Rise of the Demon King: Luke Hellwalker's Revenge

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Rise of the Demon King: Luke Hellwalker's Revenge

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Luke Hellwalker was one of the heroes summoned by the angels to slay the thirteen demon kings, but he was betrayed by the very ones he fought for. He was offered a second chance by one of the previous demon kings turned system at a certain cost. He will become the new demon king. If his only choice was permanent death and becoming a demon king, then so be it. He was going to go back to the beginning and get his revenge on the ones who used him.


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Chapter 1: Meeting an Angel After Death
"Hello, young hero, your journey has reached its end." Luke stared silently at the angel floating in front of him. "It has been a long time since we last met—""Ha."The angel fell silent. She watched as he stood up from the floor. His left hand combed through his short black hair revealing piercing black eyes. Said eyes glared daggers into the angel who felt nothing at the burning gaze."What a joke. A long time? It's been less than four years since you dumped us in this hellhole," he said with a sneer.Four long years trapped in another world. He had spent four birthdays away from his friends and family while trying to survive in this place. Thinking about them made his deceased heart clench with longing. His only companions were a bunch of strangers he had never seen in his entire life. In return for all his efforts, he was killed by the people he was supposed to protect in order to return home. It was a complete and utter joke."I don't care what you have to say. Just send me home
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Chapter 2: An Unexpected Offer From an Unexpected Source
He should have known something was fishy from the very start. Summoning a group of outsiders with no knowledge about how the world worked. Telling them only the essentials for defeating the demon kings. Only a few natives joining them on their quest.The moment that their group had been summoned, the angels already had an ulterior motive other than defeating the demon kings. Whatever it was eluded him, but that didn't matter right now. If he didn't do something soon, he would meet his permanent end.Unwilling to let that happen, he struggled harder against the force pinning him down. Veins bulged as muscles rippled from the strain. Blood dripped down his nose, only to turn into dust."Why do you keep struggling?" the angel asked as she tilted her head to one side. Her face had reverted back to its default calm expression, but he knew better. In her eyes was hidden glee at his suffering. "It's pointless. Struggling just makes is more painful."Spitting out blood, he laughed. "What's th
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Chapter 3: Accepting the Offer
What? What did he just say? Did the demon king he had killed just offer for him to become a demon king just like him? What kind of sick joke was this? Did he really think he would say without batting an eye?[Are you rejecting the offer?]He snapped. "You killed countless people. My entire party is dead because of you. Grace died to take you down."[Grace? Are you perhaps referring to the Saintess? Were the two of you perhaps lovers? If you became the demon king, you could resurrect her.]"No," he denied instantly.[No, what?]"I refuse," he said as he crossed his arms. "I'm not going to become a demon king for such a pointless reason."[Well, that was a quick rejection. I thought for sure you would accept. Did she mean that little to you?]"I respect her as a comrade. She wouldn't want me to bring her back as a minion to some demon king after dying to kill one. If you think I'll be willing to desecrate my comrade's remains just so they'll be at my side once more, think again," he sai
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Chapter 4: Fighting an Angel
Judith watched as the so-called hero's body slowly crumbled into nothingness. Soon they would finally be rid of one of the thirteen demon kings. The very thought left her giddy.An event that had not once occurred since the beginning of creation was happening right in front of her eyes. With this miracle, the balance of good and evil would shift in their favor.She squealed as she thought about how Salvador would praise her for her efforts. He might not have been one of the seven angel lords, but his status was high up in the hierarchy that his word was just as good as theirs. She would surely rise up the ranks and maybe even reach his status.With her mind consumed with thoughts about her future, she missed the red glow emitting from the hero's body. It was only when the light became so bright that it was impossible to ignore, she realized something was wrong."Wait, what's happening?" she asked no one in particular as she stared dumbfounded at the crumbling body that was reforming.
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Chapter 5: First Step of Taking Revenge
[Should I be honored that you chose my weapon?]"You're looking into it too much. It's just the best equipment for fighting against angels," he said.[Item Information][Sanguine][Godly][Attack +2,000][A blood red sword belonging to the late 12th demon king. It was forged by the demon blacksmith Tien Autry using the demon king's very own bones and bathed in the blood of angels.][Every time you draw blood, you regain a small portion of your health.][Against those with the 'Divinity' attribute, it has double the effectiveness.]As expected of the main weapon of the 12th demon king, it was made for striking down angels. No wonder they had difficulty defending against it during the final battle. The rest of the demon king's equipment must have also been Godly. Their best equipment had been Legendary."You know, if I didn't know any better, I would have thought you were setting us up to fail," he said as he pushed the angel back.She gnashed her teeth together as pressed back. "You!"
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Chapter 6: Returning Back to Life
After hearing her cuss him out for the last several minutes with words even the demon king didn't know, he was beginning to regret making her his servant. No, she wasn't his servant. The system had designated her as his slave, allowing him full control of all her stats.[Slave Information][Judith][Species: Angel][Hair: Blonde][Eye: Blue][Strength: 82][Intelligence: 78][Stamina: 80][Endurance: 99][Dexterity: 88][Mana: 100][As her owner, you can adjust any of her stats at any given time.]"This wasn't exactly what I had in mind when the system said subjugate," he said as he paused looking at her impressive stats.Her lowest stat was in the higher range of Legendary. In the party, the highest stat belonged to Grace with a Mana stat of 72. Everyone else had only managed to raise their stats into the epic range before they faced the demon king. The more he looked at it, the more outrageous it was for him to survive thus far.[You're a demon king now. What did you expect?]He gri
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Chapter 7: Going Back
"You what?" the angel shrieked.He sighed. She didn't have to scream. He was surprised too, but she didn't need to scream like a banshee. At this rate, his ears were going to go. It was really tempting for him to just kill her and put them both out of their misery."How is that possible? Wouldn't there be a contradiction?" he asked.[Yes, it causes a paradox. So how do you think the paradox is resolved?]Luke had to think about it before saying, "If there are two demon kings for the same position at any one time, I would assume that one of them would have to die."[That's correct. Which of the demon kings do you think will disappear?]"The fact that you were the demon king I fought means you survived," he said. "How?"[The demon's system prioritizes their survival of demons; therefore, it will pick the demon king it believes is the better option. While I was just a newborn, the previous demon king had already used his ability to turn back time and had lost to me already.]"So, it deci
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Chapter 8: Starting Back at the Beginning
"Hello, young heroes, thank you for answering our summons."Luke started as his mind tried to reorientate itself. Two sets of memories were warring in his mind, preventing him from being able to focus on what the angel in front of him was saying. By the time he had recovered slightly, the angel's speech was over, and several people were raising their hands or shouting at her."Hold on a minute. You can't just force us to be here. We have rights.""There's no way this can be real. Where are the cameras?""Fight? I've never fought in my entire life.""Yeah, why should we fight just because you say so? Send us back home."Suddenly, an unearthly golden glow shined from her form, silencing everyone. One part of his mind found himself at peace while the other part noted that she was using Angel's Aura, an ability all angels had which allowed them to sap a person's will to fight back. It only worked on those with lower stats than the user and didn't have the demonic attribute.The fact he kn
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Chapter 9: Finding Party Members
While he laid low, it wouldn't hurt for him to seek out allies. Not everyone had fallen into line with what the angel's wanted. Several had been wary of what the angels had to say. If what his scrambled memories of the future said was true, several people had been very outspoken about not trusting the angels before learning more about the world. Those people would later die under mysterious circumstances.No one had noticed any connections between them since it happened over the first year and in different locations in different ways. One died from a demon attack while another died in a training accident. It was chalked up to be because of how dangerous the world was, and the angels insisted that they be careful so that they wouldn't end up like them.Considering how wide the angels' influence was, it wouldn't be surprising if they got the natives involved to get rid of anyone that could convince the rest of the summoned people to not listen to the angels.He would have to approach th
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Chapter 10: Recruiting the First Party Member
Luke took the man's hand and said, "My name's Luke."Grace who had been about to take the man's hand had her hand still raised up and stared at him. She was probably confused by why he did that, but he was determined not to let his future party member get snatched up by another party before he had a chance to recruit her. He didn't know why she chose to follow him last time, but he didn't want to take the chance she would go to someone else. Things had already changed from last time because of him."I like your grip, young man," Anthony said.When he approached them, Anthony had only intervened because he couldn't stand men harassing women for no reason. She had obviously been nervous and shouting at her when everyone was just as agitated was absolutely unacceptable. He hadn't expected her to have such a protective boyfriend. He must have made his move too quickly for the boyfriend to act. It was nice to see some people hadn't lost their heads in this mess."Thank you," Luke said as t
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