Revenge of the Reprimanded Son-in-law

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Revenge of the Reprimanded Son-in-law

By: Alegria Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Gonzalez is treated inhuman by his wife's family. He is regarded of low class and not accepted by his mother-in-law. His brother-in-law on the other hand makes life miserable for him. Things take a turn when Gonzalez abduction leads to an unveiling of what life has in stock for him. He happens to be a billionaire in disguise. Do you think the wife's family would treat him with Accord due to his newly found status?


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65 chapters
Chapter one
Gonzalez sits on the bed, lost in thoughts and unsure of what to do about his employment status.He has been searching for a job for what seemed like a lifetime and yet he hasn’t been able to get one.No company seemed to want him. Considering his qualifications and educational status, one would expect him to be on the top of the food chain.He only has a good life at the moment because of his dazzling wife, Natasha. Her position in her family has been the sole foundation of their marriage, but he believes it is not proper for him to rely on her.With a deep breath, he stands from the bed and makes his way to the restroom.He stands in front of the toilet sink, turns the tap on and splashes water on his face.Gonzalez hears the door to his bedroom open. There are footsteps and they seem to approach closer to the restroom.“Gonzalez! Sweetheart, where are you?” Natasha’s voice echoes from the bedroom.Gonzalez does not answer her. He is brushing his tooth as he had not done that earlie
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Chapter two
Still standing outside the gates of the Williams company building, Gonzalez is unsure of what to do next.He thinks about his next move carefully, thinking of the right words to tell his wife when he arrives home.She seemed so happy this morning, and he knew it would break her if she found out that he didn’t get the job.His phone rings again, the same number which had called earlier on.He is hesitant to take the call, as the number isn’t saved on his phone.He takes a deep breath and answers the call. “Who is this?”“Gonzalez! You sick, worthless man,” the voice on the other end of the phone yells.The voice sounds familiar, but Gonzalez isn’t sure who it is.“Who is this?” he asks again.“This is Sylvester, you fool.”Sylvester, Natasha’s elder brother. He had never been in support of his sister’s marriage to Gonzalez and always looked for a reason to split them up.“Sylvester. What do you want?” Gonzalez inquires, his fists clenched and ready to hit whoever he found near him.“I
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Chapter three
“How dare the both you treat our young master this way?”Those words ring like a bell in the ears of Gonzalez as he stares at the man walking elegantly towards him.“Our sincere apologies Mr. Davies,” the security men respond.“I’m not the one you should be apologizing to,” Mr. Davies responds as he nods his head towards Gonzalez.The security guards bow their heads slowly. “We apologize for the inconvenience, young master.”Their attitude and actions towards him are overwhelming.No one had ever treated Gonzalez like he had value in society and now, out of nowhere, he is being addressed as Young master by people he knows nothing about.“What are you guys talking about? Stop bowing down to me!” Gonzalez declares.His reaction seems to amuse Mr. Davies and the security guards.“You seem to have no knowledge of what is going on here, Mr. Gonzalez.”“How do you know my name?” Gonzalez asks Mr. Davies.He chuckles softly. “You should get some rest Master. You must have been stressed out f
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Chapter four
Gonzalez sighs. “Why tell me all this now? What do you want me to do?”There’s a smile on Mr. Davies's face. “That is very simple young master. I want you to come back and claim what rightfully belongs to you.”Gonzalez scoffs and says, "You want me to come back and claim everything?" "Yes, everything young master" Mr. Davies replies "With all respect, do not call me young master, I am yet to wrap my head around all of this" Gonzalez objects "Whatever you wish but this is important" "Need I remind you that because of these assets, my parents were murdered and I am the only heir? Wouldn't it be too dangerous to just claim all of it at once?" Gonzalez asks, worry written all over his face. "Right" Mr. Davies agrees "What do you suggest then?" He asked turning to Gonzalez "We keep this betwixt us for the time being" Gonzalez advised "Seeing as my dad's enemies are still out there" Gonzalez continued "Indeed" Mr. Davies agreed, nodding his head "My family's assets especially th
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Chapter five
"Tell me, how?" A curious Natasha asks "I am tired dear, we will discuss this now. Let's just celebrate this" Gonzalez responded "Sure, we will" Natasha hugs him again. "I best take shower" Gonzalez suggested "You need it, hurry down for I prepared your favorite meal""Ooh, I can't wait, I will be down in seconds" Gonzalez promised As he was in the shower, he thought about all the things that had happened today. Just at the beginning of his day, he had thought the day was over for him before it even began. And then Mr. Davies, what a life-changing ending to such a bad beginning. Maybe I should tell Natasha, he thought. No, perhaps he should listen to Mr. Davies on this one, telling Natasha that could wait. (At the Williams' Residence) "I told you trying to get her to do this would not go down well with her" Mr. Williams chided "Leave it to me, I will handle it" Mrs. Williams responded "Of course, you will, you had better" Mr. Williams warned, knowing how much he would lose,
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Chapter six
"That aside, there's a new company seeking a partner, this would solve all our financial issues at the company and perhaps stop your having to abort that baby" Mrs. Williams added "Glad to see you finally agreed it is a baby" Natasha replied "What does the person that gets this deal to enjoy?" Sylvester chipped in "That person becomes the C.E.O of our company" Mrs. Williams dropped. "Does daddy know about this?" Natasha asked "He doesn't have to, I will make it work, or rather we will make it work" Mrs. Williams assured "Right, now that I have both of your attention, I will send you both the details of this new company so you can come up with ideas to win us this deal" Mrs. Williams finished. "Are you alright?" Gonzalez asked Natasha after she came back in "You know how I have always wanted my part in the company, I have the chance to do so now but I don't know how to" Natasha complained "Oh? How is that?" Gonzalez asked "There's this new company out there looking for a part
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Chapter seven
As Mr. Davies walked out, he thought of all the trust Gonzalez had for his wife, one should never trust someone so wholesome and with everything, especially a Williams, he knew that format hand. He had wanted to reveal himself when he heard about Natasha and Gonzalez but he decided against it. He had wanted him to make his own choices. Now that he thought about it, he should have stepped in, perhaps it would have saved him a lot of trouble. With Gonzalez being married to a Williams, how else could he reveal to him that they had a hand in his parent's murder? He thought it best to leave things to the hands of fate, and see how it turns out in the end. Perhaps, their story will be unlike any other. (The Gonzalez's Residence) "Honey, what are you doing at the moment?" Mrs. Williams had asked Natasha when she called her. "I'm trying to get us that deal, is there a problem?" Natasha asks "I have a little surprise for you, perhaps you can come over to the house" Mrs. Williams suggest
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Chapter eight
"That didn't go well, I suppose" Sylvester commented after Natasha had left "No, it didn't. She is so different from the Natasha I knew" Matthew added "Of course, that poor thing changed her into something not any of us can recognize" Sylvester complained to a nodding, Matthew and Mrs. Williams. "Thank you, Matthew, for at least trying. I will forever remember this" Mrs. Williams said waving Matthew off. "And ma'am, I did not do this for naught, I had hoped that I and Natasha could work" Matthew corrected "Well, looks like it will not. Still, thank you" Mrs. Williams replied and gestured to Sylvester to walk him out. "That definitely didn't go as expected" Sylvester noted when he was back. "Yes, I had other plans in motion should that fail" Mrs. Williams smiled "I'm curious, what is it?" Sylvester asked "Do you doubt me, Sylvester?" Mrs. Williams questioned "No, I have never doubted you" Sylvester jeered "I took photos of them together" Mrs. Williams answered"Yes?" Sylv
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Chapter nine
"Look piece of advise, there is actually nothing we can do about it now. We can only report a missing person, no, not until after 24 hours. Just go home, pray and wait for her" The cop finished "Alright, thank you for all your help" Gonzalez mocked and left. Gonzalez picked up his phone to dial Mrs. Williams but what could he possibly tell her? Better to wait and see. Gonzalez had slept off on the couch but was awakened by someone shaking him rigorously. "Mrs. Williams!" Gonzalez almost screamed. He was certainly not expecting her. "It is nice to see you too, Gonzalez" Mrs. Williams jeered"I wasn't expecting you" Gonzalez stated "Of course you weren't, how soon you have pushed my daughter to the background" Mrs. Williams said "Excuse me?" A confused Gonzalez had said "I am just wondering how soon you have gone from " we" to "I" yet, you claim to be in love with Natasha" Mrs. Williams explained "How long before you told me? Tell us? My daughter was missing and you didn't thi
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Chapter ten
"What do these kidnappers want anyways? I have nothing of theirs" "They could be after the money. Or you know this new deal" "The new deal? What about it?" Natasha asks "Well, turns out a lot of people want this partnership deal and will do whatever it takes to take a competition out of the game" "What?" "Yes, it's nothing new. We done that a couple of times, just less dangerous" Mrs. Williams said smiling. "Really mom?" "It's all business, honey." "Can at least call Gonzalez?" Natasha begged "No, dear. The call could be tracked, it's too risky. I am so sorry, but you will see your husband soon" Mrs. Williams assured "You do know I still have to work towards us partnering with G & G right?" Natasha asked "Yes, we will work towards that. Not to forget, you promised me that deal" "I cannot forget that, I will get us that deal, that I am sure of" Natasha assured (Mag's Media Company) "Good morning, ma'am" Carissa started "And what is so good about the morning? Why do I hea
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