Sam Ethol: The Voodoo Prince

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Sam Ethol: The Voodoo Prince

By: Boss Kelly OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After years of renouncing his heritage and connection to voodoo, Sam Ethol, a fifteen-year-old is haunted by a mysterious voodoo practitioner that killed his father and multiple citizens of New Orleans. Through his journey to master the mystical arts, he finds many of his loved ones being targeted by strange mystical creatures. To stop these sadistic monsters, Sam joins a group of spellcasters who teach him how to properly use his magic to defend those he holds dear. The tribe warns Sam that as a member of their team, he must be willing to stop the mysterious voodooist who has claimed the lives of so many people even if it results in killing them. In time, Sam learns that the voodooist believed to be responsible for the killings is his estranged mother who has escaped from the local asylum. Will Sam be forced to take the life of the same woman who gave it to him?


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The Saints
​“Voodoo isn’t real!”​Sam Ethol, a 16 year old high school student said to his best friend, Stevie Lacriox as the two sat outside the Chow Pow, a popular dinner in New Orleans, LA.​“Come on Sammy. Are you really gonna sit here and tell me you don’t believe in magic?” Stevie Chuckled as he drank his 802 glass of sweet tea.​“That’s what, I’m telling you, Stevie.” Sam replied him.​As the two teenagers discussed their beliefs in the supernatural world, a largeover weight man with dark skin and a bald head came toward them with a bus boy tub and dropped it on the table between them.​“Alright, break times over.” He said uninterested.​“Come on house, we still got ten minutes left.” Sam complained.​“Yeah, I know. But we got a huge rush cause of Mardi Gras. We ain’t got time to diddle dally. Now get going.”House said. ​“Oh well.” Stevie complained also. “Another day, another quarter.”​“Watch it, Croix. Just because your daddy is in office doesn’t mean you can bad mouth how I pay my he
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The burning symbol in his head scared Sam to set off in a cycle of slack.“Sammy ” Shirley called out to him“Yeah, Boss?”“Stay with us. I know this is all horrifying but we need to keep our calm until the police get here.”“What are we going to tell the cops?” Stevie said.“I don’t know.” Sam said.“We’ll take care of the cops. You two just keep calm till they show up.” House said.The board of police swens on the air pretreated the over boring silence of the ruined Chow Pow.The authorities moved in to find the workers studio in the middle of the carnage.“Everyone move in.” Sheriff McKnight ordered as the police officers moved inside the crime scene, escorting the surviving staff members to safety.“All units , I need a full sweep of the Chow Pow. Every inch of this restaurant is to be covered in yellow tape. No one gets in until I give the okay.While the officers covered Sam and the others with blankets, he saw the same voodoo mark from before been brighter in his hard.“I know
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Meanwhile at the Chow Pow, Sheriff McKnight wraps up his investigation along with his task force.“Sir, we couldn’t find any trace of bullets, knifes, or any type of weapon that could have caused this. “A young blasian wrong with long braids tied back told him.Whatever this was, officer stone, it wasn’t done with crude weapons. The witnesses said it had something involving bees.”“Don’t be absurd, Sheriff.” A third voice intervened.“Mayer DuBios I have this area closed off.“My son was in the middle of whatever catastrophe happened in this restaurant. Not to mention how horrible this would before business,”“Sir, your son is safe with his grandmother. We have officers regularly patrolling his house, “ Felicia said.“And who are you?”“Officer Felicia stone, sir.”“Well, Miss. Stone, I believe the big boys should talk about who’s patrolling what but it you’d like to help, I have a suit that needs to be picked up by the dry cleaners.“Officer Stone stays here.” The sheriff said.“So b
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Sam waited for his estranged mother to respond but was only met with her blank stares.“How long has my baby sister been like this?” Chris turned to Ramon.“For the post two weeks. We’re had to make sure she eats every day. Half of the time one of our nurses have had to spoon feed her? Speaking of which, it’s time for her lunch.”As Sam tries to reach out to his mother, a young nurse with light brown skin rolls in a cart with a plate of food on it.“Is this a bad time,” the noise says.“Sheriff, this is Onika. She’s a new nurse in training.” Ramon said as he turned to Onika. Give us ten minutes.”“What,” Sam said, morning to Onika. “Can I bring her lunch to her?”“I don’t think that’s the best idea.” Ramon said.“It’s his mother,The boy hasn’t seen her in person for over ten years. Chris said.“I understand Sheriff but I could get in trouble if anything happens to LaToya or any of you.”“I can handle my sister. Let the boy feed his mother.”Sam made his way to the cart as Onika lifte
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Sam’s emotions fell into a flux of turbulence after hearing of his heritage." Wait a minute, grandpa and granny died when I was twelve.”“Those were my parents but not LaToya’s.” “She was adopted?” Sam asked.“My parents took her in when she was seven. I was only thirteen when the Styngs killed each other and left LaToya an orphan.”“Why did they kill each other?”“No one knows. But the Styngs left behind a history of murdering innocent people to gain more power from the vodon. My father was the sheriff during that period of time. He tried to prove that the Styngs were using voodoo to commit murder but he could never catch them.“How did they keep getting away?”“The Styngs had a small group of followers in the city who worked in secret for them in exchange for whatever their hearts desired.” Onika said.“How do you know that?” Sam asked.“My mom told me about my granddaddy being Donald’s apprentice during the 50’s. Back then, a black man was an easy target for racist white men to l
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Heat flustered the pleasant vibes that filled the air as the two cousin’s stood ready to attack.“I’ve been practicing voodoo for years.” Nelson said. You don’t stand a chance.”“Try me, Jerk.”“Both of you, stop” Onika yelled.“Swahli: Forge a shell of pure energy” Nelson chanted.A massive dome conjured within the flames, trapping Sam and Nelson inside.“There, the priestess can’t save you now.” Nelson smirked.“Bring it on” Sam replied.“Swahli: I summon a cascade of skulls.”Several black spots farmed in the air as green flaming skills rocketed toward Sam. Sam clapped his hands together and began his own chant:“Swahli: Generating spiraling blades of iron.”A gust of silver wind formed around Sam as multiple blades generated out of thin air, slashing against the skulls as they connected.“You’re not the only one who’s been studying voodoo in secret.”“Let’s see what you got.” Nelson said as he folded his hands against each other.Out of his palms came a silver and brown wooden sta
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Meanwhile, Sam and the others put Ramon to rest as they discuss their next step.“My spell will cause Ramon to stay a sleep for 30 more minutes.” Onika said. “When he wakes up, he won’t remember a thing.”“What’s the plan to stop whatever is killing people from doing it again?” Sam said.“I’d thought it be obvious Sammy. You’ll need to train to claim the throne of voodon.”“Wait just a minute. I know this is an ancient tradition, and all but you’re not getting my nephew killed, young lady.”“If Sam doesn’t join the coven, he’s as good as dead along with the rest of us.”“Why does it have to be me again?”“You’re a descendent from both the Ethol and Sting tribe. Your blood is the only kind that could banish Cypress if he’s freed.”“This is why I forbid Sam from using voodoo.” Chris said as he banged his fist on the wall.“That still doesn’t make sense of why I was able to use voodoo on my mom.” Sam said. “Usally, a voodooist has to eat the thrane of voodon.”“Wait just a minute. I know
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Golden watch
During Stevie’s visit to his estranged father, Sam learns the terrifying conduction between him and the golden watch now reduced to pieces.“What’s the story with that watch?” Sam asked.“That watch once belonged to your other grandfather, Donald Styng.”“The serial killer Voodooist?”“Yes,” Benjermin said. “That watch was enchanted by cypress to act as a talisman for the final battle of the thrown.”“What thrown?”“The thrown of the voodoo king.” Nelson answered.“Every four centuries, the thrown of the voodon shifts out of balance with the mortal plane.”“You ever heard of Parabola?” Onika said, to Sam.“Yeah,” Sam replied. “Some made up paradise for Halloween characters. My uncle used to tell me it was just a myth.”“The myth is real Samuel.” Benjermin said.” Parabola is a separate dimmers on home for folklore.”“Folklore?”“It’s a general term for supernatural creatures including spell casters.” Onika added.“Parabola was forged to contain the most lethal supernatural entities so
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Styng of justice
News of his mother’s escape made Sam's stomach turn on its side." How did my mom brake out? "“I don’t know but I plan to find out.”“I’m coming with you.”“Like hell you are.”“Uncle Chris, come on. You’re too much in a bad shape to go on your own.”“Actually, I can help with that.” Onika said. ” Ondoa majeraha kwenye mwili wake, "Chris’s body become coated with pink spiritual constructs healing his body in seconds.“You got to teach me how to do that.” Sam smiled at her.Can’t believe I’m saving this but your right. Chris said. I believe its time you and your coven teach Sam how to properly use voodoo.”“Seriously?”This attack proves that more and more threats will come after you. As much as I hate to admit it, I can’t protect you from everything.”“I can take Sam to the coven to properly train for the next threat.” Onika added. If you like, I can teleport you to the ward, sheriff.”“I usually feel uneasy with those type of spells but in this case, I’ll make an exception.”“Rig
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The tribe
Excitement pumped through Sam’s body as the dreadlocked voodooist embraced his new look.“You will be given five trials to ensure that you are worthy of being on with our tribe.” Benjermin said.“Wait, I thought I already joined you guys. Sam asked.Allow me to rephrase that. Yes, you’re been accepted to our tribe but these trials will test you to see of your worthy of being our champion and defeating cypress’s voodooist.”“We’ve face threats by cypress before like were panther who attacked your uncle. Onika added. But since we’ve never been able to find out who this rogue voodooist is, we need to make sure everyone in our tribe can face them.Since you’re the Spi boy, that means you have to be on pare the most.” Nelson added.“Guess I’ll be doing your first trial.” One of the mask voodooist with long dread locks cutting off at his shoulders walks up and removes his mask. My name is Bernard Moonhouse but most of the tribe call me Beinge.”“Nice to meet you Beinge.” Sam replied.“Being
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