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The world is filled with talents everyone born in this world has a talents wheather it's drawing or singing, acting or dancing There are countless talents what happens if you're born without any talent Will people see you as an outcast ?

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  • Adarsh Chandran


    Great story

    2023-02-01 17:48:18
  • Alova


    amazing story with a great plot

    2022-06-02 22:08:30
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my name is ryu.I'm an ordinary boy, that you can find anywhere but at the current world I'm an exception. that's because everyone in this world is born with talent's I'm the only one without any talent.because of this I'm often bullied by classmates. and even adults don't care about what happens to me. my parents have talent of sculpting and drawing. my little brother, who's 3 years younger than me have inherited both of their talent's and also has talent of acting he's considered as a genius .That's because when you have more than one talent that's a rare phenomena. and if you have 3 talent's you're blessed by god's. that's what all the people in the ministry of talent's saying .if you have no talents you're the failure and considered as a punishment of god's so no-one going to care about you.it's not that I don't know what talent I have it's simply I don't have any talent's. i tried to find my talent so many times so that I forgot the count ....'my parants see me as a trash.
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[next morning,]as usual he woke up early in the morning. but he quickly realised that he no longer need to do the chores, he can sleep as much as he want. Then he lost that kind of thoughts, his stomach was started grumbling, he needs to maintain his strength but there are nothing to eat in the junkyard.he decided to explore the forest for food and water. he's aware that he's not the only one in this forest, if anything unusual happens he need to be safe, for that reason he grabbed a wooden club with thorns in it. now he's ready to the quest to where he finds his food and water. as he walks through the muddy path he heard a voice, that voice bring hope into him it's the voice of small stream, he kneeld infront of the stream and look into it he saw his reflection.ryu : ooh!! the wounds are almost Heald but why's that I can't fully open my eyes I think it'll also heal in a span of 2-3 days, and the water looks clean. it's my first time seeing such a clean stream. in my hometown the
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In the mind
[ when ryu woke up from his sleep he felt a slight warmth on his belly he look that way to find what's the reason to sudden warmth, when he found the reason of that warmth he smiled. the small fox is sleeping besides him that is the reason of the warmth]he slowly pat that fox head that little fox woke up and stare him into the eye and lick his hand it's the first time he ever got to pat an animal. in the Hometown the only animals are allowed domestic animals if you raise any wild animal then you'll be punished Now ryu is happy. Because he got a friend. He's not alone in the forest anymore.[ it's been several month's since he arrived. more likely dumped in this junkyard he build a small wooden fence around his new home, he's still using that van he found on first day as his home and he slightly modified it and built a small kitchen. it's not that big, but satisfies him. his kitchen is very basic the stove is three stones and plates are leaves and also he learnt how to make a fire,
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His blood is boiling and the nerves on his body is about to explode from the anger he didn't know that he has suppressed this much anger, when he think about his family he felt like he's gonna puke. Whenever he tries to remeber the faces of people that has been tortured and abused him his heart felt a pain as if the trauma from that time tries to evolve into something else he asked himself, is..is this the feeling of wanting to take revenge, is this the feeling of having a talent as he spoke to himself there's a sudden voice in his head starts to mumbled[ yes, it's the feeling of revenge, don't ever forget that feeling there's no one in this world that will ever accept you if they know you're talentless besides your new friend fox called June. you know that you need to practice your predator talent I'll teach you about it the first skill of your predator talent is tracking it'll let you mark any of your prey and let you know where they are and the second skill is sixth sense it'll wa
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(sam was thinking about his mistake, why would he bring a lunatic to his camp and it was his mistake that his friends died, sam recollect the moment when they meet ryu.)sam : hey guys, look that kid looks kinda suspicious don't you think, why would there will be a kid in the middle of forest, keep pointing your gun at him if he make any unnecessary movement shoot him. hunter 2: ok,got ithunter 3: yes,sir(after ryu explain's himself that he doesn't have any memories of how did he end up here and asked for help, sam introduce himself and said the other two hunters keep an eye on ryu. )sam has other plans about ryu he thought that he can handover ryu to the ministry of talent for money and he knew that ryu will fetch for a lot because he's unique talent holder that has tamed a wild animal. when they offered food to ryu he gladly accepted that and sam make sure that ryu don't have any suspicion. but when ryu offered them some fruits, sam thought that ryu tries to poison them and ta
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Dr. levin asked ryu, what's the reason behind smileand ryu said it's nothing and he's just happy because he's gonna register as a hunter in ministry of talent's. the doctor is in awe he asked ryu.Dr. Levin : rio why didn't you register as a hunter sooner .Ryu : i don't know, my memories are all fuzzy and that's also the reason why I'm hear with sam, Doctor can you please help me.Dr. Levin : yes I will help you, but first let me finish my session with sam and also can you please wait a moment on outside of the room.Ryu : yes, i will wait outsidethat doctor asked many things to sam, and even ask him about ryu.And sam said to doctor that ryu is a nice kid and he really cares about sam and he's the one who insisted to come to hospital as soon as they can. Dr levin looked at sam, when he saw Sam's face he's crying. And doctor asked to him. Dr. Levin : Hey,sam are you a cry baby? sam : no, why did you ask that? ( he said that while wiping his tears )Dr. Levin : whenever I see yo
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They arrived at infront of the office door the lady knocked on that door and asked " sir may I come in " and There's a reply from inside " yes, you can come in" they entered through the door. when they entered the room ryu started to look around ' there are some security camera that covering the entire rooms field of vision and a large anique body mirror in a corner '. And finally ryu looked at the man sitting in the middle of the room. the man slowly stand up and walk towards them. he's wearing a brown suit and red necktie. he's also wearing 2 golden rings on his fingers and a monocle. the man introduced himself - " hello mister Rio! my name is Jerno. I'm one of the manager that controling the headquarters of ministry of talent's. Ryu : Hello mister jerno, I'm rio and this is sam and this little guy is June. may I know why you invited us to the office. ( sam also greeted jerno ) Jerno : I'll tell you that but before that do you like to have coffee, tea or anything else and I als
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[[ Every hunters has it's on prey ]]( Sam's house,)Three of them are eating their breakfast. It's nothing much, some cereal and bread toast and they are talking about something. sam : ryu, can I ask you something? why are you killing the people? Ryu : sam do you think our society is the greatest...? they're infected with the hungr for power and evil. And what the hell are they teaching kid's in the school ? do you remember when I asked Jerno about that thing is there anyone without talent?.sam : Yes, i remember that and Jerno looked pretty worked up when you asked that, why are you bringing that now...?ryu : Do you know what's that kid's name?sam : no, and you didn't answer what I asked ?ryu : that kid's name is ryu.sam : ryu ?? is that kid you? without any talent ? then how did you get talent...?ryu : well, that's secret. there are a lot of things going on. And do you know how much pain i suffered since my childhood? first they thinked that I'm a late bloomer, but gradual
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Behind 2
[[ There are many things in this world that surrounded by mystery ]]The next day, A bunch of people come to Dr. levin's clinic. Dr. Levin : Hello there, how can i help you sir?One of the guy : Hello doctor my name is Alex and I'm the leader of the 8th division of talent holders. Dr. Levin : nice to meet you Alex, I'm Dr. Levin. The director of this clinic. Alex : So doctor what kind of health checkup is this. if it's something major why don't they send us to some other big hospital? Dr. Levin : Ohh it's just a routine check up for every new hunter in the ministry of talent's. And I'm one of best doctor in the entire city of Adrot. Alex : Doctor please don't misunderstood us. some guys In my battalion is afraid. so as a leader i want ensure them that there's nothing to afraid. when Alex said that Dr. Levin was laughing on his mind and excited on the thought of how will he torture his new lab rats. Dr . Levin : Hey guy's come this way.They followed Dr. Levin just like how chi
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New move
[[ whenever we go there are people who always look down on us just hang in there and not give up because there are always someone on our fir some people it's their family and for some others it's their friends and for some others it's both their family and friends so just hang in there ]]Sam rushed towards ryu's room at same time June also ran towards ryu, sam asked to ryu. sam : ryu.. what happened why did you scream?June : kyuu...kyuuuryu : i don't Clearly remember what just happened but i do remeber that i was humiliated in a fightsam : humiliated in a fight, there is no one in here ryu?ryu : i didn't mean he's here, he defeated me in my dream. sam : what the hell are you saying ryu? , You were defeated in a dream don't be like that dreams are just our unconscious mind doing some tricks on us. ryu : i know you can't beleive me in this but what I am saying is true and for a fact i don't even feel a moment that i am in a dream. sam : what are you talking about ?ryu : what I
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