The CEO's Son is a Serial Killer

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The CEO's Son is a Serial Killer

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Alice Heather Littman was just an average elementary school teacher. Having taught in the Nancaan Elementary School for over a year now, Heather counted her stars for each day that her life went by peacefully, sorely grateful at getting away from her former... turbulent lifestyle during a dark time in her college years. Ahh.. a peaceful life surrounded by her precious students...Cue, the 25th Founding anniversary of the school she's teaching in, the meek and silent teacher suddenly being propositioned in broad daylight by one of the richest and most powerful men in the city. Heather felt her heart hammer in embarrassment as the dashingly handsome Dio Panagopolous asked her out on a date.. Outwardly, the woman smiled shyly, unable to say anything. Inwardly however...She knew in her heart that she was staring straight at the face of a bonafide psychopath.In the year 2016 of January, a mysterious string of murders plagued the Nancaan district of Midas. At least a dozen women in their 20s were claimed by the incident, all with their hearts removed from their chests. Fearing a resurgence of another prolific serial killer along with placating the fears for the start of another slaving ring incident, the authorities launched an investigation about the murders, dubbing it the 'Kardia' incident with the potential suspects being dubbed the same name. Unfortunately, the investigations abruptly came to a halt due to budget cuts, the upcoming mayoral elections, and other external issues. The city of Midas was at the cusp of a major upheaval, even the smallest of actions can irrevocably change the future in unforeseeable ways. With a certain incident still fresh in her mind, Heather went on about her daily life, hoping that another incident won't affect her already miraculous second chance at living a normal life.


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80 chapters
I.I A Quiet Life
The tale begins...⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛A new year. Another full year of living an uneventful, peaceful life.This was on the thoughts of one Alice Heather Littman as she stared out of her cheap, one person apartment balcony. White smoke billowed in the distance as the young adult stretched her lithe body for the day ahead, mismatched ruby and sapphire eyes gazing out into the metal-filled landscape. Living in the more industrialized district of the city, she was used to the towering chimneys and sterile white factories that surrounded the small apartment building. Granted, Nancaan wasn't exactly known for its sprawling suburban domiciles and cleaner than not clean air, but it still sported small, leftover communities, ones untouched by the rapid industrialization of the district."Hnggggg...." The spectacled woman moaned as some of her bones cracked comfortably into place. "That never gets old."Not in the same way that she can get old at least. Having just turned 26 last month, the young adult
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I.II A Quiet Life
"Hey, did you hear? It's the same as last week.." "Yeah.. They found another one up north near Downtown. Heart gone and everything.""Yikes. That's pretty near us too.."Heather tried her best to enjoy her small afternoon break in peace, ignoring the hushed whispers of some of her colleagues as she munched on a lame piece of white bread. The snacking teacher never really paid too much attention about the going ons of the city anymore, having found that news about killings and other random incidents always made her mood drop considerably."Hey, Heather." A fellow teacher whispered from the left side of their conjoined desks, her short brown hair failing to hide its owner's electric blue eyes. "Aren't you worried? That's pretty close to your place isn't it?""Not really." Why should she be worried? "It's not like I walk the streets in the middle of the night." "Still! You never know Heather." The brown-haired gal protested, left hand chastising the redhead while the other continued to
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Interlude I: A God Amongst Men
A small glimpse... ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ In a certain office building in Downtown Midas, a fairly handsome man sat comfortably behind his posh desk, a wine glass on one hand as he read a printed out itinerary on the other. The clear walls behind the man displayed a sprawling cityscape, a playground for the rich and powerful to play with. "Hmmm..." A nine o'clock meeting with the stockholders.. Rounds by the docks at eleven.. "A fairly standard rundown." Dio Panagopolous was a simple man by his standards. Everyday, the black-haired Chief Operating Officer of the Alexandria Shipping Company would wake up in his penthouse just above his office at exactly 5 AM on the dot, followed by a strict regimen of daily exercises to maintain his adonis-like figure. By 6 AM the COO would take a brief shower
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II.I Foundation Day
Time moves forward... ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ "I hate sports." The Nancaan Elementary School's 25th Foundation Day was currently in full swing. All throughout the school grounds, various games and athletic events were being played out in front of Heather's bespectacled eyes. The teacher sat on the bleachers of the school's roofed basketball court, her head propped up on one hand as she turned her attention back to the court, lazily watching her boys take on their opponents from their sister class of 5-A. "Don't be such a sourpuss Helly!" Beside the skulking redhead, a familiar brunette coaxed, her endless amounts of energy unbound not only by her lack of a proper teacher's uniform. "I know for a fact you'd kill it out there if you tried!" A faint smile colored Heat
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II.II Foundation Day
"Okay, kids!" Heather shouted with a commanding tone, her once meek voice now capable of carrying authority through experience. "Line up according to height!" The redhead put her hands on her jacket's pockets as she watched her children do their thing, the boys and girls of 5-B displaying a heightened level of discipline and attentiveness. The proud teacher almost felt a tear escape her sapphire eye; she loved them so much right now. The roofed basketball court was packed, students of various grades and sizes all lining up in front of the stage that was built on to the side of the court. It was decorated with the customary school colors of peach and black as balloons and drapes decorated the elevated platform. A big popped out lettering stood out at the back wall of the stage, displaying in bold letters 'Nancaan Elementary School's 25th Foundation Day!'  Kind of
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II.III Foundation Day
"Alice Heather Littman, sir." Sapphire eyes lit up the more Dio knew more about the ravishing maiden in front of him. The COO never thought that he would find exceptional beauty in such an insignificant location, having previously planned off of doing his nightly excursion for the week due to the sudden intrusion on his schedule. But simply seeing such crimson red locks, along with her slender physique, not to mention her different colored irises, this woman was possibly the rarest beauty in all of Midas!  "How exquisite," Dio could barely contain his euphoria as he drank in every inch of her form. Keen eyes lingered from the woman's slender legs, to her jacket covered body. The teacher was blushing furiously, red and blue firmly transfixed against his own sapphire orbs.  His breath hitche
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II.IV Foundation Day
"I hope that I'll be worth your while." Heather watched as the uncanny man in the suit left the court with an elegant gait, his ebony hair fluttering on nonexistent wind as he disappeared through the school gate. All the while, Alexa never stopped judging her initial attempt at rebuffing the suspicious COO, dragging her all the way to the women's bathroom to avoid the incredulous stares from both students and fellow faculty. While she did admit that he was fairly attractive, the redhead was no stranger to underlying motives.  "What were you thinking Helly?!" The confounded teacher ignored her friend's outburst in favor of focusing on the slightly molded tiles of the small washroom. Why her of all people? It's not like she's any more beautiful than her currently annoying colleague. Was it her eyes? Her hair? Hell, she didn't even talk to the man at least once bef
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III.I First Date
Time moves forward... ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ "I have a bad feeling about this." Heather muttered to herself as she studied her appearance in the mirror. Currently wearing a blue, long-sleeved one-piece business dress that ended just below her knees, milky white legs slipped on her chosen thick, black leggings as her mind came back to that unnerving Tuesday morning.  Having agreed to this farce of a date out of pity for her friend, Heather had astronomically low expectations about the outcome of her brief excursion. Maybe a dry conversation here, a sickeningly sweet compliment there, the redhead could already imagine what she could expect from the uncanny COO that was Dio Panagopolous.  "Just this once Heather.." The impeccably dressed woman muttered to h
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III.II First Date
Heather found her neck craning as she stared up at the massive skyscraper in front of her, the bright lights of Downtown reflecting off its glass sheen as it stood tall and proud at the heart of the city. The redhead felt a nervous excitement wash over her, a typical reaction whenever she found herself going somewhere new. "First time for everything.."  The Tower of Midas was the tallest building in the city, having been constructed during the Golden Age of infrastructure and economic prosperity during the 1960s. Sporting a whopping 99 floors, the building housed the local branches of some of the world's most influential multinational corporations in Midas. It also provided a spectacular view of Midas's skyline, with the Topside Bar allowing one to enjoy such breathtaking views with a glass of whatever alcohol they served on one hand. While the humble teacher ma
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III.III First Date
"Thank you, sir.." Dio felt his pants tighten as his demure subject acted like a delicate crimson wallflower, her flushed cheeks accentuating her ruby and sapphire orbs as she visibly struggled to contain herself under his presence.   "I hope that the journey coming here was pleasant?" The COO mentioned offhandedly as he was handed two copies of the bar's menu by the waiter that he hailed just a few moments ago. "Traffic during rush hour is quite the inconvenience if I recall." "I-it was fine, s-sir.." The crimson haired beauty turned her face away from him as he gave her the other menu for her to use, her left hand visibly recoiling from his touch. "I'm used to the commute." "Well, I'd guess that you're quite hungry then." Dio chuckled while he looked down on his copy of the menu. "I'll foot the bill Ms. Littman, order whatever
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