The Blessed and The Cursed Vampire

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The Blessed and The Cursed Vampire

By: Khay Phynom OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Two children, a boy and girl on the same day were visited by two divine beings. While the girl made contact with Fah, the divine spirit of light, the boy was approached by Varic, the vampiric spirit of death. With the two children being connected by a string of fate, let's see what the world has I'm store for them.

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    Khay Pynom is a must read and as usual I wasn't disappointed.

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Birth and Visitation
On the cold night of one of the harshest winters of the decade, where the whirling of the cold winds which were accompanied by snowflakes could be easily heard.Some sounds could be heard coming from a small house that stood alone in solitude from other houses, and most would be able to tell what was going on in this house."Come on! Harder! You can do it, ma'am, just push a little harder," a midwife shouted to a woman who lay down with pain written all over her face.Yes, she was currently in labour, giving birth to her first child and most probably her last and she was willing to give it her all.She was still young and beautiful despite her current state and it was such a shame that her husband who she loved so much, departed from this world two months ago, leaving her alone with their unborn child as she promised to raise their child in the best possible way she could.But the labour, up till this point has been very difficult and her body was totally exhausted, but her mind was n
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11 years later
Ashley!” A woman’s voice echoed across a small but beautiful house.“Yes mum!” Another voice responded, obviously one of a child.“Are you done with the dishes?” The woman’s voice echoed once more.“Yes mum.” The child’s voice followed.“I hope you didn’t cut yourself?” This time there was no response. The woman who had asked this clicked her tongue as she knew that her daughter as always, had ended up injuring herself while doing the dishes.“Maybe I’ll actually stop her once and for all,” she muttered while getting up from the chair she was seated on and walking towards the kitchen.When she entered, her eyes fell on an eleven-year old girl who held onto her pinky finger which trickled with blood.She looked up to her mother with an innocent smile. Their relationship was very obvious because of their resemblance. They both had long snow white hair and skin, both being very beautiful with the girl even showing signs of surpassing her mother when she gets older, and rather than her
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Sneaking into trouble
Ashley could be seen trotting in the woods with Claire in her hands. She had succeeded in sneaking out and was headed to the spot where she could see the city from and was glad that she at least got some company. Being the child she was, she occasionally stopped whenever something intriguing or beautiful came into view. Even though she was impressed with the city, she still found the forest more beautiful and now, she had stopped to look at some flowers which had a mixture of violet, indigo, and blue. “Aren't they pretty?” she said leaning forward and it seemed that Claire agreed as she purred as well. She plucked two of these flowers putting one on the left side of her hair and luckily, Claire had enough fur for one to also be stuck to the left side of her head. Satisfied, Ashley continued her journey, and after some minutes, she finally got to her destination. She was on top of a high cliff and when she looked straight ahead, a large city could be seen. Several hundred feet a
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Blessed and Cursed
Moments ago, Within a mansion in Liv, a man who had just arrived in front of his master’s study, knocked three times before getting a confirmation to come in, which he did. He bowed before stating what he came for. "Lord Zelcry, young master Val is done with his training for today, and as usual, he performed excellently. His talent is probably even higher than the older young master.”He had promised himself years ago to only deliver good news to his master and it worked perfectly, making him soar through the ranks and become his master’s right……no, left-hand man.After acquiring such a position, he was forced to deliver some bad news eventually, but today was not one of those days.“I see,” the man behind the desk said with mixed emotions in his eyes. "How is he handling his isolation?”“The same way my lord. Impassively and unbothered,” he replied. "Check up on his state and if you judge him fit, take a few men and escort him for a stroll. It's not good to keep him isolated for a
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The moment their eyes made contact, a chill ran down his spine. There was something within the gaze of his bright red eyes which wasn’t supposed to be in that of a child. Calm, firm, along with the danger that lay within, with his pitch-black hair.He didn’t know whether it was because of his eyes but Val was a devilishly handsome boy. But this was in contradiction to his normal character which was calm, composed, and somewhat innocent. “How can I help you?” Val asked bringing his gaze back to the book he was reading.He had forgotten how mature the 11-year-old boy in front of him could act sometimes. “The master told me to take you out on a stroll today.”“He did?!” Val asked in surprise.“Yes, young master. Would 20 minutes be enough for you to prepare?”“Yes,” Val quickly replied. “I'll send someone to pick you up by that time” Just before he could leave, Val voiced out.“When is my mom coming back?”“I'm not sure, but I believe that she would be here before the week runs out.
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As he approached his destination for distraction, he bought a few things along the way to avoid any type of suspicion while using the opportunity to learn about the value of the four different coins which were used by southern kingdoms, including Viron and Elsos.Ren, Fen, Ven, and Sen.These were the names of the coins.A hundred Ren is equal to 1 Fen, a hundred Fens is equal to one Ven and Five hundred Vens is equal to one Sen.It was obvious that Sen had a very high value and was very scarce.Even with the wealth of his family which could be considered as a higher class, Sens weren’t something that came by easily, so he hasn’t seen much of them.There were four social class levels with the previous being greater than the first. The noble class.The higher class.The middle class.The lower class.Val’s family was at the higher class which made them lords in this area.Most top higher class and noble class lived in or around the capital of Viron, a place that Val was yet to see for
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Damsel in Distress
Josh blinked several times to see if his eyes were deceiving him, but truly, Val was no longer there.He quickly looked towards the two men behind who were oblivious to what was going on as their gazes were fixed around the people surrounding them, observing for any suspicious movements.“B-Both of you! Did you see where Val went?” He already expected them not to have an answer for that, and the bewildered expression on their faces confirmed it. He felt dizzy and leaned on the counter of the shop for support. Without being told, the guards separated hastily in search of him.Even the shop owner was surprised how the little boy suddenly disappeared as he stared at Josh who looked obviously distressed.‘How? When? Is it an enemy? It has to be. But to kidnap him right under our noses? They have to be Divines or highly trained humans. Shit! Shit! Shit! I should’ve brought more men! Why did this happen!’He didn’t even want to think of what would happen if he who had sworn to deliver onl
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After he punched the boy, the blood which had flown out from his mouth ended up on Val’s chin.He didn’t have time to feel disgusted by this as he was slowly losing control.He was fully aware of this situation and the fact that he was a vampire or something like that.It wasn’t the first time that he was losing control like this as it had first happened after he murdered the man who wanted to kill his brother.Most of the few people who heard of this weren’t given the full details of what really happened.Back then, the man lunged towards his brother with a poisonous dagger, and at that moment, something inside of him snapped.It was more of a reflex action that he dashed towards the man at an astonishing speed with his hands stretched forward to grab his neck, but his fingers suddenly turned black and grew longer, causing it to go right through, as the man’s head was sent flying upwards.Val stared at his right hand which was covered in blood and at that moment, something began to r
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Faithful Encounter 1
He decided to leave through a part of the wall with less amount of soldiers and he seemed to have found the perfect one which was at the distant right from where he stood.If he were to escape through this part of the wall, only two men who patrolled at the top would be able to sight him.So he needed to find a way to either distract or get rid of them. He placed his hand on his chin while observing them from a blind spot.After some minutes of this, he came up with a plan, although it was going to be childish.The two men who were clad in full body armor and swords hanging on their waists didn’t even spare to glance at each other and seemed to be in foul moods.This was because of a certain problem which developed some days ago. The one at the left who couldn’t stand the sight of the other man any longer, decided to distance himself some more before he ends up doing something he would regret.But just as he turned around and took a few steps, a rock about the size of an egg hit him at
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Faithful Encounter 2
'Shit,' Val cursed internally. He didn’t mean to rip off the throat of the wolf but it was as though he had a hormone that takes effect whenever he wants to attack someone and he ends up using his powers even if he doesn’t want to, causing him to get results not wished for. This proves to him how much control he still needs but this wasn’t the main thing that bothered him.Right now his hands which he used to attack the wolf were covered in blood and he was having the same reaction as before. He tried to suppress it, but the wolves who were surprised and threatened after seeing one of them die so easily, saw this as a sign of weakness and an opportunity to attack.The wolf which was yet to attack along with the one who got hit in the head by Ashley dived at Val who was still trying to control himself. He forgot about suppressing the urge in other to defend himself but he wasn’t well prepared enough to handle both wolves simultaneously.So while he kicked one at its face, the other
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