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By: Zephyr Dark Moon OngoingFantasy

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Trevor Barker is your typical city dweller, who spends his lonesome time with his mother, close friend Luke, and the bartenders at Double Tap. Life is going for him. Not well, but going. Until things start to fall apart around him, literally. The forces of nature are more aggressive than ever and the people around him seem to be losing themselves in the chaos. Theories of The End spill out across the national news channels and panic is inevitable. Trevor remains a skeptic of these claims until one named Odelia falls from the skies above on a drunken night. As the world tears itself apart around him, Trevor tends to his find. He spends his time teaching her his language, the ways of mankind, and catering to her wounds as she recovers. Along the way, her angelic innocence turns into curiosity and Trevor begins to fall for her. A light, in the midst of a worldwide crisis, bound to find love, and the reason she has fallen.


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Chapter 1: The Usual
Rays of sunlight bounce across small ocean waves that rush toward the beach. Each wave sheds beads of white water as they rise up and fold over themselves, losing most of their height as they approach the sandy shores. Some, bursting against large rocks that emerge from somewhere below the deep waters. Trevor takes in a slow but filling breath of fresh air, letting the breeze push his hair back as seagulls pass overhead. As he lets his lungs deflate, he peers out at the orange and yellow sun, sinking beneath the horizon. A soft smile spreads across his lips as he closes his eyes and lets the saltwater lap at his feet. Just as his eyelids block out the setting sun, a new, unrelenting sound emerges.Beep, beep, beep, beep! Beep, beep, beep, beep! Beep, beep, beep, beep!His eyes spring open to see a dark ceiling with a bright white square in the center directly above his head, as a single pane window pours in an unfamiliar light. He turns to face the frame and spots a mirror across the
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Chapter 2: Open Tab
Cheering and chatter spews through the air, with the occasional clacking of pool table contents and a pinball machine filling the empty spaces. The central area of the floor is made up of tables and booths, which are all occupied by at least two individuals. Trevor acknowledges all of this as the back of his skull tingles, signaling to him that his drinks are finally kicking in. He spins on the plush red barstool beneath him and faces the alcohol racks beyond the counter itself. With his eyes drifting slightly from where he is trying to look, he takes in the blue neon lights behind each shelf, catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror panels beyond them. He scowls and grunts. "Mirrors." "What was that, Trevor?" Trevor dips his head to the right, keeping both arms perched on the bar. Heading his way is a bartender dressed in black from head to toe. A black T-shirt, black dress pants, and black, shiny shoes. "Mirrors, Mik." "What about'em?" "Nothing but trouble." "Why's that?" T
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Chapter 3: The Angel Below
The afternoon sun beats through the window, radiating heat throughout the room as Trevor hibernates, burning off the previous night's drinks. The dark apartment buzzes around him, almost humming in his ears as the still silence deafens even his dreamless sleep, until he suddenly jolts awake. He props himself up, ignoring the hangover that's beating against his skull. Unaware of what has woken him, he starts to process earlier events and rubs his eyes with the palms of his hands. He blinks slowly and stares at the far wall, which only houses his dresser and a television on top of it. As his glazed over vision runs the length of the black rectangle he starts to stretch his arms over his head, but stops when the rest of the previous night comes through."There's an angel in the basement!" His statement this time is without a slur and sounds ridiculous to him, but nonetheless, he leaps from the bed and rushes into the hall. As his hand cusps the knob of the front door, he hears a ringing
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Chapter 4: Unspoken Tongue
With Luke and his small family pulling away from the building in a glossy, red SUV, Trevor waves them off, doing so a little longer for Adia, who is waving back aggressively through the rear window. The tinted glass makes it nearly impossible for him to see inside, but the small hand of a child flailing about is an obvious observation. Once they round a corner, he rushes back to his apartment for more supplies and carefully balances them on top of one another as he makes it back out to the building's front entrance. His firm footwear clops against the sidewalk as the setting sun keeps him mostly out of sight. Undoing the lock for what he thinks to be the last time for the night, he stuffs it in his pocket, using his chin to keep everything he is holding in place as he does so. He then steps inside, thankful that the light was still on."Odelia? I'm back." As the door latches, Trevor faces the bed he had made previously to find Odelia still examining the watch. "I'm guessing you don't
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Chapter 5: One of Many
As the familiar, repetitive screeching fills the air, Trevor cracks open his eyelids, showing only a sliver of the brown pools beneath them before shutting both again. He then rolls onto his right side and reaches out blindly for the clock. His fingers meet with the cold surface of the glass top and he makes them crawl like a spider toward the sound. As his nails touch the plastic, the alarm stops with a click. He pauses, scrunching his brow and knowing that he has not yet pressed the button. Opening his eyes fully to examine the clock, he is met face-to-face with Odelia. Caught off guard, he yips, jerks himself up, and thuds against the floor."You scared me!" He snaps, rubbing away the sleep in his eyes before looking back at her.She rests on her knees and watches him as he recollects himself. Dazed and confused, he looks out the window behind him and to his right. The sun is already up and illuminating the world outside. He can hear the traffic and knows that he is yet again, late
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Chapter 6: Angelic Penmanship
The bipedal sound of feet dragging against carpeting fills the otherwise silent corridor as the building's entrance door slides shut behind Trevor. Exhausted from what work he had done earlier on, he slouches as he walks on his way to his apartment number."112, 114, 116, 118." As he fidgets with the key, he realizes how silent the apartment beyond is. Eager to be sure Odelia was still inside and hadn't injured herself further, he forces the key into the lock and cranks it. As the door swings open, he is met by his own dresser in the hall. "What the hell?" He steps inside and without even bothering to take off his shoes, climbs over the barricade, using the nightstand- which had also made its way out of his room- for balance as he does so. "Odelia?" He calls out."Trevor?" The sound of her voice calling his name soothes him, but also shocks him. Once he is free of the cluttered furniture, he heads towards the bedroom and opens it a hair."Hey, what's all this doing out here?" He asks
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Chapter 7: All-Knowing Tablet
The following morning, Odelia sits at the dining room table with a brush in her hand and her legs folded like a pretzel on her chair as Trevor stands behind her, redoing her bandages once again. He speaks in complete sentences as he does so and has her repeat his words in hopes that she will start to better understand the bodies of them. Which to both of them seems to be working. With her bandages removed, he examines every inch of the wound and is amazed yet again by how fast it is healing. The red and scraped-up tissue is now a heavy pink and several small feathers had begun to grow sometime in the night where the previous, mature feathers had been ripped out. He continues to teach her as he presses the tips of his index finger and middle finger against the tender flesh, testing its' sensitivity. She pulls the wing away from him and then returns it, breaking her repetition of his words in two as she takes sharp breaths with each application of pressure."Sorry, I just wanted to make
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Chapter 8: Floral Explorer
Odelia traces the outlines of buildings as she passes them; With fascination dancing across the green gems on either side of her button nose in the form of speckled sunlight, bouncing off high windows and poking out between the structures she has taken a liking to. In a world much unlike her own, even those of which have become rundown are still new and intriguing. The multi-zippered pouch on her back flexes on the sides each time a unique piece of architecture stands out to her, filling her with questions she is still unsure of how to ask, along with excitement. When this happens, she feels the warm, soft surface of Trevor's fingers brush her arm as they walk side by side down the busy street. Each touch being a subtle hint from him that her wings' motions are becoming obvious. With each connection he makes, a strange and luring feeling comes over her that she can't quite explain, knowing only that it makes her want to flutter them more."Sorry about Luke." Says Trevor, apologeticall
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Chapter 9: Midnight Sun
The sound of three dull bangs jolts Trevor awake in the night. He looks about the otherwise still room and finds nothing out of place, except for an orange glow pressing itself against the ceiling and far wall. The glow spills in through the only window to his right, licking at these surfaces and flickering across the refrigerator as it goes beyond the open archway leading into the kitchen. He blinks several times, his delirious mind trying to come up with a reason for the light on its own in an effort to avoid having to get up. He turns his heavy head on a swivel and squints through tired eyes at the blurry, red numbers on the digital alarm clock. It reads 2:19 am. He grunts and slips his feet off the edge of the couch, knocking his heels against the floor as he rubs at his face and slouches forward. With his forehead pressed against his palms, he starts to doze off again, until another sound wakes him further. From somewhere outside, he hears the body of a fire hissing and crackling
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Chapter 10: Butting Heads
As the red numbers flash across Trevor's oily nose, he stirs from his sleep and silences their screams. He then slides his phone off the same table and blinds himself as the screen lights up. Reading 'Monday' in the date, he grunts and rolls his eyes. With what noise he makes, Odelia moans restlessly and clutches at his shirt, as if trying to keep him from getting up. "Good morning." He says, forcing himself out from under her by scooting his torso to the right, then his bottom, then his torso again until Odelia is the one laying against the cushions. She proceeds to curl up into a ball, covering her feet and the rest of the pant legs to the sweats Trevor had given her and tries falling back to sleep. Trevor stretches once he is off the couch, exposing the base of his bellybutton beneath his shirt before dropping his arms and slumping over to the dresser. As he slides the top drawer open- exposing several fashionable, plaid, button-up shirts, and colorful ties- the same knock as befo
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