The Billionaire Heir

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The Billionaire Heir

By: Teddy Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Xander Kings is a poor university student who barely eats three square meals, he is always disgraced and insulted by his rich classmates and his heart got broken when he was chasing the girl of his dreams because of his poverty. Xander is so ashamed of his financial status and wishes that he is dead but little did he know about his true identity and his fortune was about to change when he met his grandfather. His new path is now filled with investment and vengeance as an only heir to the family’s multi billionaire empire.


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30 chapters
1. The Poor Church Rat
Chapter One “Hey garbage man, make sure you wash and iron all our sports uniforms neatly till they sparkle and smell nothing like you before the end of the day” said one of the university students while throwing his dirty sweaty sports uniform to Xander and the other students joined in ,they keep throwing their uniform on the floor instead of handing it over to him with their hands or taking it to the laundry room which the university provided. Xander had to bend down on his knees to pick them up himself and they kept stepping on his foot and hands with their expensive designer shoes when he bent down to pick up the huge pile of uniform that they gathered on the floor but he kept quiet and didn’t say a word to any of them even though their actions was painful and hurts his ego, he is already used to this type of maltreatment from his fellow classmates. That’s the prize he has to pay for being the most poor student in the entire university and it is no secret, he is not from a wealth
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2. Rejected By My Dream Girl
Chapter Two “Eww, disgusting “ spitted out Xander almost vomiting when he saw a girl's pants stained with menstrual blood among the pile of dirty clothes when he was sorting the laundry. Xander doesn’t mind working hard in cleaning the school premise but the students vow to make life a living hell for him by intentionally making the surroundings dirty and adding their dirty stinking underwear together with their sports uniform for him to wash. The first time he experienced this and reported it to the school authorities, the students gang up against him and said he was lying and Xander ended up getting a warning from the disciplinary committee and if he gets three warnings then he is going to be expelled from the university with immediate effect. This made Xander to ignore them , he doesn’t want anything that will affect his education because he feels this degree is the only chance he has in turning his life around and becoming somebody in the future and he won’t allow them to make
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3. The Trap At A Party
Chapter Three Xander’s heart was boiling with so much rage and anger. He tightened his knuckles, fighting the intense urge to break into a fight. He can ignore these insults but there is a limit to every madness and they have all overstepped their boundaries today. They have insulted him and stained his white shirt with red wine while recording it for the whole world to see,Xander Kings is more than furious and was ready to risk it all by throwing a punch at arrogant Ashton’s face , Suzy was so lucky to be a female because Xander doesn’t believe in fighting with women. “Don’t do it Xander, they are not worth it. You came a long way and you should exercise more patiently. All the lecturers are here and there is video evidence which will implicate you so please calm down because you will get expelled if you find them and all your 4 years will be a waste ” said Zion whispering to Xander in his ears. Zion is the only guy that treats Xander like a normal human being in the entire unive
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4. The Mysterious Woman
Chapter Four *Doom Dosh Boom* Xander Kings hits Ashton in the face with so much strength and without hesitating, the punch he sent to Ashthon was so powerful that Ashton fell down to the ground and his nose started bleeding and shouting in pain. “Argh! You scumbag!” Xander looked down at Ashton with no regrets, he has always wanted to do this but they are always in the university premises but this place is not on campus and at this point Xander didn’t care about the consequences of his actions. He was fed up and he acted on impulse which made him feel good and powerful. “What are you idiots doing , get him!” Shouted Ashton to his drunk friend while covering his bloody face. Ashton’s friend tried to fight Xander but the 3 young men couldn’t beat Xander because they were too drunk to fight. Besides, Xander is very strong due to his athletic training and exercise. Xander beat Ashton’s friends till they all fell to the ground, one of them even passed out. Ashton was so embarrassed
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5. Kidnapped
Chapter Five“Whoa” whispered Xander with his mouth open and his jaw nearly dropping down the moment his eyes sighted the car parked in front of the Bar. The luxurious and expensive looking car shines brightly and it’s obvious that it doesn’t belong to this kind of neighborhood. Xander moved closer to the Bugatti La Voiture Noire black shiny car with tinted glasses, he has seen a lot of students with expensive cars in the university but never has he seen any of them with this type of customized car that screams classy and luxury. Xander was still admiring the car which was so shiny that he could see himself clearly on the body as if it was a mirror when the door suddenly opened hitting Xander’s forehead. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry young master. Please forgive me , I didn’t know you were this close to the car” said a very sweet voice that has an exotic accent. Xander was so mesmerized by the car that he forgot that the reason why he is out here is because a woman was looking for
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6. Billionaire Heir
Chapter Six “Yes, that’s you in the portrait when you were just a little baby Xander” came an old yet authoritative voice from behind which almost scared Xander because he didn’t hear any footsteps coming into the room and the floors were made of shiny marble tiles.“Excuse me Sir?” Said Xander , turning around to face an old yet fit and strong looking man who is also tall and looks handsome even with his white grey hair and beards. The man was wearing only a simple white shirt and brown plain trousers which made Xander confused and a bit skeptical because everyone around seems to be wearing black suit or official business formal clothes.“Don’t call me Sir, I’m Grandmaster Kings or President Kings but you can call me grandfather “ said the man calmly while his eyes kept looking at Xander as if he saw a ghost and he couldn’t believe it.“With all due respect, I am an orphan Sir” said Xander ,everything is still confusing to him. “I know it’s a lot to process and take it In especiall
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7. Arrested
Chapter Seven What should I do on my first day as a billionaire heir ?” Thought Xander while staring at the huge gates of Princeton University. There were several thoughts that ran through his mind. He has never imagined that he will be a billionaire heir overnight and it still sounds unbelievable to him but then right there in his hands was the ultimate black card that can get him whatever he wants in this whole wide world, as long as money can buy it. “Should I buy a sports car of my own , a game play station? Or should I buy a new set of school uniforms and shoes ? Maybe buy the diamond Rolex wristwatch of my dreams or should I donate the money to charity and the less privileged?” Xander kept whispering to himself as he walked down the aisle of the university's long corridor which had pictures of notable alumni and the best student of the past year. Xander turned to look at the spot that his picture was supposed to be but instead , Ashthon’s portrait was already on the wall and
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8. First Million Dollar Investment
Chapter Eight “What should we do Xander? I have some money with me but it won’t cover all these. I will have to call home and it will take some time “ said Zion “Don’t worry , just trust me Zion” said Xander. Xander didn’t say anything to the waiter and the security men, he just put his hands in his pocket and brought out his black card and gave it to the rude waiter. The waiter’s hands were shaking when his eyes were laid on the black card, he collected the black card with trembling hands. He has worked in the luxurious Royal Castle Restaurant and he knows that only the extremely wealthy people which make up 1% of the world have access to a black card.“I am so sorry Sir, please forgive me” stammered the waiter which shocked Zion and the security men “Should we arrest him?” Asked one of the security men “How dare you ? You both should apologize to this powerful gentleman immediately or we neither lose our jobs'' said the waiter and the security mens eyes widened in shock as the
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9. The Ice Queen
Chapter Nine*Hehehehehehehehehehehehe* “Bro , you’re so funny!” Said Zion laughing so hard and clutching his stomach “You wanted the truth and that’s the truth !” Said Xander sounding all pissed because Zion is still laughing hysterically “I’m so sorry but that was a good one bro, my tummy hurts from laughing so much especially when I’m full from those delicious delicacies “ said Zion. “It’s unbelievable but not funny, I am serious about this. I found out that my parents are really dead and grandmaster Kings is my grandfather yesterday morning“ said Xander hoping that Zion will believe him but Zion just kept looking at him with unbelievable eyes.“What do you want me to do to make you believe me apart from showing this business card?” Xander asked “It’s not like I don’t believe you but dude which of the grandmaster Kings are you talking about?” Asked Zion as they walked back to the university campus since it wasn’t far. “The owner of the Kings Oil and Gas Company and other Kings
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10. The Black Card
Chapter Ten “The car is not a major problem for now.I will look into it when I am done with what is in front of me, there is something important I need you to do for me if you don’t mind Miss Kim” said Xander to his secretary “I’m all ears young master Kings” she said ,her iPads in hand ready to pen down her young masters orders.“Call me Xander please “ he insisted because he was not used to people calling him a young master,it sounded foreign to his ears. “I can’t call you by your name young master Kings, that will sound very disrespectful and I don’t think that-the grandmaster Kings will tolerate that kind of behavior” said secretary Kim “Never mind, please contact the number and email on this business card. I just bought Royal Castle and I need you to handle the paperwork for me and I don’t want any mistakes to happen, call me if you need any form of clarification and make sure the ownership documents are legal and authentic “instructed Xander in a serious business man tone. “
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