Reincarnated With A Badluck System

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Reincarnated With A Badluck System

By: Perverted_Fella OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Died as a virgin. Reincarnated with a big rod. ________________________ Ding! [You have acquired the bad luck system. The God of death sympathized with you for dying pathetically. You have been gifted with a divine rod. Your meat rod is the tool you would use to rise to the top. Grow faster and stronger to conquer all the beauties and face the tribulations of the world] _________________________ "Eh. Where am I? What! A bad luck system!" Trying to comprehend what had just occurred as strange characters appeared in his view. Vincent tried to talk and move his body but he realized that he was in the body of a baby. ________________________ Vincent Oswald, a popular hentai writer, and tentacles creator died in a tragic accident and reincarnated into another world. A dog-eat-dog world, a world of cruelness, a world where you could have your head rolling for a plate of meat soup. _________________________ Let's see how Vincent survives in this cruel world and strives for the top, as a boy that was born with a silver spoon. ======================== Elves+Demons+Vampires+Yandere+Op Characters and so many fantasizing things. ======================== Note: No NTR towards Mc.


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77 chapters
Vincent's Death
[Check out the auxiliary chapter!] "Oh! No! She was just about to suck me off! Did I die after seeing a pussy for the first time in my life! I can't believe I died of a heart attack. What a pathetic way to die!" Vincent cried inwardly, however, his cries were useless, as he was no longer human. He was nothing more than a useless wisp of soul in a dark void. Vincent Oswald, the famous Hentai writer on Goodnovel and Tentacles anime creator died at the age of 43 as a virgin. Damn! Can you imagine that!? A man who writes smuts and harem novels died as a virgin, the first day of seeing a woman's nakedness. He died of a heart attack when one of his degenerates female fans, decided to compensate him with her cave. He died of shock. Vincent was still in deep thought, thinking about the way he died. After masturbating for all the days of his life, he finally got a girlfriend. Alas, karma was playing chess with him. Although Vincent was handsome as a man, his Bad Luck keeps girls far away f
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Getting Judged
As the man descended, he kept his eyes closed. A strange aura was surrounding him which made the entire area quiet. Everyone's instinct was screaming at them that the man could obliterate their soul out of existence with a snap of his finger."It's time to be judged!" The man said in a calm voice, yet billions of people were able to hear him.Immediately the words left the old man's mouth, all the billions of people from different races began to levitate In the air. A white aura enveloped the old man as he harnessed the spiritual aura that was lingering in the atmosphere, giving him the majestical look of a God.Clakkkk!With a snap of his finger, Vincent, along with the other people were suddenly teleported to a large field that couldn't be measured by a mere mortal like him. Looking at the floor and the surroundings, he was shocked to the core, the scenery in front of him was akin to the dreamland he had once dreamed of as a kid.
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Meeting With The God Of Death
"Fuuu Hnnn! What is this unpleasant odor? It has been decades since I smelt the scent of bad karma. Let's see the soul that Artorias sent to me. Kukuku..." A man who seems to be ageless and whose age was anonymous thought as he was meditating in what seemed to be a pool of spiritual aura. The man stood up and began waddling in the sky, he was going to meet the soul that was sent to him. _________________________________ When Vincent was teleported by the Eternal, he unexpectedly found himself in a large golden room that seemed to have no perimeter. Confused as to why he was teleported, Vincent decided to sit on the flawless floor. "Is my Bad Luck so incessant that the heavens decided to give me a separate chamber!" Vincent thought and chuckled at his Bad Luck. He was in his thoughts before he abruptly felt a surge of spiritual energy fill the room that looked like an endless abyss. Suddenly, a tall figure tore through space like tofu and appeared inside the room. Vincent who was
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Reborn As A Baby
"Push! Harder! Madame!" "Ahhhhh!!!!!!! I'm trying!!!!!" A voice that seemed to be going through discomforts sounded, in a room where the lights were neutral."Keep on pushing Madame, you can do it!" The voices of two worried female healers reverberated throughout the room.They had been trying to take the labor of a marquis for over 8 hours but all their efforts were futile. If the marquis was a normal human, she would have been long dead. "Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Another round of cries reverberated in the room as the woman who seemed to be in labor gathered all the strength she could muster to push out the baby in her womb, with veins popping on her neck and forehead, making her cervix spread out and dilate up to 10 centimeters.___________________________________Vincent only saw Laximus snapping his finger before he was vaporized into the large vortex of spiritual aura. When he entered the large vor
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Vincent's Life As A Baby
It had been over a week since Vincent and his mother left the clinic. Vincent had learned a lot of things in the past few days and also gotten frustrated, as different types of people would visit their house to congratulate his mom. He learned that his mother, Amelina, was a marquis and a powerful mage, which meant that she was a higher class, Nobel. Their house was also well furnished and looked luxurious, however, some of their designs and dressings seem way too off like the medieval times but what further confused him were some of the gadgets in the house. As they looked so advanced, he guessed that his former planet wouldn't be able to come up with such a technology in the next 50 years. Among the people that came to visit his mom, there were also other different races that he never dreamed of seeing, like elves, vampires, beast kins, and serpent women who scared the shit out of him. But Vincent didn't see anyone who seemed to be his father, however, he discovered that he had 3 s
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5 Months Later.........
[The early chapters maybe mostly prologue]5 months later...Time passed away quickly, and Vincent didn't realize it. He was already 5 months old, but he looks like a 1-year-old baby due to the time interval of the planet. Although he looked like a year old baby, he still couldn't walk yet, but he had started to crawl. Vincent had tried countless times to walk, but his legs always gave out on him. Amelina, his mother, named him his former name, which was Vincent, and their surname is the same as his old one, making him wonder if it was a coincidence or fate. Zadicus had made Vincent's life as a baby so frustrating, Zadicus would do all sorts of things to him, like slapping his face, spitting inside his mouth, or depriving him of the food his mom left in the care of Savina.Zadicus would threaten Savina that he would kill her if she leaks out anything about what transpired, he often fiddled with a small pocket knife each time
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Death Match(1)
Meanwhile, when Hilda was taking off Vincent's clothes, she removed his diapers and wore him a new one. Although the diapers could automatically clean the mess he made up since it was an enchanted item. But Amelina had instructed Hilda to change it daily for him, as it was easy to purchase.While changing his diapers, Hilda had a blush on her face when she saw the lump of meat in between his legs. After all, when she was captured by the slave traders, she had been taught about all she would do for her master, as a maid. Several sex videos were shown to her and her fellow victims, to have an idea of what they would do to serve their master, every night, after all, Manov was an advanced planet with cool technologies, but the inhabitants behave more like the people from medieval times on earth.It wasn't her first time seeing his package but she was usually flustered any time she saw it, as it was bigger than the one they had shown her at the slaves market.Read more
Death Match(2)
When Amelina finished dressing Vincent properly,  she went towards the large cupboard that was made of pure gold, positioned in the corner of the living room. She opened it and brought out a device that was similar to the camera on earth, making Vincent wonder why his new world was mixed with both medieval and advanced technologies. Their dressing was like the ancient Gothic dresses on earth, and most of their culture made Vincent pissed off at times, as it was way too improper for an advanced world. But when he gave it a second thought, he guessed that some of the weapons on earth wouldn't be able to harm the powerful mages and sorcerers that inhabited his new world, like his mom. Though, he hadn't witnessed their strength. But he assumes that they could blast a huge mountain with their bare fist, based on Mimi's explanation.Amelina went in front of Hilda and Vincent, then she told Hilda to put up with an upright posture."Hilda, why don't you smile
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Death Match(3)
"Ahn~! Vincent, don't touch mommy's second tit, you will ruin my dress with milk because they are too full" Amelina groaned as she felt that her jugs were a huge burden for her. However, Vincent didn't stop there, like a stubborn baby, he moved his hand towards her second tits again, to grab it and knead it. Amelina raised her brow when she saw Vincent still trying to grab her second tit, despite pushing his small hand away, then she said, "Aren't you overeating, little Vincent?" Amelina puffed her cheek at Vincent's struggles to grab her second breast. Vincent, on the other hand, was intentionally troubling his mother, as he enjoyed seeing her face turn red with his antagonistic nature towards her boobs. He began to cry as Amelina didn't allow him to touch her second breast
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Vampire Vs Necromancer(1)
The old man had a happy face when he saw that Amelina respected him despite being above him in status. The old man nodded his head and began to lead Amelina and her children towards the stairs that were built with gold and silver, making Vincent wonder how much resources were wasted for the stairs. While Amelina was climbing the extensive stairs, Vincent was wondering why the stairs were so lengthy, making him ponder about the type of event that was about to take place. After what seemed to be like 10 minutes, they arrived at the podium district. Vincent suddenly realized that the old man took them through a diverse route that was different from the one normal civilians passed. "Mmm, now it makes sense, that's why we only met a few people on our way, they are all nobles," Vincent thought inwardly as he stared at the thousands of people that were sitting on the chairs. Some were even standing as the chairs weren't enough to contain them, ca
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