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I thought that life is just a passing of moment till it ends when I meet my destined ending. Unfamiliar place. Different people. How did this happened? Marriage? War? To the enemy tribe? I don't understand a thing! Please someone help me!


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Life after death? No thanks
The Philippines just finish their presidential election and through struggles and clash of the two biggest parties among the candidates, a landslide vote that had taken the country into a new era of uncertainty.    As time flows, people learned to keep moving no matter what the future holds for them. Through the rising price of the economy products, the people remained silent while watching and hoping that the capability of the newly elected will answer the needs of the people and with it, use the ability that they possesses to flourish the slowly falling country of the Philippines into its previous might that the people in the late 60s knows off.   Debts had been piling and the prices had been rising which also makes for the basic crops to get expensive as well through the time. If this continue and is not given an act within the limit, the continuous falling of this country will soon be confirm.    But becaus
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Infamous princess
The tribe of Albu-o is one of the supreme council established to connect five tribes that had agreed to be in a truce by doing the ritual of companionship.   Albu-o is a neutral tribe which is responsible for nurturing Babaylans. They relay prophecies and are the ones that talks to the Anitos for blessing, guidance and abundance. There is no God in this time but people believes in the spirits that uses animal as their animagus that represents them which therefore called as Anito.   Itbol-i is a tribe that is known for their witchery and mystic. They also took the role of healers and said to be a just tribe that bases the payment on the severity of their patients. They give support to the Anak-ut which is said to be the strongest in strength and tactics.    "In short they are like territories based on their expertise which says a lot in the Philippine history but the tribes names were somewhat unfa
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Keep it in
It was dawn when Alya was awoken by the sounds coming deep into the forest. She is fairly familiar now but she still felt scared for her life. You never know what will happen to you in the middle of the forest and unlike her previous life, this is even more dangerous than her camping. She is assured by Mamang Hiyas that she will be not harmed by the animals because she is being protected. All the children of the Anitos are being protected no matter what their thoughts about the great spirits.    Maybe that's why praises and celebrations were held by the Albu-o tribe for they were the most believers of the Anitos and also the people that said to be the most blessed by them.   The animal skins that Alya uses as a blanket rustled when she stood up and stretches her bones.    "This can't be. I need more information." She started to put a new tube like animal skin with ropes attached to the ends to clasp it together
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A lake! A LAKE!
[I didn't know I'll be missing cars or bicycle.]   Alya and the gang were walking at the highly dense forest before the river that Riya told her which separates the mountainous region. They didn't bring anything but their own self and the two sticks she tied onto her waist with a coconut rope.    "Riya we're not there yet?"    Riya look at her apologetically while Mamang Hiyas hit her forehead and went to fetch Alya that had already gain a distance from them for being slow.   "This is why you should be joining the preparation and morning worships. Your stamina is horrible!" Alya just knitted her brows while she softly pants.    "Mamang we walk that a lot and you still criticize me! No normal human can be able to get to that river without feeling exhausted. Can we just at least rest?" She made her face look pitiable which didn't make her look better with her sharp e
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The Chosen Maiden
Alya prepared in full for this day, although a lot had happened before she presented herself in the presence of Datu Bayani. [I have to improvise for my clothes! They really don't care about Alya!] "It's pleasant to see your seventh princess today. Assuming that you have heard why I ordered you to come, do you have any wish for me to fulfill once the date of your marriage has been decided?" Datu Bayani directly asked without even asking for the princess to sit or relax. Crown prince Makisig remained silent while staring at Alya that is exuding a different air than her usual. No one knows what is running inside his head and he has no intention to let anyone knows what he is thinking.  She tied her hair unlike her usual let down uncombed style. Putting layers of animal skin unlike her straddling the piece of cloth in her shoulders and letting it fall naturally. The most that surprised them was her pleasant fragrance that they haven't smelle
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"My lady, please hold my hand. The steps are too steep. I'm afraid you might get hurt." Alya was surprised by his gentle approach but didn't point it out and gladly accepted his gesture. They are currently climbing the Gagal mountain where Eron's territory is located. Riya is being supported by another warrior while Gatu is supporting the second prince and the seventh princess. The rocks are too weak which might cause an accident. After their quick meal, they immediately pack things up and climb the mountain after a good rest. She agreed with it too and that's how smooth their journey had been going except that there is news that Eron received from the warrior he sent to scout. Apparently, the Gagal gave another two tribes the rights to live inside by making them a vassal tribe of them. But even if they were under their governance, they are the main reason why the lowlands were afraid of going to the upland. "Your highness, a warrior from Ilik were spotted n
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