, but he couldn't see the other humans who could use magic like the priest and priestess.Soon, they arrived on land, and as his feet touched the earth's soil, he felt a cold sensation that reminded him of the days he roamed around barefooted, it was so enjoyable when it was cool and tormenting once there was a very terrifying sun.This one was especially enjoyable because there was no sun in the sky, and he even closed his eyes to enjoy the sensation.Soon after, he began to notice every being in detail; of course, the majority of them were ordinary citizens, but there were others holding staffs and others with swords and other weapons strapped to their backs and waists.He noticed a pumpkin vendor using earth magic to push his truck full of pumpkins down the path he was taking.The system hit 0:00:00 at that point, and a blindi
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Killing Xavier was something that he has dreamed of since the day his aunt was killed. Edward asked the formation mages to call off the restriction, which they did without thinking too much. After that was done, Xavier was nervous; he could feel the strong aura coming from Edward, which made the dude really terrifying in his eyes. At the start, it was all Edward; the dude was among the group of priests that wanted him dead so badly. He felt it at that time, but he talked his way out, and fortunately he did not have this much memory back then, making it impossible for the dude to harm him, but right now it was another problem. His memories have been arranged, and right now all the bad things he has done play in his head like those of an armed robber standing before the court of law to appeal not guilty, whereas he was as guilty as hell. That feeling, that fast heartbeat, and the thrills you get from seeing the faces of people you won't get the chance to see anymoreEdward drew ne
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Demonic Mana
[Sanity has reached a dangerous limit; demonic mana is awakening.]Xavier was inside the large body of water, struggling to swim away from it to avoid being attacked by Edward, who was overpowering him with his insane strength. Water bubbles escaped from his mouth as he struggled to stay alive; it was at that moment that he saw the system prompt. He did not understand what the demonic mana meant or what it was going to do to him. And that was the last system prompt he saw before his body started emitting a dark, purplish energy that wrapped around his body. Edward, still in midair, observed as the water body was troubled. He suspected that Xavier was still alive and trying to survive, so he chilled a little and flew to meet his colleagues. The adventurers who saw how strong Edward was with his light magic were amazed and looked at him with admiration. Edward felt like his head was swelling as he received praise from the adventurers. But then, the water troubled even more; the no
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Dodging all of their measly attacks was not a tad bit difficult for him; the priesthood fought against evil, and demons were the living evil, so why not eradicate the evil now that it was seen? They projected toward him, Xavier braced himself and flew toward them as well. The demonic mana made his body light and also made him really fast at flying and even running toward his opponents. He caught the hands of the first priestess that had a magic rune activated, who was on the verge of shooting out magic lasers at him. Once his hands grabbed hers, the demonic mana seeped into her being through her orifices and bore into her magical core.Her mana core, which had a white color, was tainted by the demonic mana and turned the color of the demonic mana before shrinking and turning into something unsightly. As her mana core was suppressed by his demonic mana and caused to shrink, her mana, cultivated from the day she awakened, was sucked out of her body and released out of the mana vess
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On the other side of the large water body, a lifeless-looking body could be seen floating towards the shore on the other side. At its current speed, it would take at least two days for the body to get to the shore. Nevertheless, still inside the water, a fishing ship could be seen; it was built with finely polished matter and powered up with mana crystal, a crystal that contains mana. It was moving pretty fast enough to take the whole ship without causing harm to it; it wasn't that big, though. Right now there are only five persons inside, two of whom were fishermen; one was a lazy youth that took the fishing course and was going on his first fishing trip, while the other were notable citizens of this kingdom, a man named Gregor and his daughter Emilia, who is currently 14. The man has distinct blue hair and crystal yellow eyes; he is middle-aged but still has the vibe of a youth; if it weren't for his partially shaved beard, no one would have taken him for his age, while Emilia w
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Magic fish
Emilia was not a newbie when it comes to swimming because everyone here knows how to swim because although it was kingdom with mages, most of them still loved to fish and most times the sea is attacked by evolved fishes with mana core usually wreck ships and feed on the humans. In other to prevent this, they have invented water crafts that camouflages with the water when a fish looks it it from under the sea only what they would see will be the usual flow of water. Nevertheless, it was inevitable when one jumps into the water especially when they are bleeding. He gave his thoery to his daughter because Xavier was not attacked even if he has been swimming unconsciously for a very long distance, and he was still whole without a single deadly fish on his body. Emelia swimmed towards Xavier without fear while her daughter conscious father swimmed even faster after her to prevent any mischief. "Sail towards sir Gregor immediately." The others inside began turning the water craft towa
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