Revenge Of The Rejected Heir

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Revenge Of The Rejected Heir

By: Beautypete Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Lucas Baron grew up very poor and had to fend himself. One day he fought with a big shot and ended up going to jail. Whoever knew that it would turn out to be a blessing in disguise because his birth mother located him and revealed to him that he was the son of the richest man in the country. Lucas was happy to have found his real parents who happen to be rich but when he approached them, they insulted him and rejected him. Since then, Lucas decided that they would pay the price of leaving him when he was young and rejecting him now


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97 chapters
Chapter 1. Job Hunt Gone Wrong
Chapter 1; Job Hunt Gone Wrong “This place is only reserved for the exclusives, you mister are not qualified to set foot here, now get away with this your ugly old shirt” The receptionist waved her hand with a disgusted look on her face as she took in his outfit. He wore a simple plain short sleeve and a black plain trouser , even though he looked neat and all tucked in, one could easily recognize that the cloth was not new due to some faded part. He was not surprised that she figured out he was wearing a second hand cloth, but by her actions just now. He just wanted to get a job in the Baron enterprise, it’s one of the best place to work wether as a high end manager or a a sales person in one of their numerous stores. Yesterday, just when he went out for a jug in the morning, he overheard some men about his age talking about a job opening for numerous positions in the Baron enterprise. He slowed down his running pace and jugged behind them so that he could gather as many infor
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Chapter 2. Perks Of Being A Rich Brat
Chapter Two; Perks Of Being A Rich Brat. After two week of fruitless job hunt, Lucas finally gave up on working for a cooperate company, he searched everywhere for any job that would be able to shoulder his immediate needs which was to pay for a house, his feeding and maybe a change of clothes. Luckily for him, he came across a bar owner who was willing to give him a spot as a bar tender and he was forever grateful to the man because his pay was relatively huge and he gets to keep his work clothes. As if that was not enough, the bar tender was so kind enough to let him crash in the bar at night as his payment for overtime work. He sold the two piece of furniture and other items that they had back home leaving him with only two boxes, one of his clothes and the other carrying memories of his childhood. He would keep them in the store, then fetch a bucket of water from the faucet and shower in the afternoon when the place was not packed, then in the evening he will get back to work
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Chapter 3. Useless Good For Nothing Lowlife
Chapter Three; Useless, Good For Nothing LowlifeSantos smiled at his victor and swore to make him pay for humiliating him at his celebratory party.But Lucas was not even worried about that, his biggest problem was that he had probably lost his job as the bar tender.He constantly cursed himself for loosing his temper during the ride to the police station.By the time they reached the police station, it was already twelve noon so no one attended to him, he was just dumped in the cold cell to spend the night.Through out the night, he could not sleep, he was thinking of what would become of his fate.What would Santos do to him this time? Would theSo what if he was released on bail? He did not have too much money to squander, he only had two thousand dollars from selling all their furniture and three hundred dollars that was remaining from the money his aunt left for him.He wondered if the money would be enough for him to posts a bail for himself, if not there was nothing he could r
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Chapter 4.Saved From Jail But Still Kidnaped
Chapter Four; Saved From jail But Still Kidnapped.Lucas was really taken aback by the words that were coming out of Boma’s mouth. He couldn’t believe it was the same person that had been kind him when no one else was.He gave him a job and let him sleep in the shop, he had trusted him so much to even leave him alone there, then what happened? Why the sudden change?“Mister Boma, I know you don’t mean your words, I’ll personally apologize to you when I reach there, such thing would never happen again”. He actually felt bad because he had a feeling something terrible had happened after he was taken to custody and he would soon find out.“Don’t Even Bother coming anywhere near my bar, I have already threw away your things, you can find them at the front of the mall that is if it has not already been swept by the cleaners. You hear me, stay away from me!”Mr. Boma’s voice was very loud and full of aggression, and Lucas actually felt bad that another person was yet being deleted away fro
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Chapter 5. A Devastated Looking Woman
Chapter Five; A Devastated Looking Woman Came to Me.Outside his room, he was welcomed by a row of eight other men in black and three different ladies, two wearing aprons and the nurse that was in his room just now.He was really stunned. For two days, he stayed in the house, he was not aloud to step out of the house.Apart from that, he enjoyed a lot of privileges of eating any thing he wanted, going to any room of the house he wanted and swimming as much as he wanted.His body was never used to this luxury that he had to get checked by the nurse in other to make sure he doesn’t hyperventilate due to over excitement.This was the life he never thought he would be able to live, just like that he was living the life, like one of those young masters in the high society.“This life wasn’t bad he thought”But after a week, he started becoming bored and anxious, he didn’t know why he was here up until now.“Tell your madam to come as fast as possible or I will not take care of myself agai
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Chapter 6. You Are My Son
Chapter Six; You Are My Son“What are you trying to say?” Lucas looked at her expression, he heard what she said quite alright, but he was unwilling to believe him.Melos’s saw the confusion in his eyes and smiled, “perhaps he hasn’t found out yet she said”She dipped her hand into her purse and brought out a wrinkled paper.“Take a look at this by yourself, I hired a detective to look for you all these while, you don’t know how happy I was when I heard that there was someone who looked like me in jail.I immediately had them take your blood sample and compared it with mine at the genetic department, it proves he was right, you are my son.”She paused for a little while as if giving him time to adjust to the information.“I am sorry you had to go through all you did because I didn’t find you soon enough, now that I did, I will not let you leave my sight”. As opposed to earlier, she had a more serious and determined look.There was total silence in the room.Lucas observed the paper fo
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Chapter 7. Nothing Money Can’t Do
Chapter Seven; Nothing Money Can’t Do“Tell her that I’m ready to be her son” he suffered today because people think he didn’t have money, but now, he’s from a wealthy family, so why not take advantage before he’s taken advantage of.He expected that she’ll come the next day and take him back home.Then she’ll take him home and they’ll have a big welcoming party for him.He was already thinking about how grand it would be and couldn’t wait for the next day so that it would happen first and he’ll be able to show everyone who he really it.But to his disappointment, she did come the next day until after a week.And when she came, she was not willing to take him with her.“Why will you not take me to see my father?” Lucas roared in the sitting room.He’s been waiting for her only to give him some cock and bull story, he wouldn’t accept it.“You have to listen son, it’s not easy for your father, when I was pregnant with you, he didn’t want you and had me abort you several times. But I wa
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Chapter 8. It Is Not Easy Fur The Church Rat
Chapter Eight; It Not Easy For The Church RatIn other not to raise suspicion or to make it obvious that he has someone backing him, Lucas did not get an apartment off campus like the other rich students did.Instead, he stayed in the campus, not just anywhere, but at the hostel made for those people under a scholarship.At first he didn’t mind because he thought he’d be staying with commoners who could only afford to attend the school because of their brains instead of their pocket.If he also stayed with them he’d be forced to concentrate only in his book and have a peaceful life in school.But he didn’t know faith was cruel, things didn’t always go as plan, never has and probably never will.He soon found out that the school also held another doom for him when he met Santos the very first day of school resumption.“Bang!” He collided with a hard body throwing him off balance so that file he was holding fell down and the papers flew away with the wind.Lucas hurried to follow after
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Chapter 9. He Didn’t Want Me
Chapter Nine.; He Didn’t Want Me As soon as he entered the hotel, he was expecting a big celebration to welcome him, but he was wrong yet again, the place was very quiet and nothing glamours was being planned, there’s also no one else around.So he walked up to the penthouse that his mother had told him about holding unto some papers he believed his father would want to see. As soon as he reached the door, he nocked on the door twice but no one was answering him. He was serious Abd heard a faint noice coming from inside as well, so he knew there was someone inside.After a little tug, he found out the door was already opened so he entered bracing himself for a surprise celebratory party.“Otherwise, why would they leave the door open” he thought.He did got it quite alright; the surprise, but not the one he expected. In the big spacious luxurious living room of the penthouse, a woman could be seen on her knees, her hands pulled together in front of her as she rubbed them a
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Chapter 10. Cursed The Day He Was Born
Chapter Ten; Cursed The Day He Was Born Lucas knew that he had went overboard by pushing the old man, but he couldn’t help it. He was provoked by the man who should be his father. He clenched his fists so tight as if he was going to fight someone. He looked around and saw that the hotel staff were all rushing to the penthouse which meant that Melissa had already called for help. Lucas didn’t go very far, he stood by a corner and watched from afar when an ambulance came and took him away. His mother’s troubled face didn’t escape his view. She had make up smeared on her face which meant that she had been crying. He felt a ping of pain in his heart and regretted putting her in such a situation. “Is it true that I’m just a bad luck?” He asked himself recalling the way Patrick pushed his mother mercilessly and slapped her several times all because she mentioned him to the man. He wanted to follow her and apologize but the bush had already left. He looked at the inscription on the b
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