Mission On Last Attempt (The Zangles Saga 1)

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Mission On Last Attempt (The Zangles Saga 1)

By: Sassyjen OngoingFantasy

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The Zangles Saga1 ( Angel, Trustworthy and Crystallites.) Mission On last Attempt The Zangles, backed up and guided by the Angels, also have their trusted companions and are assisted by the Crystallites. Many believed they had been wiped out from the world since the Zappy kingdom was no longer in existence, but the question is, what transpired? Sunbus eradicated the Crystallites village. Sunbus was part of the Zappy kingdom, who grew selfish and wanted more powers. He got angry when the Zangle's power was given to a mere mortal; he vowed to take back the Zangle's control. Dwayne and his sister, who just lost their father, found out that they are the descendants of the Zangles; his best friend Andrew turns out to be his trustworthy companion. They had no choice but to face their fated destiny. What will happen if their generation fails to destroy Sunbus, an evil angel? The Zangle's power must never be posses in the wrong hands.


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Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1  Dwayne, the only son of his late father, is seen busy at the farm with Ruby, his younger sister. It’s been two weeks since their father died; life hasn't been fair to them. They had to work hard to survive. He wiped off the sweat on his face, then he said to his sister, "Ruby, get some rest while I finish the remaining work, after which we can go home. " Ruby, who was stressed out, decided to take a break as instructed by her brother.  A few minutes later, Andrew came into the farm. Andrew, their only friend, father, and Dwayne's late father were so close that people addressed them as brothers.   "Andrew, what brings you here?" Dwayne asked with surprise written all over his face  "My father wants to see you and your sister; it’s quite urgent, " Andrew replied. "Give me some minutes. Let me finis
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Chapter 2
CHAPTER 2 Lux is busy taking care of the horses in their stable when suddenly a strange light appeared, and he saw an angel standing; he shivered in fear and heard his name. "Lux, the Trustworthy, it is time." Still, he didn't understand what the angel meant by that, so he asked questions, and the angel replied, "You are bounded to be with the Zangles all your life; you are the Zangles trustworthy companion, he needs you now, you need to go and meet him, other answers you might be searching for is already in your head, I placed them already and also the description of Ravi and is whereabouts is also placed in your head." He got amazed by the whole scenario cause he could see what the angel placed in his head though it was invisible. "Lux, I, the angel of a lie detector, is with you; I must warn you, whenever you try to lie, the lightning will whip you as a punishment; the reason you are called the Trustworthy companion i
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 The hut was empty; no one was around. Sunbus stood at the very spot the angel appeared to Ravi, and he said to them, "The mission has changed; I need the portrait of the person you said lives here and find him at all cost." he took his leave. The guard located Ravi's friend, that was a hunter as well, he was asked to visit the artist with them, which he did, and a portrait of Ravi was ready; he was asked about his friend's whereabouts, but his response was, "I haven't seen him after the last hunting we went together," they assumed he was lying. They tortured him, but he told them the truth; he hadn't seen Ravi. They decided to take him to Sunbus. Sunbus was informed that the hunter's friend refused to tell them the whereabouts of Ravi; he appeared in the room the hunter was kept, which made him so scared that he started crying and begging for mercy that he had no idea where Ravi was. Sunbus used his finger to t
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Ricci was busy working when she saw a crystal on the ground; she had never seen a gold and silver crystal before, it was so attractive to her, and she carried it with care and went home. She kept the crystal in her hut to have a clear view of it; she was already falling in love with the crystal. She started having nightmares of the Queen of Crystallites telling her to come to the temple of the Crystallites that it will only be visible to her cause she is the chosen one; she needs to go and meet her destiny. She woke up from her sleep, "I don't understand, have never seen a queen as beautiful as her, she has the color of the crystal I took from the ground yesterday and destiny, I don't understand a thing, The Zangles and the trustworthy is waiting for me, oh Ricci you are going crazy already maybe I was so stressed that's why I am having such a nightmare." The nightmare kept on coming, and one day, she decided t
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5  It was dark already; Ravi and Lux had just finished eating dinner when they decided to go inside their tent to sleep; Lux had already turned off the fire and made sure the tent was secure for the night, while Ravi made sure that every corner of the tent got covered correctly. The king's guard surrounded them while they were inside the tent; Lux was fast asleep while Ravi still found it difficult to sleep. Suddenly, an arrow was shot towards the tent; Ravi had quickly pushed Lux away from the direction of the hand. "Wake up, wake up, we have been surrounded," Ravi said... " By who? "Did lux ask?  "It is the king's guards, I guess, "Ravi claimed. "What do we do now that the king's guard has outnumbered us?"Lux asked. " We need to defend ourselves; let's walk up to them, let's tell them we came only to hunt for animals, let's claim w
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Sunbus got himself disguised as a man and dressed up like a guard. The guards made sure the horses were ready for the search, and they rode on their various horses to the exact place Ravi and his companion left with the help of the guard that escaped showing them the path to take; they arrived at the site and saw their guards on the ground. Sunbus came down and observed the place with his powers, and all of a sudden; he felt a great power that was used; he saw blood on the ground close to the tent, he used his ability to make it float in the air, and since he extracted some influences from the queen of the Crystallites, he was able to detect the blood is that of the trustworthy. Then he said to himself in a low tone, "So, they are now united and working together; what an excellent beginning, but I will make sure it ends on a sad note." He laughs evilly, "I was bored in this mortal land; thi
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 Sunbus requested his drink, as usual; Genevieve had already poisoned the drink; she went into his chamber and asked for the presence of Teresa and her friend; he knew for sure his getting the powers of Zangles. Genevieve and Teresa entered the chamber, and he locked the door as usual with his powers; they looked at themselves when they saw the poison did not affect him. The look on Teresa's face was that I told you it wouldn't work, but Genevieve gave her a sign that it would work out perfectly fine. Sunbus ask them if he's going to use his powers to strip them naked this time around, but they fake a smile, and Genevieve replies saying, "Master, that won't be necessary anymore, we are already used to you, and all we want is you alone." he smiled. They started taking off their clothes, and Genevieve hid the knife inside her clothes as Teresa went to Sunbus first to distract him. Genevieve joined the
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8Sunbus got angry and destroyed the glasses with his power, "How did they escape this time around." The king was shaking as Sunbus got angrier and the king got more scared. "I know they can't run forever, I never knew I will be this stressed, I know what to do, I need a larger and stronger army so I can be very prepared for the next quest.." He commanded the king to get his best knights and he left with anger in his eyes.The Zangles, Crystallites, and The Trustworthy landed in another kingdom entirely, same with the temple. Ricci was still in pain, and Lux and Ravi were. Lux said, "I thought we were going to die." Ravi replied, "same with me, I was surprised when I opened my eyes? What is this place?" Ricci replied, "this is another kingdom, I think for now we are a bit safe from Sunbus." "Yes that's true but how did you manage to bring us here?" Lux asked. "I don't know, I noticed they were about to take the bracelet from you, I don't want that to happen, I had a co
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9Months went by, the crystallites were happy since there was no sign of sunbus not knowing about the misfortune awaiting them not until sunbus attacked their village which the location was gotten with the help of Olapis, they got the Crystallite off guard, and fought without mercySunbus started the fight with the Zangles and others, it was getting serious, they were unable to stop him, the Zangles was so disturbed about what the next thing to do because he knows that the bracelet can never be in Sunbus's hand then he noticed another bracelet on the ground and Interchanged it and the Crystallites used her powers to hid it as the fight went on. After fighting and killing the Sunbus army, the Crystallites tried fighting back when Olapis attacked her, he used his powers to bring out water to the Crystallites when she used her powers to ice it. Many started losing hope that they might lose to Sunbus, but suddenly the Crystallites were defeated but her power was never in the hand
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10"Dwayne." the angel called and he answered and the angel said, "I am the angel of wisdom and strength, I will always be your guide and call on me when you need me the most, here is a gift for your sister." he collected it and Ruby opened it and saw a necklace looking so beautiful and enchanting, she put on the necklace when another strange light appeared, then she heard her name from another angel saying to her," Ruby, I am the angel of speed and time, I will always be with you, call me anytime with your necklace whenever you are in need."Andrew angel appeared and said, "Andrew, the trustworthy, I am the angel of lie detector, I will always be with you, whenever you are in need or in trouble, always call on me and I must warn you, as a trustworthy companion, you are expected to be loyal and no matter what avoid lying to anyone, always say the truth no matter what, whenever you lie there is a punishment and it will take a day to recover." and he nodded.Dwaney angel told th
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