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In the year RE-500, a scientific discovery was made that pushed humanity to newer heights. The Keltar potion was born, allowing humans to extend their life beyond expectations. With this discovery, Humans found that they could live for 380~400 years. The human body grew stronger, no longer succumbing to major illnesses. The rapid rate of cell healing and generation had multiplied ten tens over. What a glorious discovery! No doubt, the world was in a joyous state. But with this blessing came a sharp rise in Crime. To counter this, the World Administration, called the ‘Absolutes,’ not only declared the Death sentence Void... but also created a far ‘better’ solution for these many criminals with now longer lives – Mainland 01! … In a massive courtroom, a young man had his eyes lowered to the ground. He was innocent. He knew he was. Now, it was time for the court to decide his fate! Bain thought matters would seemingly end with justice always prevailing. However, how could his journey begin if it were that simple? ***** Will post once a week.  But for far more advanced chapters, visit personal website by typing url:


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A Rotten World
In the year RE-500, a remarkable discovery was made – The Keltar potion.Humans were injected with this unique formula that could change and mutate their genes, giving them stronger bodies and longer lifespans.Humans could now live to 380~400 years old. The results were spectacular. At the age of 50, people still looked like they were in their late teen years of 17 or 18.This was a big advancement.It was discovered that a person born could grow up till the age of 16 before looking ultimately the same for the following decades, aging slowly until they died. This was why 16 was the adult age in the New Age. …[Location]Blue Sails Planet, Year RE-4000.Oven Country, Supreme Honey City..The city of Honeycomb was a beautiful region, with every plant having an exterior texture resembling a honeycomb.The city was known to have the purest grade of honey and nectarine in the entirety of Blue Sails. But today, many were not gathered to admire the stunning city sites.The sun was up, a
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Final Verdict
One by one, those before Bain were judged. And soon, it was his turn."Next!"The front guard fiercely nudged him forward, letting him stand on a massive white square below his feet. Looking around, Bain thought this should be the perfect position for all cameras to capture him. "Former Military Recruit, Bain Ratnier, age 16…” The judge momentarily paused, arousing the curiosity of many watching. The judge cleared his throat, reading the charges with a stoic expression.“Bain Ratnier, recruited to the army 5 and a half months ago. Charged with not only maliciously killing your Supervisor during your first outdoor training but also killing the other 449 in your camp!"He didn't do it.Bain was overwhelmed, thinking of that fateful day.In Oven Country, after 3 months of service, new military recruits would join light-weighted or laissez-faire missions that required little to no effort. It was practically 99% risk-free and was only there first to teach them how to force out in various
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Time to go!
The Absolutes… They were the most powerful organization in the world that emerged for no other reason than to fight and put order into the world.They symbolize justice and the ones many have blind faith in. But today, the darkness hovering within them has become more apparent to a few.However, the unsighted remained blinded.*********"Cheers to the Absolute Court!”“Cheers!”“Hooray! Hooray!... The Absolute Court has done it again!!!”(^0^)Oven country was bubbling while watching the Absolute court dish out the many verdicts.People cheered and celebrated, thanking the Court for bringing justice into the world.Some victims' families took interviews, putting in their good words and showing gratitude for it all.Yes… Oven country was going wild with glee. And in a very simple holding, a young man watched the very protected Tv. — Protected was the word.The Tv was placed in a unique see-through casing as tough as several pounds of steel and embedded into the wall. Several tiny hole
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