Solo Hunt

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Solo Hunt

By: Le_Rex OngoingSystem

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In the current timeline, all humans on Earth was transported in a fantasy world. In this world they gain the power of the system and by using this power, they train to fight monsters become stronger in 10.years. After 10 years they'll return back to earth but one man was accidentally left her in this fantasy world due to an error. In his surprise, the entire fantasy world had turned frozen, like a glitch in the system, every living being had stopped in time. The man didn't waste this opportunity and used this bug to his advantage. He killed all the monsters in this world and become strong to the point that once he returns back to Earth, he'll be the strongest human to set foot in the planet and take revenge on those that has made his life a living hell!


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Chapter 0: Prologue
After the great evolution had started, all humans on earth had been transported to another world. There they were to train for 10 years so they could become Hunters that the goal is to be able to defend themselves from the evils called monsters.Jin, a bread shuttle in his college was mistreated and bullied. After he was transported in another world, he had hoped that he could become the strongest but unlike what he expected, he was the weakest hunter in the world. After 10 years, he was still stuck at level 1. He had completely waste the power God had given him causing him to become hopeless and depressed.From the moment they were about to return to earth, Jin tripped in a cliff causing him to die and return to the respawning temple. He was left in this world without anyone else to be seen. But to his surprise, every living being in this world had gone completely frozen.He believe that this was God's tiny error. Well for Jin, this was a chance for him to beco
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Chapter 1: The Great Evolution
Year 2040, the Great Evolution has occurred on earth. From the religious beliefs, this was so-called Judgement Day but as what they expected, it wasn't.The clouds echoed thunder, storming down the world and what could be seen from above are fractions of light forming from above.Beams of light hit down every human on earth which they disappeared instantly and nowhere to be found. From the elderly to the most infant, there was no exception.After this phenomenon had been finished, all humans on earth had disappeared leaving only ruins of the city burning in ashes and everything had become quiet for once.Jin, a 1st-year college student was also hit by the beam. He had thought that this is the end of his life. Living as a bread shuttle, he was bullied and disgusted due to his figure, a very skinny, weak, and naive, everyone had avoided him. His classmates only treated him as a slave that they could give errands in which he couldn't fend them off due to him
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Chapter 2: Problems
Jin casually entered the entrance for Gaia's Canyon. The guards who had levels of 25 had just stood frozen on the entrance. He didn't mind them and entered the gate where he was greeted by the system interface. Ting!YOU HAVE ENTERED, GAIA'S CANYON!"Mmmmm, let's go!"Jin exhaled the air in the canyon, from the outside, you couldn't really tell that this was a canyon since from afar, it was located in the middle of the woods yet from the inside of the entrance, it became another terrain.Quickly, Jin used [Flash]. He sprinted through the location to were the griffins were as he was only focusing on killing them. He didn't mind the other monsters in the area as he passed through them.30 minutes passed, Jin arrived at the area where the griffins inhabit. It was on the edge of a steep mountain and just from above, there was a hole that could fit a bus inside. That was the cave in which the griffins lived."Ah, shit."<
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Chapter 3: Regretting
Jin had spent many hours searching for monsters. The hunting ground was 4 times the size of the previous one he had entered so he had a hard time searching for monsters.He could sometimes pass through wandering monsters like orcs and such so he would immediately kill them yet the XP he'd gain was still not enough.Time was a bit tricky here so he'd guess that he had been traveling for a half a day now since the sun doesn't set.Completely isolated out of nowhere, Jin didn't stop searching for monsters. Though he didn't really exactly know the places he'd reach, he had tracked all of his pace with his system map that records the location on which a hunter goes so this was very useful to Jin.He wouldn't be lost in track when he could just check the system map. He could also pinpoint locations if he wanted to go in that place later like he had just done to the spider nest so if he ever finds hard bosses that he thinks he couldn't defeat, he'd just pinpoint
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Chapter 4: Chances
'Am I dead?'Jin asks. As he felt that he was pulled down the abyss, his body felt cold as if he was drench in icy water.'Sigh, I wasn't able to finish my goal. It was all due to my selfishness, tch! I can't accept this! I want to live!'Jin's thrive to survive was still burning. He didn't want to stop until he fulfills his goal. Even if he was to return from square one, he'd continue in his path and become stronger as he wanted it to happen.This was his only option so he could show everyone that he was not just some loser who had to live his life in fear, as his dream was to become a hero. Someone who is there to help others in need and fight for what's right yet those were just imaginative thoughts as reality was harsh.Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that's why it's called a present. As what Master Oogway said.Yet for Jin, every day was as expected. Nothing surprised him no more as he would know what's
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Chapter 5: Immobile Monster
(Note: I change its name from Terra drake to Mountain drake.I also forgot to place the class as Rogue not <none>)Drakes. Descendants of Dragons. Unlike Wyverns, Drakes are more powerful and more similar r than dragons. The mountain drake is a drake that is entirely strong due to its high defense and health.For 10 years, the only drake that they have spotted was the mountain drake and it is oddly only found in Gaia's Canyon. Hunters have seen the mountain drake numerous times flying in the high sky but surprisingly, no one had ever encountered it closely as it could only be seen in a very short time and its location could not be found.There was once a strong marksmen classed hunter who tried to shoot it mid-air. By using his most powerful skill, he had hit the drake but in his surprise, the damage he dealt was only 1 meaning it was ridiculously strong, the most surprising fact is that, the drake didn't mind the incoming attack and continue to hover
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Chapter 6: Mountain Drake's Wisdom
"[Hunter Strike]!"Jin, reequipped Dreaded Fang and activates [Hunter Strike]. His plan was to check out how high the drake's defense is and what it is capable of defending.Blackthorns appear in the sharp edge of the dagger. Simultaneously, they flew out in a fan shape area reaching up to a couple meters far. Jin had aimed the attack towards the Drake causing all of the thorns to move through it.As it was about to collide, the aura that had covered the drake, rebounded all of the thorns back at him.Tang! Tang! Tang!With his spiteful instincts, Jin avoided the thorns with an inch of a gap. He was surprised after seeing that the thorns were all repelled by the aura like light bouncing off a mirror."Phew! Why the hell did it not work?"Jin questioned himself. He returned back his dagger to his inventory as he had no use of it at the moment.Damage skills might not work against the drake since it had repelled his skill attack.
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Chapter 7: Mission Possible?
Dugudugdudgud!The ground began to shake violently causing tremors inside the cave. Rock on the ceiling began to drop down the ground. Jin avoided the falling rocks and cleared the window interface."Damn! What the hell? I didn't knew about this?"Jin immediately sprint out of the cave and check at what was happening. The cliff on which Jin had entered was slowly dispersing into pixels like this hunting ground was some sort of virtual reality.He didn't had second thoughts and went running as fast as he could back to the entrance. Using his skill [Thunder Clapper] and [Flash] at the same time, he dashed like a bullet that seems to not slow down and it's even getting faster.Dugudududug! Crack! Gurugurug!The ground shook more violently and cracks began to form. As he gaze behind him everything was getting swallowed into a void."I'm not gonna make it!"He estimated his time at arriving at the entrance was about 30 mins at full
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Chapter 8: Demonic Sword
1000 years ago, the legendary Dragon began to wreak havoc in different kingdoms causing calamity to its path.The houses, buildings, and castles where destroyed, millions of innocent people died as a result of its wrath.As despair had been placed to all of the hearts of the survivors, 5 heroes appear right in front of their eyes giving them hope.These 5 heroes fought off against the legendary dragon. Fighting with their lives, they made the dragon return back to its slumber but the price to pay was high, it cost them their life.The remnants of the battle was horrifying, one of the heroes had managed to remove one of the dragon's fangs which the legendary blacksmith, Gred use to forge 8 swords.Each sword had the power to demolish anything in its path. One of the sword was given to a certain man that eventually became a legend. After the kingdoms learn of the powerful swords, they began to pursuit down Gred so they could get their hands of it but
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Chapter 9: Harmless Poison
Elemental stones are stones consist of a certain type of pure magical power. These stones come from a variety of elemental power. The basic type of elements would be fire, wind, water, earth, lightning, and nature. Each one holds a certain amount of power that generates with the wielder's mana. If an element undergoes stages which they could either mix with another element or foreign non-elements bonds with this element, they would turn into a new type of element, the secondary element. The secondary element consists of poison, blood, magma, storm, ember, steel, etc.There are also elements that get their power from entirely different sources that doesn't connect with the first or the secondary element. They are called the Special element.From the name itself, the special element has unique traits. Unlike the first element, the special element could turn either very pure or very corrupt and each one of them holds a strong power that could trample or bring f
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