The Coming

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The Coming

By: Jeremy Jab OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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The mushroom cloud was enough to darken the clear sky for minutes on end. That wasn't my major concern; i just had to find Micah, and i had to find her fast. We had to stick together --- to survive. After all, we had no one. No one at all. The cloud gradually cleared; but there, i realized there were worst problems.


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6 chapters
You are Dead
Alfred died today. Or maybe, yesterday; I can't be too sure. To be honest, I don't give a crap when or where he died. No wait, I do know where, and I'm literally sitting on his death bed right now, or should I say death plate? That's not important. The only important thing I'm sure of is that the prick is dead, and he won't be bothering me or anyone else anymore. I really don't want to say he deserved it because, you know, no one deserves to die. Maybe except serial killers and the other guys who do bad things, but the guy really deserved to die. Ha--I genuinely don't need to be saying this, at least not at this time. Not while they are about to do to me the same thing they did to him, that I think made him die. The universe might make me suffer the same fate as he did. Wait, Why does that sound more like a memory than a random thought? Oh yeah, I think I heard it from someone…. I don't remember who that person was or is, but I remember something like this. "It's an interdiction
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Make it up to me
Doctor Harley stands right beside the entrance door from across the room and gapes at me. She starts taking steps toward me after a long while of staring. The sound of her shoes anytime she took a step distracted me from having my usual daydreams of myself and her all alone on a beach. We'd hold hands and lock eyes the whole time, trying to get lost in each other's eyes."Doctor Harley...""Doctor Marilyn Harley."The woman is more than twice my age, but that doesn't discourage me at all. As a matter of fact, it doubles my vehemence. Micah thinks my feelings for the doctor are only a mere phase that would evaporate in no time. She said so over two years ago, around our first times in the facility; but the feeling has kept growing and evolving.I doubt if she still thinks it's just a phase.I vividly remember the very first time I met Doctor Harley.All of us group two members had been called from sleep in the middle of the night, when sleep matters, and made to line up. Each one of us
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The Announcement
"Are you going to finish that...?""Hey -- Leon!""Huh?" I turned to Miche reluctantly."What is it?" I queried."Are you going to finish that?" he asked."Oh --- Uh, help yourself."He grins slightly and pulls out his right arm to grab the piece of bread in front of me, but Daniel beats him to it.A mockery of laughter followed as Daniel buried the whole thing in his mouth.I felt sorry for the guy, but it didn't stop me from laughing. We all knew how Miche was and that was the reason for our laughter. He had some kind of unique relationship with foo-- No, let me just be blunt. Miche was practically possessed by an evil spirit with a massive gluttony problem. The guy sometimes acted like a mad lion when it came to food sharing – the reason why our group members are given their pieces individually, but the other groups are made to share their own thing. A contributing fact to why our group was named the "inutile" group. And, honestly, we were all shocked that Miche didn't kill Daniel
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Preparing for action
I was made to sit alongside Lieutenant Ackermann and the doctors of each group, including Doctor Harley. I locked my fingers of both hands into each other and felt the coldness of each finger individually. I blew warm air from my mouth into it to help warm the temperature. The trembling though; I had no solution for that.A survival test was just about to commence, and I was as scared as a jack-rabbit that has heard the howl of a starving and angry wolf, and I wasn’t even participating in it. I was only a spectator, holding a seat among the top dogs in the showroom. I would have preferred to watch the show from somewhere else, or at least from the back, but the Lieutenant thought it best if I sat right beside him with the Doctors rather than at the back.I was practically safe; and I knew that particularly well, so why the hell was I shivering? Well, first off, Micah was participating in this test, with Daniel, Miche, and my other group members – the rest of the candidates, I gave zer
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Consider yourself lucky
The test was just about to begin; the computerized arena had quickly been inspected by Lieutenant Ackermann's subordinates, and some other persons in white overalls, and I immediately concluded that they were the programmers of the arena. They each had this large all-screen tablet that they continued tapping on when they got to a checkpoint. The men in uniform followed behind them holding a camera and recording, then directly transmitting it to the showroom where we watched. It didn't take me too long to realize that the footage was actually happening live, as I saw the Lieutenant focusing and paying attention to detail.The voice of the director through the security camera resounded around the room and caught everyone's attention. Startled me a little bit."Ackermann… I understand the test is about to commence?"My eyes widened immediately… My jaw dropped.I sent my eyes to the corners, aiming to capture the Lieutenant's reaction. I was stunned. Never had I ever, heard someone call t
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Test begins
The test was just about to begin. The candidates had already been briefed on how to win, and their faces after that easily broadcasted their disbelief. It was already messed up that the Heads had decided to cut out the candidates who were going to flunk the test; but that wasn’t the case, not directly anyway. They thought it better if the candidates killed each other to survive.The guard in front of us used a remote on the large window-television screen, switching between cameras and whispering “online” to the person on the other end of the Mic. Before long, he’d already scanned through the thirty-five cameras in the entire arena. He pressed a key on the remote, and all the cameras displayed on the screen all out at once, with either of them in their own small cubicle. Not too small to make you strain your eyes though, just enough to make everything visible, maybe even suitable for a person with myopia.Every candidate was in their own corners in the arena, waiting, but praying not t
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